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The Inkey List

I decided to try their hyaluronic acid, Q10 serum, peptide moisturizer and at night their bakuchiol lotion. I only been using the products for a couple days; but noticed some break outs on the forehead and some facial discomfort in the cheeks. Anyone else? I been trying to find a new product line to try out for anti-aging and redness...


I normally used some fresh products - toner and their lotus lotion; along with herbivore products - lapis oil ( which worked great; dumb for stopping that ) and pink cloud face wash. But; I think the fresh products starting causing discomfort.. anyone have any recommendations? I guess my skin is becoming more sensitive; thatโ€™s what made me try out the inkey list but not I donโ€™t feel thatโ€™s working out hence the breakouts and cheek discomfort. 

Re: The Inkey List

I've used their Hyaluronic Acid serum and Niacinamide serums, together in a routine and seprately (AM vs PM)- I think both have worked well for me so far, personally. (I have dry-combo, sensitive, acneic skin.)

Re: The Inkey List

The cheek discomfort sounds like irritation to me. Are you cheeks also red and blotchy ? If so you may have an allergy to something. I thought I had dry skin but it ended up being an allergic reaction to Shea butter. I had the same reaction breakouts, blotchy redness and soreness. I would check out the ingredient list from your old products and compare them to your new products see what new ingredient youโ€™ve added. 

Re: The Inkey List

Thank you for suggesting that toner I will check it out and maybe their face lotion. do a โ€œresetโ€ then slowly add what I originally been using back in. Until I have the discomfort then I know what it was. Interesting; I bet my skin is sensitive or could have developed an allergy from the pregnancy I bet. I assume that can happen too. 



( I couldnโ€™t figure out how to reply to the message with the toner in it, lack of sleep from a 1 year old is probably making me overlook the reply button ).

Re: The Inkey List

Oh yes pregnancy definitely will change your skin and can make you sensitive to things you werenโ€™t before. Pregnancy because of the change in hormones and blood flow can change so much from even changing taste buds, hair colour and texture, some people have completely different skin types after giving birth. Good luck on the adventure on figuring out how your new skin works. It can be frustrating but enjoy trying out new products ๐Ÿ˜Š

Re: The Inkey List

They do have an area of a blotchy red patch on both sides; I think your right. I wonder if one of the products switched ingredients. I was hoping the inkey list products would help but I think thatโ€™s a no go, I am going to have to start over slowly and see. Thanks! 

Re: The Inkey List

I never had an allergy until I was 28. My dr told me allergies can change from year to year for people. And you can be allergic to something one season and not have an issue the next season. So you may not have been allergic before but now have an allergy. Also annoying when companies change formulas and donโ€™t put โ€œnew formulaโ€œ on the bottle. When I had my bad allergic reaction to Shea butter I used first aid beauty products. Great line for irritated sensitive skin. The line brought my skin back to normal. Give that band a try but if you still have soreness I would get some allergy testing done. Good luck ! 
First Aid Beauty Hydrating Toner with Squalane + Oats 6 oz/ 177 mL 

(that product really helped my skin calm down and the redness, blotches, and soreness go away) 

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