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Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Recently learned that my oily skin is really just dehydrated skin that produces oil to compensate. So I'm looking for hydrating products that are good for sensitive, acne-prone but oily skin. Not just moisturizers that sit on top of the skin but actually penetrates into the skin. Does anyone have such product recommendation? 

Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

gel moisturizers are light weight so they give us the hydration we need while not being a barrier for our skin to feel like it needs to produce oil to block it

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?



I have pretty oily skin myself and I suggest using a sleeping mask if you have not already tried one!

โค๏ธ Melissa

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

I highly reccommend the BECCA hydra mist powder. 

I have extremely oily skin and this setting powder helps control it so much. I truly think this could help alot of people trying to control their oily skin. BECCA never disappoints. I recieved this free from Influenster and it was a great experience!

Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

It's sounds like we have very similar skin! The two things that I think have done wonders in terms of hydration and controlling oiliness is applying essence and an oil. The best essence I have ever tried is the Supple Preparation Toner by Klairs. I buy it off if Amazon and it's pretty inexpensive! I use it after cleansing and pat in a couple layers. It's super light weight, so it doesn't cause any breakouts for me. For an oil, I apply the Botanics Nourishing Facial Oil before bed (on TOP of my moisturizer). I thought it was counter-intuitive at first, adding oil to oil, but it works soooo well at lessening my oil production!!! it also sounds like everyone here also as good advice, so I hope you find something that works for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Thank you so much! I was using an essence but it's not that hydrating so I'm going to check out the Klairs one.

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

I have combo skin but more on the oily side. I didnโ€™t used to use moisturizer because as you probably know, it made my skin crazy oily! I finally found Clinique Moisture Surge and the dry parts of my skin are no longer dry, but best of all, not only does my face not get greasy AT ALL through the day, but it has gotten less oily period. I use a โ€œheavierโ€ moisturizer at night. 

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Missha's Time Revolution Essence saved my dehydrated skin. My HG moisturizer is Martina Gebhardt's Salvia face lotion. If my skin is feeling in need of an extra boost, I mix in a drop of rosehip oil.

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Drinking water to make your skin more hydrated is just a myth. 


Here is what I use currently when my skin is really dehydrated


1) Cleanse. I have a rotating cast of cleansers depending on how dirty/oily my skin is. 


2) Try to get my skin to soak up as much water as I can. Spray with the clinique moisture surge face spray. Top with an HA serum. Let it soak in. Spray with evian thermal water (although plain old distilled water would work just as well, but the can gives a really really nice fine mist). Let is soak in. Repeat until I feel like my skin is hydrated and plumped up. 


3) Lock in it. At night I actually apply a really rich moisturizer like the Drunk Elephant LaLa Retro cream. Seems crazy but it really locks in the moisture while you sleep. For day some combination of sunscreen/primer/foundation.

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

so remember,  there is a difference between "dry skin" and "dehydrated skin" that produce oil to aid in moisturizing the skin. Which some clients have previously mentioned. However,  water (plain old water not Gatorade or other sugary drinks. That's a different story for the body) is number one on the list to rehydrate your skin. Your entire body inside and out. Chance are that if your face is dehydrated then your entire body is as well.  In conjunction with serums and moisturizers you should be well on your way at controlling your dehydrated oily skin

RE: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

My sister has similar skin and one of the best things she did was to stop stripping her skin of the oil. I had to really convince her that using a cleanser that was so stripping was actually making the problem worse. She switched to the fresh soy face cleanser that I use and it has cleared up her skin tremendously. It really cleans without removing your natural oils. Also, I would suggest, if you have the ability, to stop by your local Sephora and speak with their skin care specialists. I ended up having an entire skincare routine out together for me and my skin has never been better.

Re: RE: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Thank you so much!! I had no idea Sephora had skincare consultants. I'll check out that cleanser

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Light hydrating layers followed by a good moisturizer will help. Do you have a current skincare routine, @ShoilyF?

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Current routine is very basic: Cleanser (CeraVe)--> Toner (Kate Somerville)--> Moisturizer (Clinique moisture surge)

Thank you for the tip! I'll try to find some serum  and maybe essences that I can layer under

Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Hi! The first step is to start drinking more water. I had oily skin. Then I began using Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil in the morning and at night. The oil changed my skin from oily to normal in one day. Also, the oil clears pimples from your face faster and reduces flare ups.

Re: Products for DEHYDRATED oily sensitive skin?

Thank you for the tips! I'll check the oil out.

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