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**CLOSED** Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions




EDIT 7/17: 

The panelists have been confirmed! Please let us know if you have any specific questions for these industry leaders. 

    • KJ Miller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Mented Cosmetics
    • Sarah Curtis Henry, General Manager, North America for Fresh
    • Nancy Twine, Founder of Briogeo 


We are working on an event unlike most of the ones you see posted about here in Community. Next month, Sephora will be hosting a panel featuring an amazing group of speakers who will focus on beauty, diversity, and inclusion.


We know how passionate and knowledgeable members of the BIC are and wanted to incorporate your ideas into the actual event. Specifically, we want to know two things from you:

  1. What topics or themes would you want covered during this panel?
  2. What questions would you want to ask the panelists?


Please leave a comment below with your answers to the questions above. We can’t wait to see this event come to life next month and to share all the details!


Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I would like panelists to talk about the rise in CBD skincare and makeup and safety/ labeling concerns as many of these products don’t actually contain CBD, and CBD’s long term use effects have not yet been studied or verified.


I am intrigued by CBD products, but I find that many don’t actually contain CBD and the claims they make haven’t been tested in reputable studies. 

Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

brands lack of shade ranges men's skincare simplified peel vs mask toner for specific skin types BB vs CC vs tinted moisturizer retinol alternatives beauty insider points system improvements

RE: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I like the topic BB CREAM VS. CC CREAM vs. Tinted Moisturizer. I have been struggling with this for weeks now! TIA💋

RE: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

Love this! I would love to hear about skincare for all skin types and makeup tips and tricks.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

This is such an amazing idea! 

1. I would love to hear the panel discuss hair, skincare and/or makeup concerns specific to individuals/groups who may not be catered to in the mainstream beauty industry. For example - as someone with textured, curly hair, I grew up without many mainstream products or resources for how to style or manage my hair. While the market is much better today, I feel like there are only one or two companies that actually try to address my hair needs. In that same vein - I think it could be cool to hear about various beauty challenges and proposed solutions, going beyond the very mainstream, obvious stuff that I feel like most magazines touch on. In so far as a theme - I think it could be cool to hear the panel discuss representation and what it means for beauty brands! I think Fenty Beauty is a perfect example of where we can see the power and magic that lies in representation. Soooooo many women now are actually having their beauty needs met, and that's huge. 

2. I would like to hear the panel's opinion on what niche areas of the beauty market that they feel are not being met currently and where there is room to grow. Obviously shade diversity has been an issue in the past, but I am sure it goes beyond that. I would love to hear what future products or product lines they would like to see developed in the future. It would also be cool to ask them what the number one beauty concern they feel wish they could magically create a product to address! 

RE: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

How to apply makeup for cancer patients like myself. I find it hard to find good skincare products that work and hard to find good foundation and concealer shades that match. Thanks!

RE: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

Have you looked into the Happenings at Sephora link? If you click on there and look for your local Sephora, it should have a class that says Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer; Classes for Confidence. My Mom, my niece and I attended the first class in the Northwest Suburb area of Chicago. It was my Moms birthday and one month beforehand she was diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. It is a very aggressive cancer, 2 months later she was gone. But having that personalization and absolutely wonderful and truly caring ladies that took care of us made it a very special experience that my Mom thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend that you attend a class. And I am very sorry for your diagnosis. If I can help in any way please reach out. Prayers and good luck to you. 🙏💋

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@GeorginaBT - I think a lot of really good topics have been suggested from ageism to the environment.  My question is why do skin care and cosmetics (and hair care) have fragrances in them when fragrances are known to cause skin sensitivity?  It triggers very itchy skin to migraines for me.  What is the outlook for reducing or removing fragrances from skin care and cosmetics (and hair care)?

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

While I can't predict trends, I can tell you some of the reasons that brands include unnecessary fragrances!

  • To cover the unpleasant odor of necessary ingredients. If a product smells bad, people aren't as likely to enjoy or continue using it. 
  • To create the illusion of a more luxurious experience. Fragrance creates a mood. People often use this strategy in our homes, by using candles or fragrance diffusers. Brands know that a nice smell often makes an experience more immersive feel like more of a treat.
  • To reinforce brand identity. Fragrance is a strong memory, and brands want you to associate positive feelings with their brand specifically. Hotels and retail stores will sometimes include a trademarked fragrance in their ventilation systems, so you associate a scent with the experience of their brand. It's not something you can re-create if you switch to another brand.
  • To prevent counterfeiting. It's much harder to create a successful fake if fragrance is also part of the formula.
  • A fragrant product is inherent to the formula. For example a product that includes rose may have an overwhelming scent that seems fake and excessive, but that's just how intense the ingredient happens to be in that particular formula.

There's also the deliberately confusing labeling of "no added fragrances", where products may have eye-wateringly intense amounts of peppermint (or rosemary, or tea tree oil, or whatever). Even if the ingredient is completely unnecessary and people consider it "natural", the product has a very strong fragrance, and is therefore unusable for people with certain sensitivities.


All that said, I think you're right that consumers are asking for more truly fragrance-free options. I don't think we'll see brands drop their trademark scents, but I won't be surprised if brands release more lines for people sensitive to fragrance. Whether the products are actually fragrance-free or just more of the "ooh scary chemicals" pseudoscience marketing... TBD.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@Titian06  - I echo Titian06's post.  As one with fragrance as well as other sensitivities it takes a great deal of research to find brands that I will be able to use.  At present, I feel "clean beauty" is being treated like a fad - but there is a real market with people who want quality skincare and make-up due medical necessity, lifestyle, etc.  I think Sephora should be more up-front that not all products under their Clean Beauty section is actually clean - i.e., no fragrance or parfum.   Are mainstream brands going to catch onto this market trend?  Is Sephora dedicated to cultivating and maintaining clean lines in the stores and online?

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

When people think of "clean" beauty, one of the first assumptions is often that a product is fragrance-free. Meanwhile Sephora labels actual perfumes as "Clean at Sephora." Obviously the fragrance products meet the very specific "Clean at Sephora" qualifications, but it really highlights how meaningless "clean" is.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

Funny you think how people view 'Clean' beauty is being fragrance-free. I've never thought that way!  Lol. Your view came as a surprise, @creasedshadow 

I've viewed 'clean' with a mix of: fad, clearly,

And if I look at the ingredient list and anything is a chemical then it isnt clean, I'd think.  Clean evokes thought of natural in my mind.  I think it's rather gimmicky. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

If your definition of "clean" means no chemicals, then you may be surprised to learn that the only "clean" things are in your imagination. A chemical = a substance consisting of matter. If something exists, it either is a chemical or it's made of chemicals.


This makes it super easy to identify companies that have zero understanding of science (and should absolutely not be trusted to formulate safe or effective skincare/cosmetics/etc!). If they tell you that there's no chemicals in their products, you can be 100% certain that they're wrong.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@Titian06 I LOVE that idea. I struggle soooo much with chemical sensitivity and fragrances are especially triggering for me. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@marydiva  - chemical sensitivity and fragrance intolerance is real and a growing issue for many people.  I wish more in the beauty industry would take the irritants out of their lines as many great brands have already shown it can be done like Hourglass, Cover Fx, Drunk Elephant, etc.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@Titian06  EXCELLENT topic idea!! 💯 

Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I'd like to discuss what environmental impact beauty industry has, from excess packaging, to ingredients, to manufacturing and environmental impact of shipping. I'd like to know if my lipstick, lotion, skincare or haircare has palm oil or anything else that may be considered clean but still affect the environment. I'd also like allergen labeling such asgluten or soy derivative ingredients. In this time of climate change I'd like to know how I'm contributing to that by the choices I make with regards to beauty and skincare. I'd also like the other questions/ topics that the other BIs brought up but I didn't see anyone asking about this topic.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I love the idea of allergen labeling! It sends a more honest and accurate message than the fear-creating "free from ___" that implies the ingredient is bad. Allergen labeling simply clarifies that the product is/isn't recommended for people with an allergy to a specific ingredient.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

Love allergy labeling!!! My sisters have celiac's disease and it's so tough to find products that are appropriately labeled. Autoimmune diseases in general are something that create a whole host of beauty challenges.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

1. Ageism for sure, and also older and BIPOC qu33rs too. How diverse people have contributed to the beauty industry, where there are leaders, and so on.


2. I'd like to ask about diversity in the industry not in terms of ads and frontline staff, but investors, executives, directors in governance, art directors, and so on. What has helped increase diversity, what has not worked, comparisons between different countries, and so on.


Also, I wonder with beauty companies becoming concentrated under megaliths like Estee Lauder, are beauty looks becoming more homogenized world wide? If certain looks are starting to dominate around the world, what kind of beauty is being represented? We know already that Caucasian-like features are emphasized in many countries, even through surgery and so on. Is this just intensifying? And if so, how can the beauty industry address that?


Thanks for asking us @GeorginaBT Sounds like this could be a very interesting panel.


edit: wow, qu33r is a bad word? This is a tough one because of the history but so many people now proudly identify with the term.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@GeorginaBT Perhaps addressing socioeconomic status.  Many beauty products may be considered expensive, and don't come in mini or travel sizes.  I think this limits access for many.


I'd also like to hear about beauty concerns that are off the beaten path.  For example, I think a lot of marketing perceives that people want more volume in their hair, bigger lips, and moister skin.  What about people who desire the opposite?  I am interested in hair products that would help to decrease volume.  I can only imagine what those who are in more challenging circumstances desire.


I would also like to hear how inclusivity deals with trends.  For example, the matte lip is enormously popular.  It's hard to be inclusive when there are limited options for sale.

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