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I know some of us love anything Violette_fr creates so let’s discuss her line as it grows! These small lines will always have my heart. She’s such a talented makeup artist and love that she also included skincare and fragrance.  I have loved her past collabs and look forward to any newness in her well-edited line. Sounds like more Yeux Paint shades are coming soon and it’ll be great if she develops new lips, cheeks and more!  Share all your pics and thoughts! 💋 Photos from her Instagram. 



Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

@Sunnysmom I’ve never heard of this brand, but girllllll your photos make everything lust-worthy 😍 I already adore that lip shade you swatched!

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

@Guessgal @Sunnysmom same--I'm not familiar with the brand either but wow, those products looks gorgeous!

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

They do don’t they @CookieGirl1 . I’m excited to try the Boum-Boum Milk once I go through some of my other skincare things and to also try the eye paints tho they are challenging for me! Lol  Violette makes them look so fun to use. She’s for sure the very definition of “the cool French girl! “ 😊

Re: The VIOLETTE_FR Thread

You’re the best, thank you @Guessgal 🥰. Not sure if you recall her doing a little collaboration or 2 with E Lauder past few years but I guess she’s been working on her own collection for a bit and it just came out this past spring so it’s definitely newish. She always shows fun quick makeup ideas while sitting in Parisian cafes etc too! Let us know if you try anything, love to see it! 💞

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