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12/7 Weekly Wow!



It's time for another Weekly Wow! This week is filled with lots of fun products that will make any makeup lover happy. All of the products mentioned below will be up to 50% off! 


BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter $34 to $17 giphy (20).gif

These color-shifting and kaleidoscopic-pearl infused highlighters are here to take your glow to the next level! It's the Becca highlighter you know and love that shifts to a fun and luminous color once it catches the light!




BECCA Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss $22 to $11giphy (19).gif

Pair the Light Chaser Highlighters with the Crystal Glow Glosses to achieve an out-of-this-world look! These glosses come in colors that are coordinated with the Light Chaser Highlighters, and like the highlighters they are color-shifting shades that are loaded with shimmer. These conditioning lip glosses can be worn alone as a shimmery gloss that lets your natural lip color shine through or on top of your favorite lipstick! 


LANCME GRANDIÔSE Mascaras $32 to $19s1858687-main-zoom.jpg

Take your lashes to the next level with Lancôme’s Grandiose Mascaras. The revolutionary, Swan Neck™ Wand Mascara gives your lashes length, lift, and volume! This wand allows you to apply mascara with ease because it works with the shape of your face!


We have some previous Weekly Wows back on sale for a limited time. Make sure you check out our swatches and reviews from past Weekly Wows.

I created this look using this week's products!



I added some shimmer to my eyes with the shade Element from the Urban Decay Moondust Palette. For my lashes, I used Lancôme Grandiose Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascaras. Then I highlighted my cheekbones using the Becca Light Chaser Highlighter in the shade Champagne Dream flashes Bellini. For my lips I mixed #8 and #11 from the ABH Lip Palette to create a MLBB. Then I topped it off with Becca's Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in the shade Champagne Dream x Bellini to tie the look together!

Friendly reminder these deals go live in the U.S. both in stores and online starting this Thursday, December 7! They won't last long so make sure you check them out at your local Sephora Smiley Happy


Which Weekly Wow item are you most excited for? Show & tell!

Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

Hi, @RachelBT!  Is there a Weekly Wow for this week? Thanks!

RE: 12/7 Weekly Wow!


RE: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

I got a similar response yesterday, I really hope someone is listening and works to make things more equal.

Re: RE: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

Thank you for doing that, and I invite every canadian to do that.

in the end of 2012 when Sephora launched  here canadian website, someone of us write this  ( Catherine Tse BC living):  "Finally we have a Sephora site of our very own, with canadian prices, available in canada items, bilingual  functionally, and product lock-up in canadian store."

today we are invited to be a part of the whole beauty insider community, it is outrageous, to read always, only US, and to read that on the, as we dont exist here, to speak with us.

RE: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

@RachelBT I love how you are a part of the online team to show different tone. I’m deep tone so it’s nice to see medium to deep tones representation on different products. Helps online shoppers make better decisions

RE: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

How long are the Weekly Wow's going to extend to? Will this be a permanent thing in the long run? It works well! (:

Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

Do any of you ladies have friends or family that live in the US? Would they be able to buy it for you then send it? That could be an option.

Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

I appreciate the consideration but, like others have said, it would be pointless and the sale wouldn't even be worth it.  Frankly, this shouldn't be the solution and I know you are just making a suggestion.  I don't think most of us are even this mad because we aren't offered the deal, its that they don't even acknowledge us and have continually ignored us on this thread and elsewhere. 

Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

Yes, but with US sales tax (I live in a province with no tax - just the federal GST), currency conversion and additional shipping cost it will not be worthwhile. Then maybe the border decides it wants to be a pain and slap a duty and handling fee on the package.


Plus, the risk of breakage in transit from a family member not used to packing & shipping makeup...


We have those products available in Canada. Why can't the deal be extended across the border? @darlyndar

RE: Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

I don’t have anyone to mail the products to in the US, but even if I did these are the reasons why it just isn’t worth it. Shipping it from the US to CAD alone would eat up the savings from the sale. It’s a good idea, it just isn’t worth it because of the shipping, taxes and other risks 

RE: Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!


Re: 12/7 Weekly Wow!

I cannot, for the life of me, understand the unprofessionalism in dealing with Canadian customers. Not one word or response to the months of fair questions that have now turned to angry customers.  The people giving money to YOUR business.  All we have asked is for a simple response on what is going on with weekly wow.   Its been months of weekly wow and nobody over at Sephora could come up with a response besides ignoring us. You want us customers to participate in BIC, promote the hell out of weekly wow and hype up the deals every week on BIC, then pretend like we don't exist?

RE: 12/7 Weekly Wow!


At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians get Weekly Wows others we don't. I was really hoping that this week we'd get it too because I'd definitely be buying multiple highlighters but I guess we'll be missing out yet again!

Re: At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

I don't understand how we got them sometimes but other times we did...So it's possible for them to do it, they are just choosing not too. It would have been better if from the beginning they didn't give us any.


I am really starting to evaluate my loyalty to Sephora as what I get for it, is nothing!

Re: At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

I'm actually going to complain about Canada not having this week's deal because there are a few of the Light Chaser highlighters in my wishlist. Would be nice to get them on sale... I guess back to the wish list they go since prices are still at $41 CAD.

Re: At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

@k617@bakeamuffin@LoriAnn52Wait is this for sure - we're not getting this week's WOW? : ( Ohhhh sob i was hoping to stock up on the lightchasers and Lancome mascara those are such great products! 😭

Re: At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

I keep checking and there’s nothing, just the regular sale section but no real “weekly wow” again 😒 1383E1AC-B7DB-4E28-B218-51336BCAA72E.jpeg


Re: At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

@bakeamuffin lol that picture.  Sigh. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  This was going to be the weekly wow to end all weekly wows.   *Sobs*

RE: At this point I'm beyond irritated. Some weeks Canadians...

It’s disappointing as a Canadian to see all these deals happening on the US site that aren’t available to us, I love when we do get a weekly wow deal, but in Canada it should be called the monthly wow because that’s more accurate haha
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