Eye Creams for Problem eyes
I need a product to combat deep under eye wrinkles and very VERY severe dark circles. I have been using Bremmen Research Labs Hylexin and Upper Eyelid Lifter which worked amazing on my dark circles and depuffed my upper and lower eyelids, but they are $60 each and I cannot afford that again if they are only going to do one thing each. Also, both products do not help wrinkles and I have bad wrinkles under my eyes. I received a deluxe sample of Ole Henriksen Ultimatel Lift eye gel and it didn't do anything. I use Ole Henriksen products on my face and love them but I have not tried their other eye products. Basically, I'd like to get rid of my dark circles and wrinkles and keep my eyelids from being puffy without spending a lot of money on each product. But I don't mind using multiple products. And if they're natural, then they are even better! Thanks in advanced!!
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