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Tatcha water cream - spf?

I have a pretty good routine- wash with Origins checks and balances, apply Milk sunshine oil w/ c & squalane serum then moisturize.

I recently got Tatcha’s water cream as a sample, loved it and bought a large one. 
Is there any spf in this? I don’t think there is but I really love this product. What should I do? Would I apply a sunscreen before or after? What can I incorporate to help protect my skin from the sun without giving up the products I’m using?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Tatcha water cream - spf?

@MrsV0418  No, there are no UV blockers in Tatcha Water Cream. Products containing UV blockers will say so on the front label: you’ll see “SPF [number].” Usually the words “sunscreen,” “sun protection,” or “sun block” will also appear on the front label. 

You can probably use any sunscreen with that moisturizer. Apply sunscreen over moisturizer and under any makeup; sunscreen should be your last daytime skincare step. Make sure the sunscreen’s SPF is at least 30. Apply it generously to ALL skin exposed to sunlight (eyelids, ears, behind ears, hairline, nape of neck, etc.)—and I do mean generously. Most people don’t apply enough. It’s better to over apply than under apply, and there’s no such thing as “a little goes a long way” with sunscreen.


Also, you should reapply every couple hours; sooner if you’ve sweat a lot or gotten wet. You can reapply an invisible sunscreen over makeup if you’re careful. When wearing makeup, I use a flat sponge round to reapply Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 while on the go. 

Which sunscreen’s best for you depends on personal preference. Chemical and mineral sunscreens work mostly the same way, so one type’s not better than the other in that respect, regardless of some people/brands’ fear mongering of chemical sunscreens. Never rely solely on a foundation that contains SPF: you’re not likely to apply nearly as much of that product as you need for adequate sun protection. 

Re: Tatcha water cream - spf?

Thank you!! I’m gonna check out supergoop 🙂

Re: Tatcha water cream - spf?

Hi, @MrsV0418 !  I love Tatcha The Water Cream Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Moisturizer 1.7 oz / 50 mL #!  No, it does not have spf.  A separate spf would be the last step in your routine (use after your moisture).


I have heard absolutely awesome things about Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 .  It even works as a makeup primer.

Re: Tatcha water cream - spf?

Thank you! Definitely gonna check that out!!

Re: Tatcha water cream - spf?

Re: Tatcha water cream - spf?

@AarnaThompson FYI, links to outside sites aren’t allowed here on BIC, so you may want to remove that link before a mod sees it. 

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