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redness in tzone

hi! i have persistent redness in my tzone, between my eyebrows and abit on my forehead (a lil triangle of redness) - its always been slightly visible but someone commented recently that it looks like i’ve just gotten my eyebrows waxed and it's made me super self conscious:( can anyone recommend a product which could fix this? i'm in my 20s and my skin is combo sensitive + slightly acne prone - any help is greatly appreciated !!

Re: redness in tzone

Hi @masonirene! I second @CattyT3 suggestion for both tower 28’s sos spray and also speaking with your doctor. Redness could be a symptom for all kinds of things but all we can really do here is guess. A doctor would be able to ask the right questions to help get to the bottom of your redness.


In the meantime, you can try a concealer or colour corrector with a greenish tint under some foundation or skin-toned concealer to help hide some of the redness. 

Also, you can check What works? 💜 Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Redness Support which has suggestions and reviews on products specifically for those with more sensitive skin. 

Re: redness in tzone

Maybe check out skincare for people with Rosacea and/ or Eczema like Tower 28 Beauty Mini SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray 1 oz/ 30 mL Topicals Like Butter Moisturizer for Dry, Sensitive & Eczema-Prone Skin 1.7 oz / 50 mL Skinfix Barrier+ Foaming Oil Hydrating Cleanser 6 oz/ 177 mL 

You might have an undiagnosed skin condition causing persistent redness, maybe even an unknown allergy - I had persistently inflamed skin due to an unknown lavender allergy for months. So before blowing a lot of money on a whole range of acne/ other possible skin condition products, a good idea is to get checked out by a dermatologist 🙂

Re: redness in tzone

@masonirene  Since nobody replied to your question, I did a little research in the hope of offering some useful solutions. But before I dive into that, I will suggest that it might be worth your while to visit a dermatologist to find out the source of your redness. That will help you define better what you do and don't need in your skincare regime down the road. You might also consider whether the redness might be a reaction to a product that's too strong for your skin, or has the wrong ingredient in some way.


Right! In the meantime, here are some suggestions for you to alleviate the redness. I note that I haven't tried any of these products, but have been looking at them myself because I have redness in my skin as well. So these are the ones on my list to try. I did also look at the Sephora Canada website, searching for "redness" (epic fail) and then "redness relief", which was better but missed a couple of products I think look promising.


Because I've had good results with Fresh products in the past, I think fresh Floral Recovery Overnight Mask with Squalane 3.3 oz/ 100 mL looks like a good option. The Dr. Jart+ line also offers a number of products in its Cicapair line - one place to start could be the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair™ Redness Rescue Kit to see if the products work for you before getting into full size items. I think the Color Correcting Treatment sounds particularly interesting.


Since I don't have acne, this product isn't on my list. However, I've tried the Murad InvisiScar before on a non-acne facial scar, and it worked amazingly well. So perhaps the Murad Deep Relief Acne Treatment with Salicylic Acid 1 oz / 30 mL would be a good solution for your redness and your acne-prone skin.


Best of luck to you! I hope this helps. 😀

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