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Anonymous Insider

Urgent Help

I suffer from really bad acne, I keep getting these red spots on my face. I feel scared to leave my own house  can someone please help how do I prevent and get rid of these?




Re: Urgent Help


First off don't be scared to leave the house. You may feel like people notice your acne but they probably are barely noticing you (or anyone but themselves) at all. Let's face it, most people are self absorbed & just look at their phones when they have a spare moment.


Next, I second what @tg1973 said about differin + benzoyl peroxide (Brand name Epiduo if you have insurance that'll cover it). It clears things up quickly. BUT  it's also important to know that you're taking decent care of yourself like washing your face 2x day and after working out, and not putting anything into your body that'll give you acne  (for example lots of people who take hormonal products, steroids, etc get acn


If you want to see about a prescription product or just even get evaluated by a dermatologist there are a variety of online services that can be found where you can speak to a dermatologist & possibly get an rx if needed for less than in person often.  I've used Teladoc but there are others.


Regardless of what happens with your acne, go out & enjoy life! Life is too short to hide because of acne. 

Urgent Help

I agree that Differin works very quickly, things can get a little worse at first due to purging (when clogs that were going to be zits eventually get hurried up) but you can mix the Differin with benzoyl peroxide gel, which makes it equivalent to prescription Epiduo. The Differin works deep within the skin while the benzoyl peroxide kills any bacteria that made it to the surface as acne. My acne turns red like that and takes forever to fade, no matter what I put on it, though the Tranexamic Acid product from Inkey List will help. But believe it or not, what works really fast to fade the red spots is a vitamin supplement called glutathione. It's not easy to find at regular drugstores, but it's easy to get at natural food stores and online. It works to fade any red scarring as long as you keep taking it. But I also want to say that though this isn't great, I've actually seen much worse, you shouldn't be afraid to leave the house at all. You'd be surprised how few people really look at other people, plus thanks to COVID, you can wear a mask. And even if people can see it, acne has happened to almost everybody, most people understand your skin is just going through a thing.

Re: Urgent Help

I wish that I can recommend a skincare product that can quickly deal with acne. Unfortunately, I've experienced the best and most immediate improvement with prescription grade creams. I've had the best luck with clindamycin and tretinoin. If you can get a hold of a dermatologist, I would suggest inquiring if those two ingredients will work in your case. Also, if you don't have a particular dermatologist that you visit, check out Apostrophe. You can upload your photo, a dermatologist will take a look, provide you with a prescription and you can purchase directly with them online if you wish. It is a bit pricey ($95 including consultation and product), but my insurance didn't cover those prescriptions anyways. 

Re: Urgent Help

@Anonymous  Have you tried Differin?

Re: Urgent Help

What products are you currently using, if any?

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