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Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

Hey everyone and good afternoon from Canada! 

Sending out this question as a frequent blister user who suffers from constant dry lips, could even get as bad as a deep crack which turns into a cold sore if not treated early. I’ve been a long term user of blistex as it really moisturizers my lips and gives that “tingly” sensation that makes me KNOW it’s working. 

I was eyeing lip masks to see if they really do work, but a portion of me thinks that wouldn’t solve my problem, as I am a FREQUENT, and I mean F R E Q U E N T user and I seen that lip masks aren’t meant to be work as a lip balm. 

So, my dilemma.. any good mask recommendations or even balm recommendations? I hate the taste and smell of blistex but it’s the only thing that works for me 😭


Please help; it would be so much appreciated

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

YES!! I love love love the sleeping lip mask by Laneige. I have tried hundreds of lip balms and this brand by far makes one of the best lip balms out there. I am on Accutane which dries out my lips extremely, I have cracks on the sides of my lips, and the product that only seems to do me justice is that sleeping mask, I know the price could be a bit high for a lip balm but trust me its worth it. 

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

Hi @ItzJaqui ! I have a couple of products marketed as “lip masks” that I like, but I very rarely use them. I mean, they’re fine, but they’re not nearly as moisturizing as my daily and nightly lip balm: plain ol’ Aquaphor Ointment. (Not the Aquaphor product marketed as lip balm, but the original ointment.) It’s a petrolatum-based balm. Petrolatum is the most occlusive/moisturizing skincare ingredient available. Apply to damp (with water, not saliva) lips for best results. I use Aquaphor for various things, and I keep little travel tubes, larger tubes, and a big jar of it at home. 

If you’re skin-sensitive to lanolin: it’s in Aquaphor, so you’ll want to use a different petrolatum-based balm like Vaseline, any other petroleum jelly, CeraVe Healing Ointment, etc. 


During my PM skincare routine, I apply Glossier Bubblewrap to damp bare lips and then top it with Aquaphor. I use Bubblewrap only as a hydrating antioxidant lip serum; I don’t use it anywhere else on my face. It’s not moisturizing enough to use solo as a lip balm, but it works for me as a serum to help keep my lips healthy. 

I exfoliate my lips less frequently than other folks: just once or twice a month. Lips have the thinnest skin on the face. Scrubbing that skin too frequently can damage it and increase dryness, just like over-exfoliating any other skin on the face. I use either a terrycloth textured bamboo round or a sugar lip scrub for this. 


Also: that “tingling” sensation isn’t necessarily a good thing. It could be your skin telling you the product is irritating. 

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

@WinglessOne side note, sorry for the grammar, it was a lengthy one haha 🤣

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

@WinglessOne hi, can I disagree with you for a moment? I like your posts and your explanations of things, you sound very knowledgeable about skincare/ingredients, that's why I would like to have an opinion from you. For what I learned and know, petrolatum is not the best for your skin. It's an occlusive, so it creates a barrier and the skin doesn't loose water from dehydratation (air/humidity) it's good to use when you are outside and maybe the sun is very hot, or is a windy day and you need protection. This type of ointment (like petroleum jelly) are used also on small cuts and bruises for the same reason, create a barrier and prevent water from leaving the skin. But I find myself to have drier skin when I use them constantly. I like my lip balms to have a component of petrolatum, but the main ingredients need to be natural. Shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax are perfect for your skin (stay away from mint, as it can be very irritating) because these ingredients actually sinks into the skin and help it to heal, and can nourish it. So for me, the best formula needs to have both these ingredients, petrolatum and natural ones. Also, I know it's important, but I hate spf in a lip balm. I swear it changes the smell of it, and it dries my lips out aswell.


This is just my personal opinion and experience with more than 100 lip balms owned in my life. If you like plain aquaphor, I'm fine with it, just wanted to share my point of view. Thanks 💗

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

Hi @Skunk12puzzola ! No worries, one of several good things about BIC is being able to politely discuss things like this. 🙂 


Petrolatum is a natural ingredient. It goes through a lot of refinement before it's used in topical skin products, but it has a natural source. I personally don't care about natural vs. unnatural/"chemical" ingredients (all ingredients are made of chemicals; honey is a chemical product; bees are fuzzy little chemists) because one is not better than the other for every person. But I just wanted to point out that petrolatum's among the most natural ingredients out there. 


Though not 100% occlusive, petrolatum is more occlusive than shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients. That's good for folks with dry/dehydrated skin regardless of weather or season. Petrolatum helps prevent water loss from skin, which is what all moisturizers should do. Petrolatum's just exceptionally good at it. However, if you apply petrolatum to dried down skin, you'll probably seal in dryness instead of hydration. One reason my lips (or other skin areas) don't dry out when I use Aquaphor or another petrolatum-based balm is that I make sure my skin's damp (with water, not saliva) before I apply the balm. Even if "damp" means I dab a little coffee (that's not piping hot) from my on-the-go cup onto my lips—if I don't have a water bottle on me—that works, too. (I miiiiight drink too much coffee during the day... don't tell my doctor. 🤣


Shea butter is never moisturizing enough for me on its own, even when applied to damp skin. It's just not occlusive enough for me. My skin's very "meh" about shea butter unless there are several other good moisturizing ingredients in the mix. It's a good moisturizing ingredient for some folks; I'm just not one of them. Beeswax is also not moisturizing enough for me on its own. Shea butter + beeswax is in one of my non-petrolatum tubes of lip balm and I have to reapply that balm at least once every 2 hours (I timed it out of frustration) to get the same moisturization as Aquaphor gives me. For reference, that balm is Avene Cold Cream Nutrition Nourishing Lip Balm. Here are its ingredients: 


Fragrance at the tail end of the INCI list could be anything; I don't smell anything when I sniff the balm, and it never irritates my lips. But with all those good emollients and moisturizers, you'd think this Avene balm would be fantastic. And maybe it is, for some folks. But nope, my lips demand petrolatum. 

I've used who knows how many different lip balms in my 50 years of life. None of them have worked better for me than Aquaphor. Even when I use an SPF balm, I apply it over Aquaphor. 

Shea butter's nice because it contains antioxidants. Petrolatum on its own doesn't; it's just a highly effective moisture barrier. Aquaphor Ointment also contains panthenol and a bit of anti-inflammatory bisabolol. CeraVe Healing Ointment contains a bunch of extra good stuff: several ceramides, cholesterol, vitamin E, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid. I prefer Aquaphor as a lip balm, but sometimes I use the CeraVe balm on other parts of my face. But plain ol' Vaseline is also very helpful and nourishing for dry/dehydrated skin, even without all the extra goodies, because it prevents water loss. 


Oh, and about SPF lip balms: the only one I like is Vanicream Lip Protectant/Sunscreen. It doesn't have that gross sunscreen taste of many other SPF balms. Its UV blockers are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Since it's a mineral sunscreen balm, it can leave a slight white cast on lips; sometimes that cast goes away, and usually I wear lipstick over it anyway. 

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

@WinglessOne wow, can I just say wow?? your knowledge about ingredients and lip balms....can I adopt you and you will be my skincare teacher forever?? 🥺 thank you for your explanation, very informative. You just taught me something: apply petrolatum based products on damp skin, like water....didn't know about that AT ALL.....maybe I should try your method and then see if my lips feel dry like before or not. My lips are never sooo dry, so for me beeswax, coconut/almond oil or shea butter are my go to. But I agree, if you have severly dry skin, probably an occlusive it's the best for you. Also, agreed on the spf thing, some lip balms taste so gross when they have that in it, don't know why but, when I read on the label "spf", I immediately put the lip balm down, because I know I can't stand the smell. Thank you for your kindness, your time and just the fact that you didn't got upset at someone with a different perspective....but I knew you were not that type, I read here and there that you are always ready to explain things to people 💗 Also: I will not tell your doctor about your partner (coffee) as I drink like 2 liters of black tea per day haha. Caffeine fueled people

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

Yes, they are, but only the good ones with good ingredients. I enjoy the plant-based varieties over lab created types because they work to restore and repair lips without drying them out. Some lab-created brands make good ones though. What I like about lip masks is the fact they mimic and deliver intense moisture that is effective and efficient. They prevent dryness, correct chapness, and promote hydration. Some of my favorite lip masks include:


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (my favorite) 

Kiehl’s Buttermask For Lips

Sara Happ The Dream Slip Overnight Mask

StriVectin Hyaluronic Omega Moisture Lip Mask

Fresh Sugar Recovery Advanced Therapy Lip Mask

Sephora Collection Lip Sleeping Mask


love to use a lip scrub followed by a lip mask and serum because this routine alone works to lock in moisture long-term. I love the way a lip mask makes my lips look and feel. They are an incredible addition to anyones skincare regimen and I highly recommend them.

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

@ItzJaqui Hi, lip masks are worth the hype. I have used a few in the past, and my favorite way of using them is at night time, like putting on a nice thick layer. Here's a few I have tried:


LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C Vanilla Kiehl's Since 1851 Buttermask Intense Repair Lip Treatment 


Also keys soulcare comforting balm, and Kylie Jenner rose lip mask are worth a try 😊

Re: Are “Lip Masks” worth the hype?

@ItzJaqui I use lip mask as lip balm all the time since my lips get really dry and can crack.  I also exfoliate my lips at least once a week.  It also helps to drink a ton of water to keep your body hydrated.


Here are some I love:

Aquaphor or Vaseline

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C 

PATRICK TA Major Glow Softening Lip Masque She's Juicy 

Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask 

Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy 

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