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Do you need an eye cream?

Paula's Choice is very ANTI eye cream. Saying that any good moisturizer you should be able to put around your eye area. Most eye creams I have used have always my be itchy. I am wondering your thoughts?

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

Wayne Goss also says that you do not need an eye cream just a great moisturizer.  I use Algenist Firming and Lifting Eye Gel and Clinique's All About Eyes cream.  I don't think they do anything life changing but they do feel nice in the winter with it being so dry where I live.

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

Hey is one of my favorite Makeup Youtubers. I have really sensitive eyes so any fragrance or any irritants pretty much kills them. 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

Honestly I didn't use an eye cream at all until this year, moisturizer or specialty or not.


I have normal skin without severe dryness (at least around my eyes) and use gentle products so it wasn't necessary...


However, I want to take preventative measures against aging, and also like to depuff just a bit (I don't have issues with puffiness per se but like to look extra awake!)... so now I use an eye gel at least and sometimes a cream at night.


I also experienced some irritation from a eyeshadow, so it made me want to take extra good care of my eyes and also get them in top shape to combat any future irritants.


That being said I have VERY SENSITIVE eyes, esp at the lashline, but all around.  Any moisturizer I use has to be fragrance free and non-irritating, not to mention non comedogenic and doesn't cause milia.


So, I prefer an eye balm, but when I want extra moisture (now, cold weather) I do layer on my heavy face cream (fragrance free).  

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I think I need an eye cream (and Caroline Hirons is definitely in the "need eye cream" camp).  I need it in part because I can get really puffy eyes.  My allergies especially affect my eyes and on bad days the bags can have bags!  My eyelids can also get really dry. 


So, I need something that helps with puffiness and isn't as heavy as most moisturizers.  And I need something that's can be put on my eyelids, and some things really burn there.  And as I'm getting older the eyes seem to be the place that show less firm skin and I'll take all the help I can get.


For the puffiness I really like Clinique's All About Eyes.  I can use it on my lids, it's not heavy, and the rollerball in this line noticeably takes down the worst of the puffiness in my eyes.  I really like the Origins Plantscription that I got as a VIB sample in the spring.  I tend to use that at night and the All About Eyes in the morning (although I have other things, of course).  I also opened a sample of Lancome Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Eye and might switch to that when other things run out.


But I at least definitely need an eye cream

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I like Paula's Choice a lot for English translations on ingredients and feedback on whether a product's ingredients enable it to meet its claims.


That said, there are other things there I think are kind of up to individual preferences.  I think the site says the same about neck cream, well, my neck is so sensitive I get hives if I put almost anything on it.  It actually got red just when an aesthetician was cleaning it before my facial.  I believe neck and eye tissues are very similar, much thinner than face skin, very delicate.  I have found some face moisturizers (on Paula's Choice) that work on all three!  Face, eyes and neck.  But it's rare.  (The one I use that works for all three is Elta MD AM Therapy Facial Moisturizer - it is amazing!)


I also have an eye moisturizer that contains some retinol, I am definitely very careful what I will use around my eyes that contains retinol.  I use it around my eyes and also over my whole face (I accidentally purchased three of them and need to use them - which is fine, my skin feels great!)


So, the shorter answer Smiley Happy is that it depends on what product you use and if it works well around your eyes.  I would probably check the Paula's Choice rating on the moisturizer, as it tends to be very conservative and mention if there are any fragrances or other potential irritants, which you probably wouldn't want around your eyes.


I love Wayne Goss.  I agree if it's a good moisturizer (ingredients aren't potentially irritating) you're probably ok. 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

If you are just looking to simply moisturize the eye area, your regular moisturizer should be fine, especially if it doesn't contain strong fragrance. If you need extra care around the eyes, a specific product might be a good choice. I started using Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic+Retinol eye serum (gel)  last year and those active ingredients are amazing.  The crepey skin that graced my eyelids is dramatically improved due to the active ingredients in this product.  He also makes this in a very thin liquid for the rest of the face but I like the idea of the gel around my eyes.  I wouldn't want to get that liquid in my eye.  Therefore, I feel the price and extra product are worth it. 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I read that too and i think i know what she means. I personally use argan oil at night to moisturize so i usually just go for a eye cream anyway

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I don't have extremely sensitive skin & allergic to everything under the sun, so I take everything Paula says with a grain of salt. Not to mention she is really bad at updating her site when it comes to reformulated products. 

The Anthony Logistics Glycolic cleanser is a HG product for many BTers & Paula gives it a poor review. 

I also think she gives products bad reviews just to push her own products. 

I love eye cream, but I don't have major issues with my eyes, so I just use whatever promo/sample/freebie I get. I do think eye creams make a difference, and my moisturizers are too thick/heavy for the delicate eye area. I will bring my retinol serum up to my eyes, but I apply eye cream/gel after. 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I agree that she seems to be pushing her own products.  I quit reading her reviews altogether because I feel the bias is very obvious, and I do not feel that she is objective or properly educated on the subject.  She is not a doctor, chemist, etc, so I put very little weight on what she says.

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I actually bought her book, and was flabbergasted by her reviews of everything. Not much in her eyes seems to be worth the buy. However she gives her own stuff much better reviews. 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I don't trust Paula's Choice since in the middle of a quite a few reviews, they openly hawk a Paula's Choice product. That's just unbelievably tacky.


I like a separate eye cream/serum because I have really dark undereye circles and don't need that kind of brightening all over my face. But I suppose if you're using a moisturizer that's unfragranced and you don't have any major eye issues to resolve (dark circles, milia, puffiness, etc.), save the money and just use the moisturizer.

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I'm starting to think I don't, but it's been drilled into every sentient woman that you NEED one.  Luckily, I live off of deluxe samples and don't purchase them much.


I also second the doubts about Paula Begoun.  For example, she stresses (correctly) that foundation with SPF isn't enough to protect you from the sun.  Fair enough.  Then she gives poor ratings to foundations that either don't have SPF or not enough SPF for her taste.  Well, which is it?  Personally, I use a dedicated sunscreen for my face and prefer my moisturizers and makeup to be SPF-free.  So, yeah, she's a resource, but not the end-all be-all.  She seems to contradict her own advice.


That being said, I really like some of her products, notably the retinol serum.  

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I take her reviews with a grain of salt. Some seem like very all-encompassing, good reviews, but some just say things like, "I did not like the smell." and I don't think that is a very complete review.


As far as eye cream, I'm not really sure. In college I lived in a very cold, dry climate, and my eyes would sometimes get so dry that when I'd go out and it was cold and windy they would hurt, a lot. Moisturizer didn't work. I got Clinique All About Eyes Rich and it worked wonders. I guess I just don't think there are a ton of things in life that you should make blanket statements about.

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I'm 25 and still don't use eye cream on a regular basis. I own one eye cream that I like very much but I haven't gotten into the habit of using it every night.


The skin around your eye area is much thinner/more delicate/more sensitive that I wouldn't want to use just whatever in that area. I do have sensitive skin and a lot of samples of eye cream that I tried either made my under eye area burn or my eyes water.

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

You and me both! 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

personally I use eye cream and I'd say its worth it.

Sometimes I do not drink enough water, other times my eyes are really dry or tired/puffy. With eye cream I get the extra moisture in gentle under the eye (sometimes lid) area I need. Most eye creams are not miracle workers and would not do what they promise (or if they do results are very minimal, or its all psychological lol).


I use Tarte maracuja  eye cream and sometimes  also Josie Maran argan oil.


Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I am on the fence. I am wondering if I should just get a moisturizer for dry skin and put it on my eye area. I have extreme combo skin and love my moisturizer now but think that a more intense moisture is necessary for the eye area. Thoughts?

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

just get a different eye gel. Why switch moisturizers for your eyes, when you can get a product that's made for the eyes? 

Do you have any deluxe samples of eye products, 100 pt perks, foil packets? I honestly can't remember when was the last time I paid for eye cream besides recently when PTR had their $5 sale. I bought 3 of the eye cream, but it's an expensive product, so I didn't feel guilty over it. Before that I was using a murad I got from beautybar, lancome that was a 100 pt perk, OH from their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals last year and various other samples from companies. 

FAB has a nice eye gel that's light weight but moisturizing. Boscia's eye gel works wonders for the eye lid (when wearing heavy makeup and removing, sometimes my lids dry out)... 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

    With my sensitive skin and allergies, I unfortunately do not have the luxury to use random perks or samples. WIth any skincare product I have, I have to ask for a sample to see how it works with my skin and heavily research the ingredients. Also, not a fan of the jar packaging that comes with so many eye creams. (I'm a germo-phob!) I just think getting a moisturizer made more for dry skin and using it on the eyes would be a better bang for my buck. 

Re: Do you need an eye cream?

I don't.  Some moisturizers are too heavy for your eyes.  You're too young to need something too strong.  Check out Fresh Lotus Eye Gel.  Or seriously, check out Clinique All About Eyes which is fragrance free and very thoroughly tested.  Don't mess with what is working for your skin if it is working.  Spend the time/money investigating a proper eye cream (sephora will give you samples and you can return something if it doesn't work).


I've got some heavy dry skin moisturizers and I wouldn't want them near my eyes.


Google Caroline Hirons (she has a fabulous block) and then search on her site for eye creams.  She's got a piece on why you do/don't want/need one.  And she's got recommendations on different choices.


And not all eye creams/serums come in jars.  There are some nice rollerballs and the Fresh gel comes in a pump, as do others.

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