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Small bumps!


Someone help! I have these bumps all over my face I don’t wear make up besides chapstick and mascara sometimes eyeliner nothing too crazy. 

I have these bumps all over my face they’re  not pimples or anything else. They itch and they’ve been on my face since 1:45pm today (May 13,2021) it’s currently 8:49pm. I’ve never broken out or had bad acne, when I get pimples it’s only on my time of the month and they leave scaring for a few days or weeks after they’re gone. I don’t have oily or dry skin my skin is like normal range I wash my mascara with a wet wipe or just water.

These are the photos at the moment I have Aloe on my face straight from the plant! My skin feels very bumpy and dry I’m not sure what to do. Please any recommendations or tips would be extremely helpful






Re: Small bumps!

Hi @Sariahpagan ! Since no one on BIC is a dermatologist, your best bet is to see a derm or your primary care doctor about those bumps. Only a doctor can examine your skin, diagnose you, and prescribe treatment(s). 


The best any of us here can do is guess, but we could be very wrong and you shouldn't just take our word for it. Since you mentioned tiny itchy bumps, my guess is either an allergic reaction to something (could be one of your skincare products, or some other substance that transferred from your hand to your face if you touched your face) or a yeast overgrowth (pityrosporum folliculitis, aka "fungal acne" which is a misnomer since it's not acne at all). I can't recommend much for an allergic reaction besides an antihistamine pill and anti-itch products like the aloe you're already using. Fungal acne can be treated with a few different things, like Nizoral shampoo which contains the anti-fungal ingredient ketoconazole. But you really should have a doc look at your skin for a true diagnosis and treatment recommendations. 


Sorry you're going through this! I hope you find some relief soon. 

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