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Hypoallergenic products for Fragrance/Linalool Allergy

I've recently had a patch test and discovered I am allergic to linalool and balsam of peru. Unfortunately, these ingredients are not always directly on the ingredient labels and as someone obsessed with skincare products, I'm finding it a challenge to find new products that won't make my skin react. Does anyone with fragrance and linalool allergy have any recommendation for any products or brands? I have dry skin and I need everything - cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizer, masks, lipstick, etc. 


Linalool is found in a lot of essential oils so even products that are fragrance free can still contain linalool (i.e. anything with lavender, mint, rosemary, basil extracts, etc.)

Re: Hypoallergenic products for Fragrance/Linalool Allergy

@cjp009 I just happened across your post. I just had a patch test and the same two chemicals showed as contact allergens: #PeruBalsam and #HydroperoxidesofLinalool (Peru Balsam and Hydroperoxides of Linalool). I have been searching to determine which body creams or lotions as well as moisturizers and body washes don't have these chemicals, particularly linalool as my allergy is more intense toward that one. As you note, so many products do not include these chemicals and yet they are present, often hidden by the designations "fragrance" or "parfum". IF you have succeeded in finding any products that don't have these chemicals, or products that seem to work for you even if their contents aren't entirely clear, I would appreciate your sharing that information. I recognize that you posted your note in 2020 and updated it in 2022 so time has passed. Thank you!

Re: Hypoallergenic products for Fragrance/Linalool Allergy

@cjp009 @JPohl - I am so sorry!  I am sensitive to fragrance, but not allergic.  I find incidecoder(dot)com to be helpful.  You can look up products and it will not only show you what ingredients are in the product, but explain what the ingredients are/do.  Best wishes! 💖💖💖

Re: Hypoallergenic products for Fragrance/Linalool Allergy

I’m in the same boat!  Patch tested last Summer and Balsam of Peru is the culprit😞


looking for a foundation/sunscreen that will help cover my dark circles

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