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Skincare help!

I'd like recommendations for products I can add to my routine.

I have very dry and sensitive skin, prone to flakiness.

Thus far, I use Clinique Moisture Surge as my moisturizer and Clinique mild face wash. I alternate between Bath&Body Works sugar scrub and my Clinique City Block Charcoal Mask. (As you can see, I'm a Clinique gal.) I was researching my acne, and I have a few cysts on my face. They last longer than normal acne, but not severely long- a week or two, tops. I don't like to use products with alcohol, fragrance, or any acids- I am very acne-prone, but all of the above (found most in drugstore cleaners) strip my skin and make my flakiness worse. I am in love with my moisturizer, and the face wash does what it's supposed to. I like the Charcoal Mask for its exfoliation, but it dries my skin out to the point of the extreme. I'd like to add some toner, essential oils, and/or face masks that would improve my skin. I'd also be open to suggestions for other products. My main concerns are dryness, acne, evening my skin tone, disinfecting, and lessening my dark spots. (I'm blessed that I don't have much scarring from how much I break out.) I wear makeup frequently for about 8-hour stints (I go to school), but I go towards lighter makeup (Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation) that won't cause as many blemishes and comedones, and I use a primer. I'm also contemplating the Clinique Moisture Surge sleeping mask. Do you have any suggestions as for products that I can try out? I hope this is enough information.

RE: Skincare help!

It sounds like u have a great routine! For flakiness that does not dry out ur skin try an enzyme exfoliant to remove. All enzymes do is act like PAC Man on expired surface cells leaving healthy ones alone. Peter Thomas Roth peel gel is great as is the Amore Pacific enzyme peel. For stubborn cysts try adding a gentle retinol into ur routine. Most of my clients see fantastic results with either Dr.Dennis Gross or Peter Thomas Roth retinol. Stay away from ANY scrubs even sugar ones!!!! Cheers Tania Senior Skincare Advisor Sephora Moncton

Re: RE: Skincare help!

Yeah, I've been staying away from my physical exfoliants and looking into chemical ones. I would need to get a good facial sunscreen to go under my makeup to use retinol, and I'm also afraid I might be too young- 16.

RE: Skincare help!

Use sugar scrubs and I recommend pacifa cactus water cleanser. Don't forget to use face masks they'll make a huge difference. Don't waste money on Clinique moisturizer use imperialis moisturizer from lush it's life changing. For sensitive skin always check to make sure the products are natural because it'll make a huge difference. Hope this helped you!🙃

Re: RE: Skincare help!

And while Lush products seem really good, unfortunately I'm sensitive to fragrance and those have a lot, and they're not as natural as they appear at face value.

Re: RE: Skincare help!

Thank you for the advice, but I've been reading up on physical exfoliants, and they can cause microabrasions and scarring on the skin- I think I want to look for a chemical exfoliant now.

Re: Skincare help!

I have found the Clinique Mild to be very drying and prefer Take Of The Day Balm. If you like using their line, try that instead. Is the Bath and Body Works scrub meant for your face? My instinct tells me it's meant for the body, and so it would be way to harsh for your face. The charcoal mask is likely far to drying on top of that. The acne may be a product of being too harsh to your skin and it's getting irritated. I'm going to recommend a routine I suggest you try to help get your skin healed and smooth:


-Clinique Take Of The Day Balm to cleanse (use a Clarisonic of you have one)

-Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask for a weekly or twice weekly deep clean

-Josie Maran Argan Oil as a moisturizer/serum

-Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (heavier duty that the Moisture Surge you're already using) as a moisturizer


If you can avoid wearing make up for about a week to give your skin a chance to repair, that would be good. I don't think you should throw a ton at your skin right now because I think it has had too much on it. As far a night mask, I do like the Clinique one you're interested it, and I actually use it as a flight mask to keep my skin hydrated in the air (I travel quite a bit). The Farmacy Sheet Masks are really nice too. I'd avoid trying to use harsh physical exfoliators until your skin starts to calm down. As far as an essential oil goes, go with lavender. Make sure it's a high quality 100% lavender oil. You don't want any fragrance in it AT ALL. Put a few drops with the argan oil and press it in to your skin. Don't forget about an eye cream either. I'm not sure if you're currently using one, but Clinique All About Eyes is nice if you like using that line. 


Re: Skincare help!


-Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask for a weekly or twice weekly deep clean

Are you referring to the Mango version or the normal? Is there much of a difference?


Re: Skincare help!

@kitkatcora Any of the Argan masks will work the same. The different scents are just a bit of added aromatherapy. 

Re: Skincare help!

I am actually looking into their balm! I have the Take The Day Off Milk but I don't like it, so I will be exchanging it for the balm. I haven't had any problems with the liquid facial soap that much, but probably because I only use it after the milk when I'm wearing makeup. I will definitely look into the Intense moisture surge and the argan oil as well! Thank you for such a detailed reply. I've decided on the Orgins overnight hydrating mask, and I'm staying away from all physical exfoliators right now- I think I'm going to get some of Paula's Choice AHA/BHA chemical exfoliators. I don't think I'm going to be using the clay mask much anymore... it /is/ super drying. Is the Whipped Mud Mask one that will dry out my skin?

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