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Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now

Hello everyone,


i had recently started noticing some bumps on my forehead, then my sideburn area and now down to my chin. They’re not painful or itchy. At first I thought nothing of it because I’ve never had any acne problems in the past  but now that it’s spreading, I’m a little scared. 


I dont know if it has anything to do with the heat ( heat rash?) It was SUPER hot for a few weeks straight in California and I did go out on a few hikes. I also started running more often and working out ( fungal infection?) 


i drink lots of water and I follow a keto diet and just 2 days ago I cut dairy out of my diet to see if anything changes. I also bought a dandruff shampoo to wash my face with and an oil free moisturizer. I know the bumps are more noticeable to me and I shouldn’t worry so much, but I’ve never had this problem before and I’m not sure what’s going on.


btw, the pictures posted below were taken after washing and exfoliating my face.   


Thank yo







Re: Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now

Hi, your bumps look nearly identical to the ones i’ve been struggling with for almost a year now. Did you ever manage to get rid of them/if so what worked for you?



Anonymous Insider

Re: Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now

I have the same problem, but I haven’t noticed it spread. If i try to squeeze it, sometimes whiteheads comes out. But at the same time it’s not whiteheads... A friend of mine has the same problem, where our skin is slightly red, but the bumps is white/my skin color. She tried «The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%» and you could see a difference 7 days later!

Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now

may be it is heat rash ?

Re: Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now


Why a dandruff shampoo to wash your face with? And which one? This may explain it

Re: Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now

I started using the dandruff shampoo on my face yesterday night. I read and watched videos on YouTube about girls having similar bumps on face and the dandruff shampoo is used to help clear up “Fungal Acne”. I am using Head & Shoulders along with some burtsbees face wash and Alba acne face &body scrub. 

Re: Colorless bumps on forehead, cheeks and chin now

@Brownbottlegirl typically 'fungal acne' caused by Malassezia / Pityrosporum Folliculitis will be somewhat itchy (though not always), so I'm not necessarily convinced this is the cause of your issues but it is certainly worth a try - though I would recommend using Nizoral shampoo instead (leave it on for ten minutes and then wash off, but only use it twice a week). 


The pattern of how this spread seems to suggest that it may have been caused by use of a new product on your hair, so I would also use Nizoral on your scalp and have a look through your usual hair products to see if you have something that may be causing issues.





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