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Sun Safety Kit preview

I stopped by my local Sephora this afternoon, to check out some makeup I’ve been eyeing and to also see if the Sun Safety kit for this year has dropped yet. (Don’t know about you, but I’ve been stalking the site daily waiting for it to arrive!) So, it hasn’t been released, not officially, but a nice employee was able to find one in the back for me. I thought I’d share the info with my fellow beauty and skincare lovers.



My thoughts... I haven’t thoroughly processed it or researched all the products yet, or rather over-researched them the way I like to do, but my initial reaction was a slight disappointment. Not a single full-size product. The largest trial sizes are 0.5 oz, and I believe it’s of the following products:

SUPERGOOP! Superscreen Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 40 PA+++, PETER THOMAS ROTH Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion, DRUNK ELEPHANT Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30. Maybe Coola setting spray too? I can’t recall.


Of course, FRESH Sugar Rosé travel size lip balm is always nice to have, but then everyone already has it in that shade. I was hoping for some variety, for example stick and powder formulations? No such luck.

Being that I have strongly considered tossing that same 0.5 oz of Umbra Tinte from last year’s Sun Safety kit in the trash this very morning (it made my oily T-zone and whole face insanely shiny and had a weird grainy texture), the value just isn’t there for me this year...



It is worth noting that Sephora will be donating a whopping $25 from sale of each kit to skin cancer research. So if you want to contribute to a great cause while sampling a few new (and old) sunscreen formulas, this would be a fabulous opportunity to do so – when it finally drops. But if you’re looking to actually get enough usable sunscreen to last you if not the whole summer then at least a few weeks or so? Perhaps not so much.

The good news is, this has shifted my focus (and will free up some budget) to purchasing a full size sunscreen of my choice. My CC+ cream already has SPF 50, so the hunt is more for how to reapply. I’m leaning towards Tarteguard mineral powder SPF 30, what do you think?

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

I was in NYC last weekend and saw this in store. I was excited at first since we don't get this kit in Canada but I totally agree. Kind of a disappointing set. I expected at least one full size item too. I ended up getting the mini Summer on the Go set instead since that had a SuperGoop sunscreen too and a full size Isle of Paradise tanning drops. 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Update on my post below about sticking to mineral sunscreens -- summary: This is totally working for me, and I see some healing happening too, but I do find I need to moisturize quite a bit more.


Those subdermal patches on my lower cheeks near my jawline have not flared up since I stopped using all chemical sunscreens. One day they almost flared up when I took a face-down 15 minute afternoon nap (maybe because I trapped heat between the pillow and my face?) -- they were about 10% redder than what is usual now. Another day when I felt especially stressed in the afternoon, my face felt warm like my cheeks were going to flare up, but a mirror check showed they had not turned red at all.


And over time I am seeing some healing. I have a brown spot on my right cheek which I got from my first foray into AHA's way back in 2003, thanks to not taking it seriously about strict sunblock use after a chemical peel. It had already decreased in size quite a bit over time, and it is more like a big freckle now. But the thing is, I haven't been able to see it for over 2 years due to the redness I had. I can see it again. A very strange thing to feel excited about, but there it is.

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Thank you for posting this! I'd completely forgotten about it and am on my last product from last year. Nothing beats the P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel for me, but I like having sample sizes of products for when I wash my face after working out. I made it a habit in 2018 to always wash my face after working out because I often found myself running an errand or two, grabbing coffee, etc afterwards, which I learned wasn't good since I sweated off the sunscreen during my workout


I don't know anyone else, but I didn't like the Peter Thomas Roth one. I put it on my entire face three times before realizing that it was the product getting in my eye. I was driving on the freeway twice and had to shut an eye until I could safely get off the road because it somehow got in my eye irritated.

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

So almost the exact same as last year....

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Yesterday I discovered that Ulta has their whole Ulta Beauty skincare line 50% off this week (makeup is B2G2). I picked up a bottle of SPF 50 Sunscreen Rose Water Setting Spray for SPF reapplication, will see how it does. Some reviewers even compared it to Coola and Supergoop... $5! They also have Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF 30 that I might get and try as a primer under powder foundation. Also $5 this week. Worth a shot.

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Now I am thinking I am going to pass on this set in favor of sticking with 100% mineral formulas. Chemical sunscreens could be causing me some skin damage, apparently that does happen to some people. I have mild rosacea so it's hard to tell. Every day I'm coated in SPF, with plenty of reapplications, only to some days get red burning patches on my lower cheeks in the afternoon. I rotate so many SPF products -- could it be that my face is not flaring up on days I used mineral sunscreen? It's definitely worth a shot seeing if that will stop happening.


Speaking of last year's set, I have been finishing it off recently. I had to toss the Tarteguard because it gave me a very bad rash on my hands and neck. My skin has felt dry as paper for a week since I tried it and it is just now getting better. The Tarteguard didn't do that when I used it in past years. I also just tossed the Supergoop mousse because it pilled -- at least my bottle did work. But it also expired in 3/2019.

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

I would loooove to get this kit! but unfortunately, it's not available in canada.

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

@mmmiu  same here! If this was ever available in Canada I would 100% snap it up. I really wish Sephora would at least try to release a version for Canadians one year and see if it sells well enough to do subsequent years. 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Thank you for posting! 


disappointed for the repeats from last year, hard pass.


the only thing is that you can use the spring sale 20% off with it hopefully, last year it’s pretty much sold out before the spring sale

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Thanks for the post @civ2ru !  I look forward to this kit every year.  I find having mini's on hand nice to keep in my purse for touch ups etc.  I agree, I'd love to see more spray's and powders etc as I think they're the next step for most major suppliers now that everyone knows the dangers of not wearing a good SPF and reapplying.  I use a spray from both Ulta brand, and Coola for reapplication.  I have the PTR powder sunscreen that I use as well, however I'm bad for not always a hat, so I tend to use it more in the part of my hair. 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Thanks for posting, @civ2ru! Due the to the number of repeats from previous years, I think I'm going to pass this time, but if anyone hasn't picked this up in the past, it's a great buy to try out a variety of sun protection. 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Like everyone else - I really appreciate this post @civ2ru! That's really too bad about no full sizes. I was excited and now it's kinda like meh..

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Thanks for posting. I just popped in to see if the kit was out for this year. I liked last years a lot because of the full size Lancome sunscreen - which was my absolute favorite. I was hoping that it would make another appearance. In fact, the two products that I liked the best aren't in this year's package. And several that I don't like (I'm looking at you, PTR and Shiseido) seem to repeat year after year after year. 

I guess I'll just go find a good Lancome GWP and cough up for the sunscreen by itself. 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

@civ2ru,  thanks for posting!  The DE Umbra tinte was actually missing from the

kit I bought last year.  The bag just slides right out, so I guess someone who loved

it, took it!

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

@civ2ru Thank you for posting this. 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

I like the DE Umbra Tinte since I switched to applying it in long, sweeping motions with a dry Beauty Blender. But I can't put it over or under any other non-powder product (so far). 


The sample sizes seem to be really shrinking in these sets for the past couple years. I have been stalking the site looking for it every day too. I am still gonna get it, and I will head out to a Sephora inside JCP as soon as I can to look for their version as well. Thanks so much for posting it!



Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Sephora inside JCP has their own version? Smiley Surprised 

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Yes @mrsmayrag -- it's always slightly different from the regular Sephora set.

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Interesting that Fresh Rose and PTR are still in the kit, been in there for years.


@civ2ru it is the Coola setting spray spf 30

Re: Sun Safety Kit preview

Yes! Both COOLA makeup setting spray and sun silk drops appear to be SPF 30.

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