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Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Sephora needs to carry the mini fragrance sample containers like the ones at Nordstrom.


I buy my fragrances only if I have a sample to test at home.

What smells lovely in the tester may change on me & doesn't work for me. 


Example: I love Paloma Picasso perfume. The way it smells in the tester & on others. However, when i wear it, after about an hour, the fragrance changes on me & it isn't for me. I've sniffed my wrists, sniffed the bottle, two different scents.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

They've got these at my two closet Sephora locations. 

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Again, I address the blatant discrepancies of Sephora stores in general.

ALL the Sephora stores should maintain one policy.


Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

I usually ask a Sephora SA for a sample, so that I can wear the fragrance for awhile before I purchase it. The sample is a decant into a mini plastic spray bottle (vial). I usually can get a few uses out of it.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

This is exactly why all Sephora stores should be provided with plastic vials. 

Not 'this or that' Sephora location.

I've asked SA's who look at me clueless & try to hand me some brand in a foil I have no interest.

Then, I seek out the on duty manager. Why do some Sephora stores not have a clue what a fragrance sample take home vial is & tell me "Nordstrom has those!" What? Should they be telling me about a competitor?



Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

That's crazy! I thought Sephora sample vials were available at ALL Sephoras. Wow!

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

No kidding, you're turning me on to Nordstrom that's for sure. Smiley Happy Hopefully this is something that gets fixed for you, it sounds frustrating!

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