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Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria



We can barely believe it, but SEPHORiA is officially HERE and we’re stoked for another fun-filled weekend surrounded by our favorite brands and people, obsessing over all things beauty the best way we know how – with you! @LexBT@CarolBT, @KatieBT, and @BrendaBT can’t wait to see you, so don’t forget to stop by the Community Café and hang with us person!

We’ve loved reading about all your pre-event excitement in @Mcakes' amazing SEPHORiA Diaries thread, and now the time has finally come! While we’ll be busy having a blast mingling with BIC members IRL, we’ll also snap some photos and share them here in this thread. But let’s be honest – SEPHORiA is all about you.


Reply and share all your pics and thoughts on the event below!


And for those of you who want to join in on the SEPHORiA fun, you can enter the #SEPHORiASweepstakes (ending 9/9/2019)! Share a selfie to the Gallery (make sure you use the hashtag #SEPHORiASweepstakes in the title) and you could be randomly selected to win one of three $500 Sephora gift cards. Check out the official rules here – and good luck!

RE: Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Hi guys! I am a little late to the party, but wanted to share my Sephoria experience.

Diehard Charlotte Tilbury fan here - I love the pillow talk eye quad and lipstick and took tons of photos here!Diehard Charlotte Tilbury fan here - I love the pillow talk eye quad and lipstick and took tons of photos here!

I had the best time and met so many amazing an inspiring BIC babes.


I was fortunate to go to the VIP Party on Friday and VIP session 2 on Saturday. I saw Patrick Star, Nikki Tutorials, Patrick Ta, Natasha Denona (she is absolutely lovely!) and others.



There were many brand booths there, but I'll give a special shoutout to Herbivore (super generous with travel sized products. I am loving their bakuchiol and lapis oil), Lawless (they were doing lip readings and gave out a generous size of their powder which I am LOVING), Tatcha (they gave out a 3ml deluxe sample of their eye cream and their team there was super nice and knowledgeable), Natasha Denona (eyeshadows galore)!


I have been to other beauty events like Beautycon and GenBeauty and Sephoria was much better organized. I left with a lot of amazing products that I will definitely use or give to family and friends as Christmas gifts .


Sephora lashes and Amika braidsSephora lashes and Amika braids

Thank you @TeamBIC for organizing the meetup after Sephoria. The venue was lovely and I am kicking myself for not taking photos. It was great to get to know everyone and hear the story behind the usernames we use. Apologies for arriving with the appetite of a hungry bear (I pretty much inhaled the delicious food they had there since I forgot to eat during Sephoria.) 





IMG_9024.jpgBIC Community Cafe for an afternoon breakBIC Community Cafe for an afternoon break  

Can't wait for Sephoria 2020 ❤️

   As happy as a pig in the mud!As happy as a pig in the mud!

Re: RE: Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@Cyncynn You look beautiful! Your dress is so cute! 



Re: RE: Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@RebeccaBT  Thank you so much 🙂

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

I am absolutely LOVING all the photos and especially @Tamara76's recent shots of the meetup after session 2. I was busy being hostess and didn't get many pictures, so I'm very glad to see what you captured! Since I have permission from @heartsmyface and @Tamara76 to blow up the feed with Even More photos, here goes mine. 🙂 


I'm sharing some of the details from the Community Cafe inside the Sephora Stop-In, a couple from the meetup offsite, and a little bit from the VIP party the night before we were meeting everyone at the Cafe. Check-in for the Community Cafe!Check-in for the Community Cafe!


View from the topView from the top


Group pins on pins on pinsGroup pins on pins on pins


Community wink cornholeCommunity wink cornhole


Giant connect 4 with CJGiant connect 4 with CJ


Another view of the entrance archway with your favorite Community winkAnother view of the entrance archway with your favorite Community wink


At the VIP party - had to do it!At the VIP party - had to do it!


Has anyone shared this INCREDIBLE photo of the BIC Babes??Has anyone shared this INCREDIBLE photo of the BIC Babes??


Surprise guest at our BIC meetup!Surprise guest at our BIC meetup!


That's a wrap! Off our feet after Session 4 during break down. A little behind the scenes peek ;-)That's a wrap! Off our feet after Session 4 during break down. A little behind the scenes peek 😉

Thanks for making this event so incredibly special. What memories we made! 



Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@CarolBT Love the pics and your review! I wish I could have made it this year but I’m looking forward to next years. 🙂 

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

OMG @trishavt , nothing would make me happier then to see you at Sephoria in 2020!!!  Heart  Let's make it happen!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Part 2 of my SEPHORiA Euphoria:


After Session 2, we were invited to a special BIC Meetup at the Faith & Flower restaurant and it was an absolutely beautiful evening! @TeamBIC  made sure that every detail of the Meetup was special!

BIC Meetup Bites.jpg

BIC Cupcakes.jpg


We were told there would be "small bites," but the spread was incredible:  Margherita Pizza, Sliders, Wild Arugula Salad, Deviled Jidori Eggs, Fried Green Beans, Veggie Skewers, Cupcakes and Signature Drinks - It was all absolutely delicious!!!


Team BIC had a really fun BIC Trivia game for us to play and let me tell you, BIC Babes are a competitive bunch!!!  My team came in second, though!!!

2nd Place.jpg

Food, drinks and games aside, the best part of the night was meeting some of my BIC Fam who I didn't get to meet during SEPHORiA or who weren't able to attend the sessions earlier that day:  @txcatx @meganlisa @Buootiful , @KNC24 @danielledanielle @marydiva  Apologies to anyone I missed or couldn't remember their BIC handle because I talk to them more on IG - I enjoyed meeting all of you in real life!!!  xoxoxoxo


BIC Meetup group.jpg

We decided this is our Sorority photo - Alpha Beta Sephoria forever! (We welcome all genders and gender identities, though - nothing but love here!!!!) xoxoxo

mods and admins.jpg

My love for these ladies has no bounds!!!!  



It is always amazing when I get to spend time with @JeffreyBD , one of the kindest and most genuine human beings on this planet!!!


In addition to meeting up with my BIC Fam at SEPHORiA and the Meetup After-Party, it was sooo much fun to reunite with so many BIC Babes throughout the weekend - We had a really fun dinner at Tom Tom Thursday night (no Vanderpump or Tom sightings, though):

tom tom.jpg

Thank you to @darkiceis , Jen, @shimmerbait and Julz for the "Emotional Swag" at dinner!


We also made a quick stop at the Peach Pit (***Queue the 90210 theme song...):

peach pit.jpg

And ended the trip at Disneyland!!!!

star wars.JPG

The weekend truly was a family reunion - I already miss everyone so much and cannot wait until we all get together again!!!!  Seeing all of these ladies was the best part of the trip for sure!!!


I also came home with some amazing swag:

VIP Bag.jpg




Meetup Swag.jpg

BIC Swag



Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@Tamara76 Thank you for sharing so much info and pictures!  I couldn't be there but it's great to live vicariously through you with all the photos.  I seriously want that BIC hat!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@Tamara76 omg what an amazing experience!!! I feel like I was there as I read your post. Makes me so bummed I could not be there in real life but also makes me super stoked to start planning for next year. Lol. Hope we get to meet soon!! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos! 

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@Tamara76 love the pics and what a gorgeous group. The cupcakes to the Sephora BIC swag look amazing. Glad you guys had a great time. 

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

I'm a little late to the party because I had sooooo many pics to go through!  It was so hard to narrow them down, but I'll do my best! 😉 


Sephoria was so much different for me this year because I am on Sephora Squad so I had to create content during the VIP Party and Session 2, but even with the time pressure, I could definitely get used to this kind of work - it was a blast!!!!  this year was also different because I couldn't figure out the logistics of bringing my daughter since I had Squad obligations and it was not the same without her, but my BIC Babes and my Squad made it an amazing and memorable event! ❤️

sephoria me.jpg

Overall, this year's event was bigger and even more epic than last year!  There were soooo many more booths and classes and things to do - I went to 3 sessions and still didn't see everything or make it to all the booths!!!  

shrine auditorium.jpg

I attended the VIP Party on Friday night with the Sephora Squad and it was amazing to reunite with them!  They have been such a supportive group and have shared so much advice over the last few months - I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of them!  And the Sephora Employee Squad was able to join us, too!  I wasn't able to meet all of them, but those who I did meet were amazingly talented and super sweet!!!


We met up at the hotel before the event and rode together on our very own party bus!!!!



Once we got to the venue, it was overwhelming with the amount of things and people to see - I swear we were so busy taking pics, we didn't even make it inside for almost an hour!


 me sam and maryam.jpg

fenty go round.jpg




Despite staying out pretty late after the event, I made it back to the venue by 9am the next morning for early VIP entrance to Session 1.  This session was all about my BIC Babes - We even got matching t-shirts!!!!

community cafe 2.jpg

community cafe3.jpg


@heartsmyface even made sure to include some of our girls who weren't able to join us this year!

stick faces.jpg

pillow talk.jpg

Fenty booth.jpg

me marcy pixie.jpg

After a quick wardrobe change, I was back at the venue for Session 2 with the Squad!

Squad goals.jpg

beauty directors.jpg

Hanging with Sephora Royalty! 


It was also amazing to meet so many artists and brand founders!


Nikkie Tutorials!


Vickie Tsai

mac daddyy 2.jpg

Mac Daddyy (Angel Merino)


Christen Dominique

amy tower28.jpg

Amy from Tower 28


Jerrod Blandino

patrick ta.jpg

Patrick Ta 


Natasha Denona


We ended Session 2 with another Wrist Band Pic - Not quite as epic as last year, but we got it!



To be continued...


@Mcakes @michelleshops @ElleElleG @Guessgal @ZombieMetroAnt @darkiceis @sunkissedblush @shimmerbait @bem564 

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

I always have the best time with you @Tamara76 Heart So glad we got to spend so much quality time together! Can't wait for our next galventure 😄

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Thanks for the recap!  I enjoyed meeting you, too!  It's always nice to put names and faces together, and the fact that people I talk to on the regular (albeit a message board) are actually genuinely nice people just made Sephoria a bajillion times better for me.

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Also tagging more BIC Babes I got to hang out with at SEPHORiA because I could only tag 10 people in the OP:

 @Cyncynn @pixiedust2 @gonerogue @julz385 @Anastasiya13 @kami2hot @MichelleSchef 


It was so much fun to see you all there! ❤️

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Wow and wow @Tamara76. Also I appreciate being able to see @heartsmyface’s leggings - very cool!

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Thank you so much, @ShortErica !!!  The event was absolutely incredible this year! Yes, I agree @heartsmyface won the BIC Spirit Award this year for sure!!!! xoxoxo

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Your pictures are so fun to look through @Tamara76 ! What a fun experience. I love the one of you on the hammock for Atelier! 🙂

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Thank you so much, @bem564 !  I loved your pics, too, and I am still overjoyed that we were finally able to meet in person!  xoxoxoxo

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

@Tamara76, I just love your pictures! 💗  I'm glad you had so much fun! 

Re: Share your SEPHORiA Euphoria

Awww thank you so much, @curlychiquita !!!  SEPHORiA is truly a dream event - If there is any way you can join us in the future, I highly recommend it!!! xoxoxoxo