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**CLOSED** Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions




EDIT 7/17: 

The panelists have been confirmed! Please let us know if you have any specific questions for these industry leaders. 

    • KJ Miller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Mented Cosmetics
    • Sarah Curtis Henry, General Manager, North America for Fresh
    • Nancy Twine, Founder of Briogeo 


We are working on an event unlike most of the ones you see posted about here in Community. Next month, Sephora will be hosting a panel featuring an amazing group of speakers who will focus on beauty, diversity, and inclusion.


We know how passionate and knowledgeable members of the BIC are and wanted to incorporate your ideas into the actual event. Specifically, we want to know two things from you:

  1. What topics or themes would you want covered during this panel?
  2. What questions would you want to ask the panelists?


Please leave a comment below with your answers to the questions above. We can’t wait to see this event come to life next month and to share all the details!


Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@greeneyedgirl107 I am SO in love with all these suggestions. I was saying the other day to someone that despite always loving lipstick and lip products, I never thought about whether or the size or volume of my lips was ”enough” until that whole Kylie Jenner lip thing really took off and all the products were marketing towards that image!

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

Besides the usual ageism, gender identity, etc..what about going in store asking about x, being told there isn't x (when x does exist) just because we aren't spending a lot that day nor have a dramatic face on (some of us, no matter what age, perfer natural). 'How exactly is corporate going to oversee inclusion/diversity training in every store, when they can't be there day to day and a memo isn't enough?'


If the panelists are experts in an array of fields, 'what's the latest treatment for skin conditions like eczema, rosacea etc? and do they work and how, what type is the best candidate?' 


Since technology is going strong, what will the beauty industry do to capture potential customers who don't follow social media/trends at all nor religiously? No matter the age group.

Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

How about the disabled? At the very least Sephora should include individuals with special needs. It can become very over whelming to those with various disabilities to pick out appropriate skincare and makeup. Often individuals with special needs/disabilities are ignored when they go into a sephora store. So my question is....What will Sephora do to include all people with disabilities in their stores?

RE: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions


Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@makeupbeauty12  - Great point.  I live with "invisible disabilities" that can make access to the store difficult but I'm always struck by the store layout in all three free standing locations near my house.  Sephora is a chain, I understand so the layout is similar but in only one store of the three do I think an individual in  a wheelchair could actually get through the entrance and past the front display because the store places it a bit further back from the door -- if the store is packed, that is a bit dubious.  I get they are trying to get as much product in the store as possible but I just don't see how the layout is ADA compliant.  I'd like to hear about disability  inclusiveness for physical store access not just the internet - because it is fun to be able to try things out before you buy.


I understand your point so well. it seems like this huge...

I understand your point so well. it seems like this huge chain store would make people with any disability feel welcome and try to make a pleasurable shopping experience.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@GeorginaBT  @makeupbeauty12 I agree! I would love for the panel to respond to this.

I agree with you, I would hope that the panel would respo...

I agree with you, I would hope that the panel would respond to this, but I am not so sure they will.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I know most people reading this love makeup, but there are many of us who like to go makeup free.  And instead choose to focus on skincare.  So my question would be, "How would I truly improve my skin?"  I don't want to do anything drastic to my skin as it ages, so my next question is, "Is there skincare that works better than Botox, fillers, and microdermabrasion over the long term?" 

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I wouldn't just go 40-60--I'm 58 and hardly think I'll let my skin go in another 18 months because I turn 60.  That said, my skincare needs are changing, and I find that most of the marketing and even consultants in the store don't know the first thing about caring for older skin.  


Make-up even more so.  There are a lot of things that I could do when I was younger that would look clown-like on me these days.  My skin has lost elasticity, has wrinkles, and it's really hard to find the right products for it that don't accentuate those wrinkles.  I'd love a master class on how to hide jowls, bags, and "11's" and look classy, not trashy while doing it.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@flamingolegs  I love your comment about not letting your skin go in another 18 months 😂 It’s funny how our shelf lives are so neatly determined for us, hmm? 😏

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I absolutely agree with you, @flamingolegs

I agree 100%. The make up and skin care products that I u...

I agree 100%. The make up and skin care products that I used in my 30's does not work for me anymore! Of course I took care of my skin, wore sunblock used retinol the works. Estee Lauder was my go to.. But now that I'm 49, my skin has dropped. It's hormones. At Sephora, everyone and everything is geared for younger market.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

That would be a great idea @flamingolegs! I have not been to my local Sephora in awhile but last time I was there the skincare SA fit that profile. Maybe some of the Sephora stores have gotten the message that some of their best consumers are over a certain age and that we need to hire SA that could relate to them.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I think it would be interesting to hear a comparison of the beauty industry here on the North American side of the world (ingredients, cultural outreach, innovation, etc) vs the industry in other parts of the world.  There are so many brands--both mainstream and idie--that other countries have that we have no idea about over here and it's interesting to hear about their "key" ingredients and how their target audiences are so different from ours here.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

I wont be able to attend, but if I did I would be particularly interested in a panel of researchers who have been published in peer reviewed medical journals with work on ingredients in cosmetics and other beauty products and their effects on human health. Hopefully they would include studies not only in the United States, but also the EU and South Korea and their regulations. Of course describe it in a way that is understandable to those without a medical background. There is a lot of misleading pseudoscience out there.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

All of the yeses for what @Weetart said.  Published research on beauty ingredients and the effects on our skin/body. 

For example: *If* retinol is king of skin, I don't want to hear it from the company selling the product, I want the peer reviewed medical research telling me why it's a great ingredient for my skin.  I don't have all the time to go hunting this out myself. 


Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions


I would love to hear about which products are actually worth it, and which products are actually better to get drug store dupes of. I am also curious about items for people who have scent allergies such as my mother have, since so many serums have a scent and it turns her off from it. Also as some people said, I wish it catered to a older population such as my mom, since there are so many releases, and I dont always know what are best for her. I would also want to know how they find time do to a full face in the mornings, especially when your half asleep.

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@GeorginaBT  I think ageism is a great topic that needs to be covered as well. I know my mother gets a little overwhelmed when she goes into Sephora by herself. Heck I feel old going into some SiJCP's myself. Not that the stores need to be sectioned off into groups of how old you are/makeup skill ability, but maybe thought into how product placement is in-store with say signage in areas where items are especially skincare. For example you could have signage next to the product name like you do for the clean skincare line. Maybe take out a bit of the guesswork for people that want to take care of their skin, but don't know where to start.

As far as a question - with brands such as Colourpop turning out new products weekly, and a lot of brands releasing collections of almost the identical color story/theme/finishes, do they see the beauty bubble bursting soon? Is the beauty community running out of innovative ideas?

Re: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

Sephora does a great job with inclusion of all races and orientations. I think one area your company could do better in would be making it more welcoming to people of my mother's age group (40-60 years olds) 


My mother loves beauty and fragrances but I highly doubt she follows instagram influencers or youtubers. Maybe some more in-store tutorials and collections for mature customers would help. 


Sephora's events are also fairly social-media heavy which is fine by me, but not everyone likes to participate in that way. Just my two cents! 

RE: Feedback Wanted: Panel Topics and Questions

@GeorginaBT I would love to hear the panel’s thoughts and opinions on the perceived over-saturation of the beauty market. It seems like every week there is a new release, and some brands release multiple new collections every quarter. It is hard for me as a consumer to keep up and actually discourages me from new purchases.
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