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The Harm of Walnut Scrubs


OLEHENRIKSEN - Transforming Walnut Scrub

So in recent weeks, Kylie Jenner has launched a walnut scrub for her skincare line and estheticians on twitter are telling many of us the truth about the harm of walnut scrubs. Honestly, I am so thankful they did because I recently did a review of the walnut scrub from olehenriksen. Trust me when I say, walnut scrub products will make you break out. When walnut scrubs are used, the coarse powders cause micro-tears in the skin which causes moisture to leave skin faster, this means oil production goes into overdrive on your face to make up for lost moisture. To add insult to injury, microtears provide more openings for bacteria and dead skin cells to enter your pores. Thus the perfect recipe for more acne. I know this because when I used the scrub I saw more acne pop up on my face three days after using it, and my blackheads got worse.

RE: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

Iโ€™m a tad lazy, but before Kylie was a thing there was and still is a product by St Ives lol. Itโ€™s an Apricot Scrub. I know not ONE single person that this product has done anything remotely helpful for. Matter fact, itโ€™s caused despair. And men in particular love this product from my experience- poor guys ๐Ÿ˜ž luckily they have more options than back in the early 2010โ€™s..... btw Iโ€™ve hated walnut products before Kimmy K was with Kanye, and I am in no way a Kylie hater. Nor have I tried her new product, just found this article, and there are many out there dated 10+ yeArs Ago, so while I believe the wording has changed, the dermatologists still agree..... Excerpt: โ€œDefinitely donโ€™t exfoliate with walnut,โ€ confirms board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of BiaLife Shasa Hu, MD. โ€œThe pieces are harsh. The perfect exfoliant should be perfectly round and spherical so it doesnโ€™t cause microscopic abrasion to your epidermis.โ€ Walnut particles are obviously not perfectly shaped, so they risk cutting up your faceโ€ 

RE: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

So I should stop using that?

RE: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

Here we go. There is โ€œno proofโ€ that walnut scrubs are dangerous although there is *some* proof? Idk. Here is the real deal link..... where the st Ives apricot scrub class action lawsuit was tossed out by federal courts..... so either you love it or you hate it. I hate it personally, but I love that Kylie totally soaked up the most infamous drug store scrub and scribbled her name on it..... sheโ€™s my hero bc people with buy it, I wonโ€™t..... good for her... just be careful!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

RE: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

Iโ€™ll look for a source that always states that walnuts are very very hard to grind to a consistent size. They cause abrasions and could burn the upper layer of your derma. Iโ€™ve seen these work wonders for men, specifically on their backs, chests, and where their beard grows on their face. This might be because most men as opposed to most women legitimately have tougher skin. Hence majority of men can grow thick course hairs from their face, whereas majority of women cannot.

Re: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

@prettygeek18 There is no reliable study for that. The "micro-tears" buzzword bandwagon tends to get blown waaay out of proportion. The outrage is usually a result of user error and improper use. If you scrub harshly and often, like twice a day, you'll definitely damage and irritate your skin. But if you use it gently and sparingly with light pressure, like twice a week, there is no harm done. Home


It all comes down to frequency of use, pressure, and the abrasive used in physical exfoliation. Your skin type is also another factor.


Some other ingredients, like fragrant ingredients if you're sensitive to them, could also further irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

Re: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

total agree!

I only use the st ives one as a body scrub occasionally. For my face, the soft silicone scrubby pads have been great, not only does it cut down on plastic bottles, but no microbeads! (as far as I know, it's not 100% banned in Canada yet)

RE: Re: The Harm of Walnut Scrubs

True. I know I have to stay far away, never had great results. Iโ€™m an honest woman however so I will admit Iโ€™ve gone a bit overboard with the Clarisonic when it first came out. I burned the skin off on my chin from extensive overuse. That was years ago, thankfully no scarring. But huge embarrassment while it healed and scabbed for approx 1 month. It depends on skin type and user error sometimes lol.
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