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What are your pronouns?



Anna and Michelle here from Sephora Prism, nice to meet you! Sephora Prism is a group of Sephora employees dedicated to creating a culture of belonging to celebrate the diversity of our LGBTQIA+ community at Sephora and with our clients. We’ll be posting about topics that are important to us and the LGBTQIA+ community, starting with pronouns! You know… They, Xe, Ze, He, She…




As many of you already know, you can’t always know someone’s pronouns just by looking at them. Some may take it for granted that they do not have to worry about which pronoun someone is going to use based on how they perceive your gender. The simple solution is to ask and consistently use someone’s correct pronouns to show respect for their gender identity. For example, Michelle is on the left and prefers the pronouns They/Them. My name is Anna (I’m on the right, hi!) and my pronouns are They/Them or She/Her.


Mistakes and misgendering happens, but as with all things, practice makes perfect!


What are your pronouns? Share them below and join us in adding them to your profile bio*!


*Feel free to check our profile bio to see how we did this!


Re: What are your pronouns?

Hello, y’all!! My name is Elyse, and my pronouns are she/her. 🙂 I love seeing so much diversity here and how well everyone is getting along! 🙂

I am hetero and have been married nearly 9 years (omg) to my husband. No kids (I’m a Music Teacher; my students are my kids!) except for our 4 furbabies!! 😻😻😻😻 I’m super cat-crazy! 😜

Re: What are your pronouns?

I'm genderfluid and go by she/he pronouns! 💖

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi everyone! I'm new to this whole thing and am still struggling to understand who I am. For now I prefer to go with they/them though! I'm loving how nice everyone here are ❤

Re: What are your pronouns?


Re: What are your pronouns?


Hi! my names Victoria! my pronouns are she/ her, they/ them, he/him etc. i go by what ever people call me or diside to call me, yes my main pronouns are she/her, yes i made a reply saying when i was 10 it was annoying to me that people called me he/him because of a hair cut, but it was the assumption not the pronouns, any back to topic 😂! my sexuality is Demi, i have a great girlfriend she has been by my side for three years in September! i haven't told my mom and dad nor my grandparents that im demi and i haven’t told my grandparents that i have a girlfriend, all they know is i have a best friend, i’ve made hints on it i think my grandma got the hint. my grandpa has dementia so when i wore the pride shirt im wearing in this photo around them he asked to read it i said okay hesitantly when he read it he said.. “ thats a good way to live life be proud” and i was like, he doesn’t get it🤣😅!and when i wore an outfit that screamed my sexuality while my mom was sitting there with my grandparents she looked at me like “ really now you make a statement!?” 🤣! anyway the look on my grandma’s face was disgust, i just looked at her and sticked my tounge out at her, we have never talked the same after that day 😂 and then after that i walked away with my head held high and swung my hair over my shoulder and strutted my stuff 🤣

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi, @thisbroadgirl21!!


So amazing and brave of you to come out to your parents and grandparents. I am so sorry about your grandma, this world has come so far but still has so far to go 😥.


Do you prefer masculine ("So handsome!", etc.), feminine ("absolutely beautiful!", etc), or non-binary ("Looks amazing!", etc) compliments? If you ever post any of your makeup looks, I want to make sure I don't make you uncomfortable. 


We will always be here to support you. So, so happy you have a girlfriend who makes you so happy. Love is an amazing thing, no matter whom your heart decides to love. 



Re: What are your pronouns?

Mines She/her! but when i cut my hair to a pixie cut and i had less of a chest people thought i was a guy! and i had to keep telling them! it was frustrating and Funny at the same time! 😂

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi all 👋 my name is Samantha (she/her sometimes they/them), though I usually go by Sammi 😄


I've recently come out to a couple friends/old coworkers that I'm trans/genderfluid (still figuring out my specific identity lol)


I'm new to makeup so I'm still figuring out basics and what colors and styles work on me. I'm just happy to find a place that's accepting and I can be myself in 😄

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi I’m Lucy! My pronouns are she/her or they/them. I’m a Demi-girl who just came out to my parents!!

Re: What are your pronouns?

Same! im demisexual to!! 😆

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi @thisbroadgirl21 Demigirl is a gender identity, and doesn't refer to demisexuality. Happy pride!🏳️‍🌈

Re: What are your pronouns?

We be demi gods/goddesses


Re: What are your pronouns?


😘Pronouns are They/She and I’m glad to find this group! So fun! I love trying new brands that are clean and have staying power. I’ve enjoyed playing with androgynous looks that affirm my gender identity ♥️

Re: What are your pronouns?

@YungBao you look amazing! I'm a bit jealous, ngl. A solid level of androgy is my goal rn. Nakes it easier to present whatever I'm feeling more on any given day.

Re: What are your pronouns?


hey guys!! im juli 🌸💖 i am nonbinary, trans, and pansexual! my pronouns are she/they 💖 im so so happy to have found this community within sephora. im a new hire to sephora (transferring from SIJCP) and it makes me feel so happy and safe to express who i am to see this group exists!

Re: What are your pronouns?

My pronouns are she/her.  I'm 54 Trans and aromantic asexual.  Love Andrea  Me with makeup only.  No filtersMe with makeup only. No filters

Re: What are your pronouns?


Re: What are your pronouns?

I’m delighted when someone says she/her about me...and means it.

Re: What are your pronouns?

I am so happy to find this group. I'm Charli Kate and I just came out to my wife and friends within the past 2 weeks. I prefer She/Her, even though I'm still in Male-Mode for work full-time. 





Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi there. I am non-binary and use she/her and they/them pronouns, but I am actually not really stressed over being called any of them honestly...! I’m a pretty feminine person but I’ve always questioned my gender, even as a kid I knew something was up! Hehe. Loving all the beauty I see in this group. I’m glad we all can agree that through through makeup and skincare, we can express ourselves on our terms and not others’!!

Re: What are your pronouns?

Hi. I'm use he/him. Although I'm a transman I still want to have good skin and look good. My mom told me I can't use creams, ect if I transitioned but no way am I going to let anyone tell me how to be a man. 🙂