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🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

As part of my New Year's resolution, I promised myself I would explore the world of Korean beauty a lot more than I have. I would love this to be a place to discuss and share your experience!


I am currently practicing the "7 Skin Method" every morning. This will help hydrate dry skin as well as balance sebum production is oily skin. I was a grease factory and am now very normal. This method is simply applying a hydrating toner 7 times in a row. You can use a cotton round, but I prefer to apply 5/6 drops to the palm of my hand and press it into my skin. I am currently using:


  • Missha First Treatment Essence 2X ($49)
  • Amore Pacific Single Extract Vintage Essence 1X ($145)
  • ElishaCoy Moist Up Hyalurone Ampoule Essence 4X ($10)

Results are immediate! My skin is plump and glowing. Now, I could NEVER give up my Good Genes and Luna, but this will definitely take the place of some very expensive skincare products I use like my Vintner's Daughter. I would love to hear about Korean Beauty products you have discovered. I'm all for spending in the name of great skin! ❀️❀️❀️

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@darlyndar thank you for starting this thread - I've been really interested in getting an essence - your routine looks really interesting I will definitely have to do some reading! 

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@Kim888 Amore Pacific was my first experience with an Essence. It has made a difference and is very special. But the more knowledge l gain, the more I realize it’s not necessary. I use it once, only in the morning. There are soooooo many amazing essences for under $20. 

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@darlyndar Thanks for starting this!! I've been interested and now I can discuss with all of you!

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@yankeefaithful Yes! I can’t say enough good things about K beauty and essences. I feel so strongly about Luna and Good Genes, and this method pairs so well with it. 


I’m two months overdue for Botox. It was mostly my forehead and between my brows. I would squint and the lines would be prominent. Now, I squint with very little Botox left and my lines don’t linger. My skin is visibly plump! I have an overall glow that even my husband notices! I couldn’t be more pleased. 

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@darlyndar That's great to hear! I'm just now noticing some areas that need to be addressed and hope this will help. Thanks a lot for your input!

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

I generally switch up the essences/toners I use for the 7-skin method seasonally and depending on what my skin needs.  At the moment, I'm using the following essences and toners for the 7-skin method:

  • Amore Pacific Single Vintage Extract Essence
  • Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner
  • Blithe Vital Treatment Essence for Lifting (8 Nourishing Beans) (not pictured)
  • Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner 

essence pic.jpg


I've done the 7-skin method using just 1 essence for all 7 layers, as well as using a combination of essences for it. If the latter, the general rule is to go from thinnest consistency to the most viscous or thickest. I don't typically use all 4 of these essences for the 7 skin method; at most, I've used 3, and in those instances, it's usually, 2 layers of the Amore Pacific essence, followed by 2 layers of the Pyunkang Yul essence toner and 3 layers of either the Be The Skin or Blithe essences. I find this combo to work well on my skin.

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

I've been using the Missha Time Revolution essence for one and a half weeks, am and pm and my partner noticed a difference Smiley Happy My skin also feels smoother and bouncier. I also started using The Ordinary's rose hip oil (maybe 3 weeks now? I only mix one drop into my moisturizer am/pm so two drops per day) so I imagine that has made a difference too. All I know is that in the winter my skin is usually much drier and these two products have made such a noticeable difference.

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@pocketvenus, yes!!!  I think a tell-tale sign that a product is working well is when others start noticing!!  Smiley Happy  Essences are great!  Before I started using them, I didn't even know my skin could feel, as you said, smoother and bouncier!   I've heard so many good things about the Missha Time Revolution Essence!


Ooooh, the rosehip seed oil from The Ordinary is a good one - formula-wise and in terms of price point.  I agree with you - consistent use of essences and oils in my routine is keeping my skin more hydrated (and less dry) than it has ever been in past winters. 

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@myinsidevoice This is great! I'm looking into getting some of the essences you've mentioned. If you could get only one, between Be the skin and Blithe Vital treatment,  which would you get? I'm going  to gradually add some just in case they cause a reaction. Thanks so much!

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

Hmmm... good (and tough) question @yankeefaithful


What is your skin type? If you are very dry, I recommend Be The Skin - it's targeted for dry to very dry skin.  If you have combination skin, then I say go for the Blithe essence.  Also, if you are sensitive to fragrance, the Blithe one may be the better option for you. The scent in the Be The Skin toner/essence is not overpowering by any means, but it does have fragrance. 


You can find Be The Skin at Peach & Lily (it's in an orange/yellow ombre glass bottle).  The Blithe essence can be purchased at or through Glow Recipe.


Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@myinsidevoice I love the Blithe Nourishing Bean Essence. Something about the viscosity and those little floating things...heart Smiley Happy


I'm currently working my way through the Blithe Hydrating Essence and it's a meh. I don't think it's really doing anything for my skin so I won't be repurchasing once it's done. 


Testing out the Caudalie Essence which is a bit thinner, reminds me of the Son & Park Beauty water, liking it so far!

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

Yes @MissPuff!!! Aren't those floating beads just so much fun?  And, they are good for our skin!  The Nourishing Bean essence is great - soothing, hydrating. 


It's too bad that the Blithe Hydrating Essence isn't working out.  I held off on getting that one and went with the Essential Seeds Essence (not sold on  I think I may test that out soon.  It's is marketed as being hydrating and brightening; will let you know how it compares with the Nourishing Bean one.


Ooooh, happy to hear the Caudalie Essence is working out for you so far.  I picked that up earlier last year but have yet to use it.  After you have had more time to test it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it performs.

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@myinsidevoice I'm usually combo toward oily, but with the cold weather,.seeing more dry spots. I may start with the Blithe essence since I have gift card to Sephora. I'll let you know how it does for me. Thanks!!

RE: Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@myinsidevoice There’s the Pyunkang Yul!!! I’m placing an order right now! Thank you for sharing! Your regime is gorgeous. Your skin must be glowing. ❀️❀️❀️

Re: RE: Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

I absolutely love Pyunkang Yul and totally recommend it. Though I don't always do 7 steps, if my skin is feeling extremely dry I'll do 4 laters with 2 each of Missha and Pyunkang Yul. I also LOVE the May Coop Raw Sauce, but I think Pyinkang Yul might be close to replacing it! @darlyndar @myinsidevoice 

Re: RE: Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@Aaliaa  @darlyndar

That's one of the best things - the "7-skin" method can be 1-skin, 3-skin, 4-skin - it's all about what your skin needs.


May Coop Raw Sauce is another great essence @Aaliaa! I'm bummed that Sephora doesn't carry it anymore, but I have a backup and will pull it out come spring and summer!

Re: RE: Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

Go, go, go @darlyndar!  It's a pretty phenomenal essence/toner. Clean list of ingredients; great price and very hydrating.  Just know that when it ships, it will not come in a box like many essences - it's not a defect or damaged product.  Am excited to hear what your thoughts on it after you've had a chance to test it out.


Awww, thank you. My skin knows good days and bad days. The 7-skin method has really helped to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Re: RE: Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@myinsidevoice I purchased it from I usually purchase from glow recipe or soko glam but they don’t carry Pyungkang Yul which is unfortunate. What online store do you frequent for K Beauty? 


My skin has been such a pleasure. Lol. I’ve never had issues with acne, only oil. Now, my skin is normal and the best it’s ever looked. I only wear makeup 3 nights out of the week. I’m grateful for finding quality products and this forum for guiding me in the right direction! Can’t wait to try it out and give my feedback. I have no doubt it will be amazing. Thank you for your input! 

Re: RE: Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

@darlyndar is good; that's where I purchased my PY essence toner.  Last year, the majority of my purchases were from Glow Recipe, Peach & Lily and for skincare products.  For sheet masks, and have a nice selection and frequently have sales; you can also find some good deals on K-beauty products from and

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

I have been working for the last year to perfect my own east & west beauty routine. Some K-beauty products I love include:

Neogen Green Tea foaming face wash

Son & Park Beauty Water 

CosRx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (I know, it’s snail. It’s also cruelty free and does amazing things for your skin. It’s been an HG product for me.)

Etude House Moistful Collagen Cream

Neogen BioPeel in Lemon

Missha soft finish sun milk in SPF 50


Almost all of these are now available at Sephora or Ulta now. 

There is a whole K-Beauty community with tons of great ideas, too. Looking forward to hearing more about what you (& all you other lovelies) discover!

Re: 🌱 Korean Beauty: East Meets West-Skincare Edition 🌱

This is a great list of K-beauty products, @heylady14.  I love the Neogen Green Tea foam cleanser; it's my go-to water based cleanser. I never would have imagined a foam cleanser would be so great for my dry skin, but this really is quite nice.  I'm almost out and will definitely be repurchasing; I may pick up the Neogen Lemon bio-peel when I do.

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