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So my skin isn't really that bad, I never breakout or get oily, the worst thing about my skin is it's sensitive, and dry. That being said, I have to be careful about my skincare, sometimes it's not gentle and irritates my skin. So I was wondering, for someone with my skin type, would the clarisonic be good or just really harsh? Basically, should I splurge and buy it?

I'm going to make a few comments on here, since I have th...

I'm going to make a few comments on here, since I have the Mia and I have skin that tends to be dry and sensitive.  I love mine.  I've had it for a little over a year and I use a cream cleanser with it, which works wonders.  I use the sensitive head brush and use one clarisonic once a day at night.


Now, someone said to use a chemical exfoliator.  Due to your skin being dry and sensitive, I would personally avoid it at all costs.  Chemical exfoliators can be a bit harsh and with your skin being sensitive, it is a good way to cause a reaction.  Another person says the clarisonic doesn't exfoliate.  It does exfoliate, for it acts like a washcloth, though a bit gentler.  With the bristles moving, it shakes off the lose skin that is on your face gently.


I think that there is no harm in trying it out.  Just when you get it, start off slowly then gradually increase.

Hi! I am a teen with very clear skin, given, I do have ho...

Hi! I am a teen with very clear skin, given, I do have hormonal breakouts but other than that, my skin is good. That said, as a teen maintaining my skin is very important to me! Unfortunately, my skin is a tad sensitive. I bought the clarisonic (with the sensitive brush) and used it only every other day at night for a week, then eventually everyday. Though I cleaned the brush everyday, used light pressure when moving it on my skin and used a very gentle facial soap, my skin got a bit worse. I had broken capillaries under my eyes (not bad, they looked like freckles or small red/brown dots). I will say that it did a great job cleaning my skin and applying moisturizer on afterwards felt like a dream! My face absorbed any product very quickly. This is both good and bad for me, because my skin absorbed products so well, acne medication like salicylic acid treatments, tea tree oil, or benzoyl peroxide creams (of course not all at one) irritated my skin pretty badly. 

Currently my clarisonic is stored away in my cabinet. I used it for three months and feel that maybe one day I will try it again. I think that it cold work wonders for those who have less sensitive skin and more agressive acne. The effectiveness most likely varies from person to person. Try it out! Just make sure you can return it within three months, don't use it near your eyes and don't stick with it if your skin gets worse and stays that way for more than a week or two. 

 Sorry for how long this was, I needed to let ya now everything about my experience! Best of luck to you! I really hope this works out!

Hi, I definitely think the Clarisonic is worth the splurg...

Hi, I definitely think the Clarisonic is worth the splurge! The first time you use it, you will feel a difference in your skin. Not only how clean it feels, but how soft and smooth it feels as well. I have dry skin as well, so it helps keep my skin from looking dull and flaky. Since you're sensitive, try using the sensitive brush head (which automatically comes with every model you buy) or the delicate if you want to be extra gentle. No matter which brush head you choose, you'll get a deep clean without irritating your sensitive skin and amazing results! Good luck!




Hi again Nanobear18 - I saw your comment regarding your current skincare regimen and age. Clarisonic with a sensitive brushhead isn't going to hurt you, it's great at removing makeup and getting dirt and oils out of your skin, I also think it does exfoliate with the micro-motion of the brushhead. I find it very beneficial, I think it does a lot for my skin, even if I haven't been using makeup.


I definitely would not use it with an exfoliating cleanser. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser and I love it, although I will tell you that I rinse very well after cleansing and don't apply makeup right away. Sometimes shortly after I cleanse and rinse I still feel some dry areas and I go back and rinse even more, that usually does the trick. I think a lot of people are like me and don't rinse enough, I now really rinse like crazy. The other thing that could be causing an issue is the quality of your water, whether it's hard or soft or in between, I think that's also often overlooked and am not sure what you can do to change it. If you have a water cooler at home you could use that as a final rinse or even use just bottled water. (we have Poland Spring cooler with a hot and a cold tap, so I can mix to get a certain temperature if necessary) You could also use a spray like Evian Mineral Water Spray to finish with, Sephora carries it and you can get a set of 2 -1.7 oz cans for $14.00 or a 5 oz  for $11.00 or a 10 oz for $16.50 (that item #1158716) the 10 oz seems most economical and can be returned if it doesn't help.


I think the MIA would be more of a fun, interesting purchase, it would be interesting to see if you notice any change in your skin after using the MIA for a while, everyone is different and you might see a big difference.. I would advise you to shop around and look for the best price and 'package' that comes with it. QVC has several Clarisonic TSV's each year, usually around holidays and change in seasons, it's usually an excellent value. They also will very often offer an 'easy pay' option so that you get the product right away but pay for it over a number of months. You could call their customer service periodically and ask if they know of any upcoming TSV's. You could also sign up at Clarisonic's website to get 'special offers' QVC also has great info during presentations which you should be able to see if you go onto their website and bring up the Clarisonic Mia. Above the picture of the product there are usually 2 tabs, one with photos and the other with video, they give info that should be helpful. If you can see a live presentation, that would be even better. If you do purchase one, wherever you decide to purchase from, make sure there is a good return policy just in case you don't like it, so double-check that. If you have a birthday or something coming up, maybe you could ask for that, or for money to put towards that, once you find the deal you like.


Having said all of that, at the age of 13 your skin naturally exfoliates itself very easily and constantly, so you don't end up with dead skin cells just sitting there on your face and body. As you get older the self-exfoliating process slows way down. That's why it's more important for people to do some type of manual exfoliation as they age, either with chemicals or physical exfoliating with a product that is granulated (for lack of a better terminology) I also do find that the Clarisonic does exfoliate my skin nicely, although others say it doesn't.


So, if you have the extra cash I would say you could look for a sale and purchase it, knowing you can return it. I try not to make more than one change at a time. If I start a new cleanser I stick with my regular 'after' products. That way I can see if there's any difference over the course of a month or so. If there is a change, then I know it's the new cleanser. Then I go on to using the newer cleanser with a brand new moisturizer, if there is or isn't a change then that tells me if the moisturizer is doing anything. (did that make sense?) I would start with a new cleanser while you shop around for low Clarisonic Mia prices.


I was super excited to see that you use sunscreen, good for you!!! It is so beneficial and you are so wise to start this now, kudos. You could also try a gloss or lip balm with sunscreen (I know somebody who has cancer on her lip) and eye products with SPF. Another great idea is to bring your moisturizer down your neck and to the décolleté area. Usually people use a richer neck moisturizer but for somebody your age I don't think it's absolutely necessary, especially if you're using sunscreen there as well. My biggest 'thing' (next to sunscreen) is Eye Cream, you don't have to get a crazy mad expensive product with cutting edge (expensive) ingredients. Let me know if you have any other questions or want any suggestions, you can just drop me q note. Thanks for getting through this, I hope it was helpful and informative and I really hope you'll let me know how your 'journey' continues. You're a smart cookie!


ps -I also wondered if you can tell me what types/brands of products you're using, if you don't mind.

Nano,   The Clarisonic isn't designed for exfoliation. It...



The Clarisonic isn't designed for exfoliation. It basically works by gently wiggling your pores and pushing the dirt out. That being said, they make different brush heads for different skin types. They make sensative and delicate, which are great for easily irritated skin types. I've never had a client unable to use their clarisonic because it was too harsh on their skin.


However, I will say that what products you use in conjunction make a difference. If your skin is sensative, *do not* use exfoliating face washes with your clarisonic. Use a creamy cleanser for your dry skin. Something like this, perhaps:




Hi Nanobear18 - I love my Clarisonic Mia, I think it's wo...

Hi Nanobear18 - I love my Clarisonic Mia, I think it's wonderful.  I have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind, I think this info will help me and others give you a more well-informed opinion/response to your question. Can I ask how old you are and what products you use? (from cleanser, exfoliator to any treatment product) This would really help me give you the best recommendation. Does the '18' in your username indicate your age? I look forward to being able to help you out with this question. Smiley Happy

Re: Hi Nanobear18 - I love my Clarisonic Mia, I think it's wo...

I just sent you a response by hitting 'reply' to your original message.

Re: Hi Nanobear18 - I love my Clarisonic Mia, I think it's wo...

i'm 13 and use cleanser, moisterizer, and sunscreen on a daily basis.

I think the Clarisonic Mia2 is good for exfoliation. If y...

I think the Clarisonic Mia2 is good for exfoliation. If you're one of those people who is sensitive to scrubs, then this is worth a try. I've only tried the Mia2 for acne, so I can't vouch for the other ones, but I would suggest going online to purchase it for a cheaper price. However, if you don't really have problems, such as flakiness, breakouts, or oiliness, I would actually suggest chemical exfoliation rather than splurging on the Clarisonic. This is coming from a person who has held off on purchasing the Clarisonic for a long time, so I definitely understand. For chemical exfoliation, try to look for something with glycolic acid, which is good for sloughing off those dead skin cells. I hope this helps and good luck!

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