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Wedding Day Skin and Makeup

 Hello Gorgeous Makeup Mavens, I need help. I'm getting married on September 30 and will be doing my own makeup. I am pretty fair skinned with slight yellow undertones, brown eyes, and brown hair.  My skin is an annoying mess of flaky patches, oil slicks, and huge pores. My makeup generally seems to melt off my face, or settle into lines/pores. I'm getting married outside, so I just want to choose products that will stand up to the whole day. I have setting spray that tends to work well at keeping everything in place 🙂

I'm looking for a few recommendations: primer, foundation, lip color, and a good brush kit.  My color IQ is 1Y06.


For primer, I've tried several including Smashbox photo finish, but the texture of those does not work for me skin - it makes the flaky patches worse.


For foundation; I tried the Dior Airbrush one on a recommendation and hated it - it looked cakey and settled into every line.


For long wear lip color, I don't really love matte formulas - I like something a bit softer and more natural.  


I don't have ANY foundation/contouring brushes, so I'd like a decent set that won't break the bank.


And just for fun - your favorite skincare products for sensitive, combination skin with large pores?


Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Re: Wedding Day Skin and Makeup

Congrats on your wedding @leilani33 !

Do you live near a sephora? I really think the best course of action is going in and getting a makeover---I think you commit to spending $50 when you do that but it sounds like you will be buying some new stuff so that could be a really great chance to have everything tried out on you before your wedding and then you can replicate it the day of. 


I really recommend false eyelashes for the day of! My sister recently got married and it was really really hot that day---false lashes eliminate the risk of mascara running due to sweat or high emotions. We used the sephora brand ones and they were fairly good quality.


For skin care I think you really need to try stuff out now--you definitely do not want to add anything new to your routine less than 2 weeks before in case you have a bad reaction. 


For pore issues I really recommend the boscia charcoal pore pudding mask. I got it in my sephora play box recently and I cannot beleive the difference it made on my pore size--results were basically immediate. It also sounds like maybe you need a good exfoliating wash. Also the sephora brand has some excellent sheet masks--that's a great way to help your skin out and it only takes a little while to use when you are super busy!


I think you should look into the hourglass  mineral primer---it is excellant quality and the mini size which will be more than enough for multiple uses is only $22. It is really smoothing and blurring and the texture is very different from the smashbox one since you already said that does not work for you.


I am not sure what foundation to reccomend---my go to for looking flawless is the hourglass foundation stick which is amazing and lasts all day but that has a tendency to cling to dry patches so if your skin is really flakey right now that sounds like it might not be for you. How do you apply your foundation? My experience has been certain foundations tend to get way more cakey when applied one way so if you are only using a  brush or only using a sponge maybe try both ways to see which looks best. 


Re: Wedding Day Skin and Makeup

Thanks for all the recommendations - I got the Boscia mask in my Play box but haven't used it much yet, so I will definitely start!

Re: Wedding Day Skin and Makeup

I'd suggest in the weeks leading up, skincare, skincare, skincare! Pamper your skin to help rebalance everything and take care of the dry patches, and your makeup with have a much smoother base for everything to stick to! I'm not sure what your current routine is, but based on your brief description, I'd recommend some gentle acid exfoliation for the dry patches and balance, maybe a BHA for the pores, and of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Neogen Bio-Peel Lemon Gauze pads are phenomonal, if you'd like something a bit stronger, you can't go wrong with DDG Alpha Beta Pads (my personal HG but a little pricey), or OH Invigorating Night Treatment for a serum based acid (also a HG).


More skincare:


For your wedding day, layers are your friend, this goes for face, eye, and lips 🙂 It might be dicey to try all new products on your big day, you might be able to make your current favorite products work but just with some tweaks to application. You want to prep your skin so it's moisturized and smooth before priming. After priming, some people swear by a light, VERY LIGHT, layer of powder before foundation. Whether or not you do this, when applying foundation, do it in a couple of thin layers, this will enhance the longevity. If you're using a blush, now is the time to dab on some cream blush as a a bit of base backing to powder blushes layer. Same with highlight and contour if you're into that as well. After your "liquids", powder again lightly to set in your oiliest areas, then powder blush/bronzer/highlight if you're using. I personally would then lightly set with a giant fluffy brush or setting spray. During the day, a light redusting with finishing powder can refresh your makeup, esp if you're oily. Use a light hand and better to apply in several thin layers rather than just being very heavy handed.


Lisa Eldrige is a fantastic pro makeup artists (a real one, none of your silly YT influencer "pros") and has a youtube channel that is an excellent resource for looks and technique. I'd highly recommend you check her out.


And of course, congratulations 🙂




Re: Wedding Day Skin and Makeup

For primer, I recommend Rimmel's stay matte primer. It keeps on my foundation all day long. I haven't found a foundation that works well for sensitive, combo skin with pores (which I have as well) but the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is pretty good. And as for lipstick, I personally haven't tried it, but Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick is known for long-wearing pigment and looking natural.


The Sephora brushes are considerably cheap and good quality, and they have a massive collection of different sets. A couple different sets you might like:

Re: Wedding Day Skin and Makeup

Thanks so much for the suggestions, I'll check those products out!

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