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Post in Makeup Is Life

Prepping Your Skin

I really want to stress to people about the importance of prepping not only your face but your eye's as well before applying any makeup to your skin. If you don't wash your face before applying anything, the oils your skin will cause your makeup to crease and become messy. Will also cause major clogging in your pores, try to use a mask twice a week that works for your skin type to help prevent breakouts. Now the same goes if you don't put a primer on your face. The makeup will slide if a primer is not applied and it will crease, clogging your pores if you don't have a smooth canvas. Now we can't forget the eye prepping before applying shadows. Your skin on your face is different from your eye lids. Your eye lids are a lot more sensitive and smooth. You have to make sure your being very gentle with them. You can use the same primer you used for your face but I would suggest getting an eye primer since the formulas are made specifically for your eye lids. After doing that the shadows you're using, no matter how pigmented, should work very well. Priming your eyes and skin helps the colors your applying to your face stand out because they are not sitting on a bed of oils. So before writing a bad review on a eye shadow you just bought, or on a liquid foundation that you've never tried before. Just make sure you are not only cleaning your face regularly, but also priming your face as well. 

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