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How to find foundation shade

Hey there! 


I've been wanting to get into makeup (mostly as a creative outlet, but maybe drag in the future) and wanted to start off by doing some natural makeup practice. 


I'm still a bit self-conscious about going into stores, so if I were to order makeup online, has anyone found a tool that helps determine what colour of foundation/concealer would work for them? I have a general idea about eye shadow and lips, but I want to try and get the basics right for colouring. 



Re: How to find foundation shade

Choose one that suits your skin tone

Re: How to find foundation shade

The awesome thing about makeup brands now is they tend to be categorized into color shades and undertones which helps a lot. So you can guess whether you’re light, medium, or deep (or somewhere in between) from using comparison photos and then figuring out your undertone by looking at your cheeks or even your wrists.

when it comes to transitioning into drag makeup it will be a little trickier depending on what you’re doing in drag. If it’s just for fun then you can usually stick to your normal foundation. But if you want to preform or take pictures/make videos, then you’ll have to use more contrasted shades to bring out your features that will be washed out by harsh lighting. It will look good on camera but probably not in person. 

Re: How to find foundation shade

At first there was a lot of second guessing about how to shade match for me online @Melbenian , but if you have a shade that you know already works for you, the website findation dot com works great to compare your existing product to a new one.  I also find that the lighter the coverage the more room you have to play with a shade. If you don't have a shade to start from, I'd suggest ordering drugstore to start and doing a lot of online swatch comparisons.  You can often find drugstore foundations for less money and once you have a match, you could look into finding one of the higher end foundations that are the same tones.  Along those same lines, if you go into a drug store you can often see the bottles in person to make a more educated guess.  I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that going into a drug store may be easier for you than into a Sephora or Ulta where all that's sold is makeup? Whatever you end up doing, don't get discouraged.  Shade matching a foundation is one of the hardest parts of makeup for anyone.  

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