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Best mask for before makeup

Hi! What’s the best face mask to do before makeup on a big night out? Looking for something that will hydrate and plump my skin.. maybe Something to do like 30 mins before makeup application so it has time to sit in. Not particular on whether it is a sheet mask or regular face mask. Thanks!!! 

Re: Best mask for before makeup

@ceceliadinicola I like the hydrating essence masks by Creme Shop and also the Sweet Chef (sold at Target) Hylaronic Acid mask.

Re: Best mask for before makeup

I am OBSESSED with the hydrating sheet masks by Image! Nothing compares imo. 

Re: Best mask for before makeup

@ceceliadinicola  my absolute favorite mask before an event is the Acropass Line Care patches.  You apply them to smile lines or wrinkles and leave them for an hour and your lines magically disappear for a few hours. 
I would use these in combination with another mask like thé Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask for optimal full face results 
@itsfi I know you’ll have some good suggestions as well;) 

Re: Best mask for before makeup

Thank you for the tag @heartsmyface


@ceceliadinicola, I love using a mask as a prep before makeup application. My current favorite pre-makeup sheet mask is the Some By Mi Diamond Brightening Glow Luminous Mask - this makes my skin glowy, bouncy, plump, supple and hydrated. It leaves a tackiness to the skin that I feel comes in handy before applying makeup as it grips whatever it is you follow up with after the mask. The dewy radiance from the mask also comes through makeup for that lovely lit from within glow. I'll list some other masks at different price points, both wash off and sheet masks, that I've enjoyed using as a skin care / makeup prep before a night out. 




Under $10:

  • SEPHORA COLLECTION AHA Peeling Masks Papaya* - it's a chemical exfoliating mask (AHA-based) that sloughs away dead skin and leaves skin brightened. Gentle but effective. This should be left on for no more than 10 minutes. This may cause some redness afterwards, I've found that the flush it gives dissipates after 15+ minutes after removing the mask. Actives like AHA/BHA/PHAs can leave skin sensitive to the sun as you're exfoliating the surface of the skin. I love sunscreen and wear it every day, but it really is important to use sunscreen if using products containing actives, like this peel. 

Under $40:

  • Origins Clear Improvement™ Charcoal Honey Mask to Purify and Nourish 2.5 oz/ 75 mL clears up pores, detoxes skin without stripping it dry, and nourishes skin, while leaving a noticeable glow
  • fresh Mini Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask 1 oz/ 30 mL - the full size falls in the over $50 group, but the mini just under $40. Feels cooling on the skin, which is a nice little extra as you're getting ready for a night out. Leaves skin soft, smooth and supple.


Over $50:

  • Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask 1.7 oz/ 50 mL - contains vitamin C and AHAs, leaves skin soft, smooth and glowy
  • Farmacy Honey Potion Plus Ceramide Hydration Mask - where the Fresh mask feels cool on the skin, this one warms up (not overly so) - the mini version of this, like the Fresh mask, slots in the under $40 mask group. Leaves skin feeling clear, cleansed, hydrated, soft, smooth and plump.
  • full size of the Fresh Black Tea mask mentioned in the under $40 masks section




Under $10:


Under $20:

  • Lancôme Rènergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Double-Wrapping Cream Face Mask 1 Sheet Mask #- it's a cream-based sheet mask that leaves skin moisturized and plump; best suited if skin is dry or very dry
  • JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask 1 Mask - this really does leave skin glowy.


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