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So my skin has been pretty clear for about 3 years now, but all of a sudden it's breaking out pretty bad! I've never had problems like this before. I live in California so I don't know if it's the heat or what. I've tried a crazy amount of Tatcha and Boscia and drunk elephant, does it just take a LOT of time? Or does someone else have any suggestions or products that have worked for them? My skin usually isn't sensitive.

Re: Solution?

Hi @HaileyRo. I'm sorry to hear about your recent skin troubles.


Would you mind giving some more info? What sort of acne are you getting, do you take hormonal contraceptive, how old are you, etc. If you are getting breakouts along your chin, it's likely hormonal, and if you are in your mid-twenties and have been using BC for a while, it's quite likely hormonal. I know this because I went through something similar a few years ago. It sounds likes like it may be an internal issue not an external one if it came out of no where, which is why I'm thinking hormones may be to blame. 


For me, the only solution was to stop taking the hormonal contraceptives. I took it to regulate my cycle and after a few years my body no longer liked it. I broke out constantly (I dealt with acne along my chin for probably 6 months, I was never break out free, at it's worst I had 6-8 pimples at a time in little clusters, but always at least 1 or 2), my cycle was all over the place, it was a disaster. So one day I just said "Screw it," and I stopped. My acne cleared up, my cycle regulated itself, and I've had zero issues ever since. 


If I'm way off, I apologize! That's just what I personally experienced and I know of many others who have similar experience with hormonal treatments after a few years. 

Re: Solution?

Thank you so much that helps a lot! I'm 19 and I've been breaking out around my chin and I've been suspecting that it's hormonal and it's nice to have that confirmed. Thanks!!!!!

Re: Solution?

@HaileyRo At your age, your hormones are still working their way in to "adult mode," if that makes sense. They may not settle in to their normal rhythm until your 20's, so if you're not already taking something and would like to see some regulation, that is an option. If you are taking something, talk to your doctor about changing the dose or the method. 


As far as topical treatments, there isn't a ton that can be done since hormonal breakouts start so deep and take a while to actually break through the skin (which is why you can feel them coming on a week before you actually see it). The only way to prevent them is to deal with the hormones. Once they break through, use a spot treatment. That will at least speed up the healing. Just plain tea tree oil works pretty well, and I have used Clinique and Origins in the past (both come in little blue bottles). I would not recommend using all over acne treatments, since those can be very irritating and drying if you don't have oily, pore related acne skin. That can actually make breakouts worse. Cleanse and treat your skin independent of the acne, do whatever you would do if acne wasn't a problem. 


Just to give you an idea, here are some of the products I use regularly (my skin has been 99% clear for 3 years or so, since quitting BC, I have normalish skin, but can be dry along my jaw and may get oily on my forehead depending on weather):

-Clarisonic w/ sensitive brush

-L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil

-bareMinerals Skinlongevity serum

-Josie Maran Argan Oil

-Josie Maran Daily Argan Moisturizer SPF 47


Masks/treatments (a few times a week, depending on product):

-Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pad

-Ole Henriksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub

-Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask

Re: Solution?

I have went though a similar problem. My skin has always been pretty good, with he odd breakout around shark week. But last winter BAM!!!!!!! cystic acne all over my cheeks 😞 I was so disappointed that this was happening. They hurt so bad and would last for days, they also kept coming back.


To get started I used the FAB kit with the face cleanser, the ultimate repair cream and facial radiance pads. It made a small difference but it was slow, so I experimented with what products worked.


The face cleanser is a must!!!! I find it really does deeply cleanse the skin and get rid of all dirt and grime but the MOST IMPORTANT thing I used is the FPREO LUNA MINI 2. its worth the price tag. This changed my skin for the better and cleared up the acne so fast!!!


I also did find that Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Cleanser for acne prone skin made the biggest improvement . This is a cleanser I use in the morning. Kate when I wake up and FAB at night for removing makeup. Kate Somerville also has a EradiKate spot treatment which also made an enormous impact on reducing the acne.


Using this as a part of the routine cleared my skin in about a month or two. I hope this helps, sorry to hear you're going through this issue.  

Re: Solution?

hi @HaileyRo ! when you say you've tried 'a load' of these brands, what exactly do you mean ? did you start using new products once you started breaking out, or before ? have you noticed the breakouts getting any worse ? 


before i can pinpoint what i think the problem(s) may be and offer potential solutions, i need some more info. what is your routine like ? how often do you change products up ? your skin may be reacting because it doesn't like one of the new things you're trying out !!

Re: Solution?

I mean that a lot of the brands I've tried helped a little, but never have a substantial impact on my breakouts. My routine is pretty consistent everyday, I'll start with an exfoliator and then a toner, and finish off with moisturizer. I repeat this at night. 3 times a week I'll use a mask. I take showers immediately after the gym and my work does not have me break a sweat. I've changed products every 6-8 months when I realize that what I'm doing isn't working too well. I hope that gives more info about it. I don't know if it's the kind of products I use? I start with AMORE PACIFIC treatment enzyme peel and then apply FRESH rose deep hydration facial toner. I finish off with AMORE PACIFIC moisture bound creme in the morning and DRUNK ELEPHANT glycolic night serum at night. Maybe I'm using too many products?

Re: Solution?

@HaileyRo sorry for my delayed response ! i don't think it's technically too many products, but i do think it's too much exfoliation. the enzyme peel in the a.m. + the DE glycolic serum in the p.m. is probably overly stressing your skin (and likely making it too acidic). i'd reduce use. try using the enzyme peel OR drunk elephant every other night (or every other 2 nights) for a week or two. just to help relieve your skin. you can bump it up to once a day (i recommend p.m.) but your skin needs a break. i think you'll find your skin turn around. 


some people find the DE glycolic serum really helps (glycolic should--unless one is sensitive to glycolic acid or other ingredients in the particular formula--help with breakouts. never cause them). but drunk elephant seems to work well for some and wreak havoc for others. there's a chance that your problems are solely from the over exfoliation, but keep an eye on if you notice certain reactions in correlation with your use of the DE. 


lastly, keep an eye on your skin's behavior with the AP moisturizer because it may be very silicone heavy (i'm not sure as i'm not sure which exact cream this is) which can also cause *some* people congestion problems. 


i hope this helps !

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