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Target beauty deals

Granted, while a mega retailer in general, Target is certainly Sephora’s (and Ulta’s) little baby sister when it comes to beauty. Still, they do try, often offering unique brands and/or attractive discounts on brands we already know and love – and therefore they do deserve a little discussion in this all-inclusive beauty community. So let’s discuss!


As always, please remember the usual rules: outside links are not allowed. Instead, we can include product identifiers at the end of urls, which usually look like “A-12345678”.


Post your Target beauty deals – and happy shopping! And share your hauls, if you feel so inspired.


P.S. I personally seem to recall brands like Laneige and Skinfix, which made their first appearance at Target before eventually repackaging and switching over to major players like Sephora. Do you have any such recollections? Please do share.

Re: Target beauty deals

Target circle: 25% off Kristin Ess hair accessories; 40% off Neostrata (in store, order pick up or same day delivery is how I interpret this one); 20% off Bioderma Sensibio micellar water.

Re: Target beauty deals

Target circle: 20% off women's clothing,  jewelry and accessories 

Re: Target beauty deals

Jewelry,  handbags and accessories 20% off.  Excludes sunglasses.

Re: Target beauty deals

@civ2ru Just putting feelers out if anyone can tag me when Target has a sale that includes hair accessories.  My store got some new headbands in, and I'd like to buy several but just can't bring myself to pay full price.  Last time it was lumped in with a sale on clothing, shoes and accessories.  


Tagging @SportyGirly125 b/c I know you like hair accessories.


I will tag you two if I find out anything in the future.  Thanks!

Re: Target beauty deals

Target has 30% off many hair accessories now!

Re: Target beauty deals

@greeneyedgirl107 I have a red card so I save 5 % but they also had a 10% deal last week.  I'll let you know if I see any deals since I go to the store at least once a week.

Re: Target beauty deals

@SportyGirly125 THANKS!  I appreciate that ❤️

Re: Target beauty deals

@greeneyedgirl107 @If you have Target circle they have sales on the hair accessories. Remember to activate it before checkout. 



Re: Target beauty deals

@SportyGirly125 I do, but I've only used the app once.  Thanks for the heads-up!!!  I need to follow through with this!

Re: Target beauty deals

Not exactly beauty-related, but Target Circle is having a 30% off clothing, shoes and accessories off through 8/20/22.  I picked up some hair accessories that I need to post on the hauls thread.

Re: Target beauty deals

Happy National Lipstick Day! 💄


Re: Target beauty deals

Check your Circle offers for 50% off select Ulta Beauty items through 8/12


Re: Target beauty deals

Monday 7/11 through Wednesday 7/13


Re: Target beauty deals

Happy Nail Polish Day! Stacks with this week’s B3G1 free.



Re: Target beauty deals

Finally something from Target! Stacks with this week’s $5 gift card with $25 suncare purchase offer.



Re: Target beauty deals

Today 4/23 and tomorrow 4/24, Circle offer



Re: Target beauty deals

@civ2ru Is there something specific I have to do to get this offer? I looked up my circle offers but vichy isn't in there. 😕

Re: Target beauty deals

@QueenMarceline Hmmm, might be a targeted Circle offer then… 😕

Re: Target beauty deals

Drybar fans? Through 4/9.


Re: Target beauty deals

Oh, this reminded me that Target Circle has this promotion!


Sadly, Drybar wasn't part of it but they do have 13165 others!  May be a good time to restock on a few items....




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