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Oily skin

Help!! I have oily skin and I have bumps on my chin and I'll get huge breakouts at least once a week! I've tried clinique, murad, and clarins! Nothing works and I even eat right and change my pillow cases everynight and wash my face religiously!! I recently got the Mia 2 and I use that every morning and night with my clinique products but I've been using it for 3 weeks and it barely has made a diffrence. Any suggestions?

Re: Oily skin

I have found that a mix of cutting out dairy, double cleansing and using a spot treatment has really helped me get pimples less often, as for the oily skin I think the only thing u can do is to moisturize (very important) and if u want ur makeup to last try a mattifying primer (I use the Becca ever matte primer)

Re: Oily skin

I would say then it must be a hormonal breakout the best bet is to see a dermatologist that way a skilled professional can tell you what your next move should be wishing you luck .

RE: Oily skin

I'm not an expert-only sharing my experience-but I have found the fewer products I use, the better my oils behave. So For a Matte finish, I'll use no primer and a water-based foundation. For a more glowy finish, I still do not use a primer but have enjoyed the L'Oréal Pro Glow. It's "old" in terms of trends, but I've found a light layer of this foundation and little Fit Me translucent powder dusting on top actually looks great during the day AND my skin looks great after taking it off too.

RE: Oily skin

I started using this L'Oréal face moisturizer that has helped me stay not too oily through out the day, whether I use my makeup or not! It's usually for $20 at the store, but if it's on sale it's usually around $13!

dont waste time and go to a dermatologist trust me it wil...

dont waste time and go to a dermatologist trust me it will help

What have tried to fix it?

What have tried to fix it?

Re: Oily skin

i get break outs but i find using first aid beauty really helped my skin i also have oily skin and i find it helps with oil controle 

Re: Oily skin


-wash with neutrogena gently foaming cleanser 

-witch hazel rose water toner

-onexton (prescription) for spot treatment if needed. 

-Clinique moisturizing gel

-La Roche Posay dry touch suncreen spf60



-l'occitane immortelle make up removal 

-clarisonic + neutrogena gently foaming cleanser 

-witch hazel rose water toner 

-tretinoin cream (prescription) or differin (over the counter). Sun sensitive! ☝🏼 Apply 20 min after washing your face 

-Clinique moisturizing gel 




Re: Oily skin

Plenty of wonderful suggestions below!


I have tried many many top brands for my oily, acne prone skin, also sensitive and reactive to some products...


I have to say that Peter Thomas Roth has reaaaallllyy impressed me. I used to be scared of using oils given my oily skin but they actually help!! (at night of course) ... oils help oil 


A few products I recommend trying: PTR acne products! Especially the retinol serum and the AHA/BHA clearing gel! ... also Tarte Maracuja oil ... use these things at night and then when you wake up ... it's like wow. 


I would recommend *not* using a clarisonic or other cleansing/exfoliating device twice a day as it will strip your natural barrier and then your skin will over compensate ... and as so - ensure you use moisturizing products during the day and over any acne treatment products you use at night so that you do not over dry your skin. 


I use the Dior one essential serum under everything! it is amazing!


Of course these products are pricey and it sucks for us sufferers .... but if they work, they work. And you can't put a price on waking up and feeling good about your skin!

Re: Oily skin

I have the tarte Maracuja Oil but only ever used it to thin out my foundation. I also have very sensitive skin, and I'm not sure if my breakouts are acne or reaction to ingredients. It happens more and worse when I wear a full face of makeup. I will definitely be trying your suggestion of wearing the Maracuja Oil at night!

Re: Oily skin

I got a sample of this forever ago and I suffer from oily skin too. I guess I’ll try it too. Do I just put it in my ands and put it on my face ? 

Re: Oily skin

@Bradbe You can just put a couple drops of oil onto your hands and then pat them on your face, but I find it helps to add them to your moisturizer and then mix those two things in your hands and apply. 

Re: Oily skin

If you are using it to thin out your foundation then maybe you want to try a more sheer coverage one instead? this will be lighter on the skin ... Laura Mercier I find nice for sensitive skin. Or try Bare Minerals. But given your findings with breaking out with full face of makeup- I think you should switch foundations and start there see what happens


I am no chemist - but the properties in the makeup you're using could be reacting to the Tarte oil when mixed together??? I have no idea and I actually doubt it given its natural ingredients ..but you never know... 


But yes - I highly recommend using the oil at night before bed - when you wake up you will be amazed at the difference you can see and feel in your skin 🙂 It literally does what it says in the description on Sephora website. 


Good luck! 

Re: Oily skin

I tend to breakout along my chin as well, I use differin, it's not available at Sephora so I'm not sure if telling you is against the rules buttttt it's the first over the counter retinol or something. Works like a charm. You can get it at any drug store. I use the ole herickson face wash for oily skin (comes in a green tube) and origins checks and balances face wash. All those things combine keep my skin pretty tame except for when I get hormonal breakouts but even those seem to have calmed down. Also, find a toner that you like, I feel like that makes a big difference as well

Re: Oily skin

So I have pretty oily skin too, and I LOVE the Fresh Soy cleanser.  It's drastically changed how much oil accumulates on my face and I love how it works for my sensitive skin.  I would buy a trial size and see how you like it.  

hi i have extremely oily skin and i get realy bad  breako...

hi i have extremely oily skin and i get realy bad  breakouts too expecially after eating like fast food that contains loads of oil i had been searching for ages for somfin that could help me with my oily skin and blemishes but none have yet worked until i used this doctor prescribed cream called differin which is for skin with acne though i dont have acne i just get a few pimples i tried it in 1 day it clears the spot up and i was just amazed i really didnt believe it and then i went on for about 4 days and its just a miracle i havent had a single pimple, the only downfall is i dont wear this cream wen i go out coz the textures a bit weird and it gives a shine & wen u touch ur skin it feels quite sticky i just wear it wen im at home i hope this would help u 

Re: hi i have extremely oily skin and i get realy bad breako...

Oh my goodness I use the same differin cream everyday! I have found it helps my acne, but doesn't do much for my oil. Do you find it makes a difference in your oil production?

Hi, JGmakeup!   I have to agree with Irina56.  I also hav...

Hi, JGmakeup!


I have to agree with Irina56.  I also have oily skin even at 40-something that's prone to hormonal breakouts.  I use the Clarisonic Mia also, but I only use it at night.  I tried using it twice a day but found that I was over-cleansing my skin.  Plus when you first start using the Clarisonic, your skin will go through what is called a "purging period" where all the built-up oils and other gunk are being brought to the surface.  However, at some point your skin will start to look revitalized and your breakouts will be minimized.  


By cleaning my skin at night, I not only remove that day's grime off my face but also all traces of makeup and oils.  Once my skin has been cleansed, my serum and moisturizer can do the work that they're supposed to.  I also find that my skin has a chance to heal and calm itself while I am sleeping.  When I wake up in the morning, I'm amazed at how clear, healthy and glowing my skin looks.


I also used Clinique products for years.  However as I got older, I discovered that the Clarifying Lotions for Types 3 and 4 skin were way too harsh because of the alcohol.  Initially it seems to work but my skin ended up producing even more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture.  If you still wish to use Clinique, the product line has a Mild Clarifying Lotion that contains no alcohol or witch hazel.  It makes a world of difference even if your skin is oily.  Clinique also has facial cleansers and makeup removers that are quite gentle.  


I ended up switching to the Caudalie skincare line because the products are more gentle to my skin and are quite effective.  I especially love the Instant Foaming Cleanser, which is soap free, as well as the Cleansing Water and Toning Lotion, which is alcohol free.  Make sure that whatever moisturizer you use is oil free and leaves your skin balanced.  I like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and the Moisture Surge facial spray is great.


Boscia also has a really great skincare line for oily skin and comes highly recommended.  Be sure to check out that line's oil-blotting linens, which I carry in my purse.


I hope this helps!


Re: Hi, JGmakeup! I have to agree with Irina56. I also hav...

Have you tried tee tree oil, witch hazel worked the best for me

Re: Hi, JGmakeup!   I have to agree with Irina56.  I also hav...

I agree
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