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FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration

So I use this product on my hands. A few days ago I put it on my face and woke up with skin colored bumps all over. I have no clue what happen but I am assuming it was the cream. I've continued to take care of my skin as I usually do but these bumps are not going away. Someone help!? Any idea what this is or what I should do?


I have dry skin, generally smooth, no acne concerns, and somewhat sensitive. 

Re: FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration

@HEasley I really like FAB, and I know a lot of people like this product.  However, I've stayed away from it b/c of this review on which gave it 1/5 stars:



Nothing about this product is ultra or intense and it contains only a minute amount of antioxidants, so it isn't boosting either. What it does have is a completely mundane formula of oatmeal, water, glycerin, and wax. That isn't terrible, but it certainly isn’t therapy for skin. The problem is that it contains eucalyptus, which is a skin irritant and, therefore, not good for any skin type. Plus, the 6 fl. oz. size is packaged in a jar, adding to this product's woes. (see More Info below for details on irritation, eucalyptus, and jar packaging).

  • Contains skin-soothing colloidal oatmeal.
  • Eucalyptus, even in small amounts, is a skin irritant, not a skin soother.
  • Boring formula doesn't begin to approach what's best for sensitive skin.
  • Jar package won't keep the teeny amount of antioxidants present stable.

More Info:

Eucalyptus contains fragrance ingredients known to irritate skin, especially skin with a compromised barrier (which is characteristic of those who struggle with sensitive skin). Eucalyptus oil is more cause for concern than the extract, but because First Aid Beauty doesn't list the form of the plant they used (and because of this product's scent) we're playing it safe and recommending that you avoid this moisturizer. Sensitive skin needs ingredients that rebuild and restore a healthy skin surface; irritants such as eucalyptus impair this process and potentially make sensitive skin more of a concern.

The fact that it’s packaged in a jar means the beneficial ingredients won't remain stable once it is opened. All plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, and other state-of-the-art ingredients break down in the presence of air, so once a jar is opened and lets the air in these important ingredients begin to deteriorate. Jars also are unsanitary because you’re dipping your fingers into them with each use, adding bacteria which further deteriorate the beneficial ingredients (Sources: Free Radical Biology and Medicine, September 2007, pages 818-829; Ageing Research Reviews, December 2007, pages 271-288; Dermatologic Therapy, September-October 2007, pages 314-321; International Journal of Pharmaceutics, June 12, 2005, pages 197-203; Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, January 2002, pages 1-32; International Society for Horticultural Science,;, and



A better choice from the brand may be FAB Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer which got 4/5 stars:



Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer earns our praise as a fragrance-free moisturizer for normal to dry skin, with some extra perks for sensitive skin, too.

Among its key ingredients, colloidal oatmeal is present in a high enough concentration to calm skin and potentially minimize redness. Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer also contains a healthy mix of additional soothing agents, skin-replenishing ingredients, and a few antioxidant-laced emollients that help soften skin.

We applaud First Aid Beauty for the opaque, pump bottle packaging that helps keep these light- and air-sensitive ingredients stable during use. Texture-wise, skin is treated to an elegant lotion consistency that absorbs pleasantly for a hydrating (but not greasy) effect.

Other than over-embellishing about ceramides in the formula (there's only one and it's the very LAST ingredient), Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer delivers on its promises and stands out as a great option for sensitive skin. It's not as concentrated with anti-aging ingredients as the top-rated moisturizers, but it gets the job done when it comes to alleviating dryness and signs of sensitivity!

  • Gentle, soothing, fragrance-free formula, especially great for sensitive skin.
  • Moisturizes and softens skin without feeling greasy.
  • Healthy mix of soothing agents, skin-replenishing ingredients, and some antioxidants.
  • Would be better off if the anti-aging ingredients were in higher concentration. 

I use FAB Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum (5/5 stars); although I will say I don't find it to be especially hydrating - I use it for the antioxidants.



First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum is a genuinely good offering by the brand because it has the potential to live up to most of its claims. A sheer water-based gel, this lightweight formula is fragrance-free and contains a soothing mix of anti-irritants, antioxidants, and reparative ingredients. Given its gel texture, it is suitable for any skin type, but especially for oily skin, including the acne-prone.

Packaged in a solid, plastic tube with a pump dispenser, its ingredients are kept protected from both air and light exposure. Its gel consistency is a skin pleaser that feels hydrating upon application, and layers well under (or over) your other products.

We should note that the First Aid Beauty's claims of this providing "pure moisture" to skin shouldn't be construed as it being a rich or emollient serum. It's light enough that it could replace a non-SPF moisturizer for those with oily or combination skin, but those with dry skin shouldn't expect the same. What it does particularly well, however, is supply skin with a good mix of antioxidant, reparative, cell communicating and anti-irritant ingredients.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid works to help improve skin's moisture content, reduce inflammation, and provide antioxidant defense. Antioxidants and anti-redness ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and allantoin are present, just to name a few.

Like many of its products, Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum contains feverfew—which we confirmed is purified of the naturally-occurring ingredient parthenolide, which can be sensitizing if this removal step isn't taken. Feverfew is another excellent antioxidant with potent anti-redness potential when applied to skin.

The fact that this serum doesn't contain the kitchen-skin approach of ingredients is a potential benefit in our eyes, especially given it is aimed at those with sensitive skin. While more antioxidants are helpful for free-radical defense, it is also true that the greater the number of ingredients contained in a product, the greater the potential for particularly sensitive skin to react negatively. This certainly isn't true for everyone, but for some, simpler is better.

Thus, if you are in the market for a simple antioxidant serum that is strong on anti-redness benefits, First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum is an excellent one to consider.

  • Lightweight, gel texture works for any skin type.
  • Includes a good mix of anti-irritants, antioxidant and reparative ingredients.
  • Provides sheer moisture to skin.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Reasonably priced given its overall impressive formula for sensitive skin.
  • None

RE: FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration

@HEasley~ I’m curious to know if the FAB product is the only new product that you introduced to your routine. It may be what is causing these bumps.

Re: RE: FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration

Yes, it was the only product I used!

RE: Re: RE: FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration

@HEasley ~ I would stop using the product and see how your skin reacts. Then, if you are up for it, reincorporate the cream. In my opinion, your skin just may need something else. Good luck!
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