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Introducing Live Community Chat!

Live Community Chat Image.jpg



Hey Beauty Insider Community!


We are so excited to introduce you to a brand new feature launching today on, Live Community Chat! This new feature allows you to ask and answer questions with other Sephora shoppers directly on product pages. So if you’re searching for a new moisturizer, have a specific question about that Sephora Collection lippie you’re about to purchase, or looking for the perfect gift for your mom, you can ask another Sephora shopper your question and get advice from someone immediately.


Who are those “someones” answering the questions, you ask? Well they’re you! Real people browsing and shopping the site and hanging out in the Beauty Insider Community.


Because we know that our Community members give the best advice and have awesome experience with so many of our products, we are inviting you all to be the very FIRST to jump into Community Chat, answer (and ask!) questions, and try it out. This is your chance to share your knowledge expertise with people shopping on, so that they can get real opinions from real people, in real time!


To launch chat, just visit your favorite product page and click on the “Chat live with Sephora shoppers” icon at the bottom of the page. The feature is available on desktop and mobile web right now, and will be launching on the Sephora app in the next few days.


Have more questions about how the feature works? Check out our FAQ page HERE.


Also we’ll be hanging out in this thread with our feature expert this afternoon, so as you’re trying it out and coming up with questions and feedback, post them here! We’ll try to answer everything we can.


We hope you think it’s a cool as we do!


UPDATE 2/19/21: As of August 2020, Live Community Chat has been retired to make room for a new and exciting way to swap info about your favorite products: Questions & Answers! If you have questions - or knowledge to share with the Community - about a certain product, visit the product page on and click "Ask a Question" under the Questions & Answers module. For more information on Questions & Answers, check out this thread: Introducing Questions & Answers! For customer service inquiries, visit our Customer Service Help page here

RE: Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

I agree, I would like to see the Q&A section come back. Especially for older or less popular products, it's a lot easier to look at previous questions and answers rather than have to post a question in the chat on that product's page and hope some one eventually sees it

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Wow! Neat! 😃

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

@KatieBT I'm really enjoying answering questions on Chat using the Tokydoky app, but I've encountered some nastiness here and there. Also, many of the people I've answered questions for seem to be under the impression that they're speaking to Sephora employees. This customer asked about the Moschino release, and I explained about the shipping delays. They asked me if the website was incorrect, and I to,d them I don't work for Sephora, and then they got mean.This customer asked about the Moschino release, and I explained about the shipping delays. They asked me if the website was incorrect, and I to,d them I don't work for Sephora, and then they got mean.




Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

That's totally uncalled for. I know the Moschino collection is high in demand with an undesirable release experience, but these shoppers are getting help when normally none would be offered. I like how Sephora is giving us new communication platforms, but at the same time the nasty trolls and customers are appearing more frequently.


I saw you answering those questions @Beadshopgirl. You go girl! I appreciate the help you're providing! Heart

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Aww, thank you! It's really fun... when people are nice anyway! 😉

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Wow.  That was uncalled for:0 

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

@heartsmyface unrelated but i had a dream about you, i dont know why? but i was calling you princess cupcake and lmao it looked like we were in adventure time xD

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

@Blackwhiskey Ha, that's funny!   Seems like something that could happen irl.  Did I look like a cupcake?  Was I eating icing outta my hair? < cause that's how you know it's gonna come true. 


Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

You were shooting out baked sweets in rainbow magic you had fantasy hair and i was running around inside a building in circles 

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

@Blackwhiskey Hahahaha I love it! I'm picturing something Carebearesque! 

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

@Blackwhiskey That sounds really cool!

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Wow how rude!!

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

That was an unnecessary reply. People are so rude online.


It's fairly clear that the chat is NOT Customer Service (it says chat with other Sephora Shoppers and gives more options to contact CS) but unfortunately I think there will always be people who don't read and assumes that this is a CS chat and not peer-to-peer. Or they want immediate answers and will post anywhere they can (e.g. Moschino questions...)


There needs to be some moderation by a Sephora employee to weed out the product questions from CS questions that we can't answer. It ruins the chat for me to see dozens of CS questions or complaints. 


Personally I prefer the old Q&A feature on each product page.

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Yes - There definitely needs to be some better moderation. I don't know anything about the TokyWoky platform, so I'm not sure how customizable it is. It would be nice if each person needed to select a question category, so anything CS related wouldn't reach us. I do really appreciate the different ways Sephora is providing for us to interact with each other, but when we are used to a certain quality of those interaction (ahem... BT), this barrage of "Where are my samples," "REVIEWS??," "I'm the 3 millionth person who doesn't know what the difference between each Too Faced palette is," and all the self promotion, it makes those interactions more of a chore than anything. I realize I don't need to participate, but I feel so invested at this point haha.  

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Ugh... how obnoxious. I wonder if it updating is real time isn't the best way to run it. You know those customer service live chats on other websites where you have to ask your question and select what it's regarding before they connect you with someone? That might be a better idea. So if their question can't be answered by someone who doesn't work at Sephora it will be filtered out first. Similar to how we are hoping the CS threads will be filtered out. 

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Wow, what a great feature! So excited to use this!

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

I think this is awesome!  Just a few days ago I had a question about a I'm gonna go ask :).

RE: Introducing Live Community Chat!

I've tried several times now to answer a question in chat but when I click to answer it I just get sent back to the top of the list. I'm using an iPad Air 2 with both Safari and Puffin being unsuccessful.

Re: RE: Introducing Live Community Chat!

It doesn't work at alll on safari. Chrome worked for me

Re: RE: Introducing Live Community Chat!

Thanks @Madeline7. I gave Chrome a try, but the whole site was suuuuuuper slow on it, so i gave up.


EDIT: I did manage to answer a question using Chrome, but it's still very slow. Safari and Puffin just refresh and don't let me answer. 

Re: Introducing Live Community Chat!

I'm loving the live chat! It's so much fun to help fellow beauty lovers while sharing my knowledge without bombarding everyone. One thing that I would love is to filter out some questions that are repetitive. Or sort them by makeup, skincare, hair, etc... I know this is a test run, but just my thoughts so far that might help for the future!