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Stretch Marks- Yikes!


Does anyone know a product or any way on how to get rid of stretch marks? I got these hideous stretch marks on my bum 2 years ago and do not know what to do in how to get rid of them! I have tried multiple things from vitamin e oil to mederma stretch mark creme with no results. If ANYONE knows of any product or anything on getting rid of stretch marks please let me know! 


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Re: Stretch Marks- Yikes!

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this, as many people have stretch marks. It happens. I have them on my bum and inner thighs from years ago. Now they are hardly visible (they look like white thin lines). I wish I didn't have any, but we're only human and we eat, workout vigorously, play sports, etc. They eventually fade on their own, but not completely. You can try to get laser treatment or chemical peels done, but it won't be completely stretch mark free. Most people have stretch marks. Just love yourself and be confident.

Re: Stretch Marks- Yikes!

Clarins Stretch Mark Cream can help fade them, but I don't believe any product will make them disappear. 

Re: Stretch Marks- Yikes!

I agree, I have this product and it helps, but you need to supplement it with exercise and maybe some sort of corrective skin color product. Mine are minimal so a light tan will help too.

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