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Influenster Program Tips/thought

I was wondering for some candid thoughts about Influenster; I just joined today after seeing that so many reviews are free samples from them. Tips on getting the most samples? Should you focus on just 1-2 categories or go all out? Also, thoughts about connecting social media accounts? Iโ€™m hesitant as the app notes that they can post and comment on your behalf? 
Honestly, I just want free samplesโ€ฆ and to give the reviewsโ€ฆ hoping to eventually find products. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@Ecat79 Iโ€™m late to this thread but bumping in case anyone cares.  

my thoughts are just be honest about your interests and preferences.  I have a lot of preferences checked.  I get offers for food which I donโ€™t accept.  Iโ€™ve also received a lot of cosmetics this year.  For example: a dior serum, a shiseido eye cream, a box of products from well people products (tinted spf, serum, moisturizer, lip gloss, mascara), Charlotte tilbury liquid blush, it cosmetics shadow sticks, and lancome serum. I also received a Brita countertop filter.  

Iโ€™ll be honest, itโ€™s more stuff than I can actually review.  And not all of the stuff is a hit.  The well people tinted moisturizer is awful, for example. 

they donโ€™t post to your accounts. You have to make posts to your own accounts on their behalf.  

obviously, Iโ€™m doing it for the free samples, too, but itโ€™s also not subsidizing my shopping.  I think the best tip is you donโ€™t have to accept every campaign.  For example I accepted a Kleenex campaign once.  I had to post a box of Kleenex on my instagram feed.  ๐Ÿ™„. There are plenty of products Iโ€™ve received that I hated.  Like a Bobbi brown palette for example.  

I think itโ€™s best not to game the system and to just try to answer questions as genuinely as you can.  

donโ€™t expect to get la mer and dr. Barbara strum for example.  There are a lot of opportunities for drugstore cosmetics, too.  I donโ€™t accept them because I donโ€™t use them.  Every now and then Iโ€™ll try a drugstore item and Iโ€™m always disappointed. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@Ecat79 @I joined last year and it is a lot of work to try to get something for free. I got a lot of food items which they will reimburse you but you have to connect your PayPal. I donโ€™t do those. It took several months to get an item to review. I just got another one a week ago but now they require TikTok which I donโ€™t have or plan on getting. Honestly, I donโ€™t think itโ€™s worth it but you can always see how you like it. 

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought


Thank you!  Yes, it seems like it will not be worth it for me. I am always scared to link my socials and payment accounts... and am not that vested to devote hours for the samples. I will stick to my BI and instore samples.  Really appreciate the honesty!

Re: Influenster Program Tips/thought

@SportyGirly125 Great feedback. Thank you for being honest! I just joined last week, and it really is a lot of work. I don't have tiktok either. Thanks for saving me time!

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