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Break the bank beauty $$

Just for fun 🙂 What's the most expensive makeup/beauty item you've ever bought? And why did you decide to shell out the big bucks for it?


Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Hmmmm, I am certain that once I post an answer i’m going to find something that was pricier, but I think makeupwise, it was the TooFaced (no so) Little Black Book of Bronzers.  All full sized.  I bought it when I first started going nuts with makeup purchases and thought it was a better value to buy ALL the bronzer varieties than to buy all the singles separately.  Do I use it?  Not really.  It’s soooo big and bulky it just sits around being a conversation piece.  

Skincarewise, it would have to be the Tria hair removal laser.   I’m sure it would have worked if I weren’t so lazy and if it didn’t take so long to go over the entirety of my legs with it’s one centimètre laser screen.  Meh.  It was a fun science experiment



Re: Break the bank beauty $$

My Clairsonic Mia for sure! $240CDN!

Makeup wise though? 
Probably my custom MAC 12 Shadow pallet. I built that one over a year though. 

My Huda Beauty Desert Dusk is my most recent splurge. $95CDN
Still haven't used it though! Eeeeep...

RE: Re: Break the bank beauty $$

@LadyDanger88 I honestly had no idea how big a mark up skincare and makeup is in Canada!

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Vintner's Daughter ($185) and Molton Brown Advent Calendar ($250), which is technically not just one item I guess.

Luckily for me, I am not attracted to ND or PmG color combinations, and palettes that have more than 12 shades give me anxiety, but I can easily spend $45 on a single shadow or $85 on a quad. 

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

I built a custom 15-pan eyeshadow palette this summer. I got a few gift cards for my birthday and bought some Makeup Geek, MAC and ABH single pan eyeshadows to create my perfect palette. It wasn't cheap - but I LOVE it and it's one of a kind. 


Second most expensive was my Foreo - absolutely worth it. 

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

@bd613  That's fantastic! I was thinking of doing something similar this year... what palette base did you use?

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

If you are only using MAC shadows the MAC palette is great (especially its price) but the polarity is opposite to all other brands meaning that a Stilla or Makeup Geek shadow doesn't stick. I ended up returning my MAC palette as half of mine had magnets stuck to the back which meant they no longer worked in a MAC palette! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

I bough the MAC pro palette large ($10 Canadian) with the 15 pan insert which was $4. Worked well for me so far!

The most expensive product I bought was the tart holiday...

The most expensive product I bought was the tart holiday lip paints and glosses. They just looked so pretty. Thats why I got them. lol

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Electronics: Clarisonic

Makeup: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

Skincare: PTR Eye Cream, DE C-Firma and Kate Somerville Quench Oil Free Serum

Hair: Briogeo Charcoal Shampoo


RE: Break the bank beauty $$

My Clarisonic and the KVD Lip Liner Obsession Collection! Both worth it. 💜IG:

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Most expensive set I bought (and didn't return) was a UD brush set. Most expensive single item I have bought was the KVD Metal Matte palette.

RE: Break the bank beauty $$

I just got back into makeup and from November to December last year became a Rouge in about 1.5 months 😂. What can I say? I had to restock an entire collection.

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

I had a moment of weakness over the holidays and and went full Perricone: the Neuropeptide facial Conformer, H2 Elemental Energy Cloud Cream, and Cold Plasma Eye cream. I did NOT pay full price here on Sephora, but it was still very expensive for me personally! By far the priciest items I have splurged on. I’m just so into skincare at the moment I couldn’t resist 😑😑😑

RE: Break the bank beauty $$

Drunk elephant set. I got the Little’s set, come c me set, and the the holiday set. I’m a skincare junkie.

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

My Clarisonic. It has absolutely been worth it though. It’s gentle enough that my very reactive skin doesn’t fuss and yet it removes everything. And now that there’s a foundation brush it’s even better! 

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

For me it was the Power Couple set

by Sunday Riley $110cdn. I’ve really been needing help with my texture, acne scaring and fine lines and so far I’m really happy with the products, though I’d like to find a replacement for Luna because I don’t love that it contains colouring (green and purple dye) and I can’t find out how much Retinol it contains. 

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Check out Jordan Samuel Etoile oil with retinol. I haven't tried it personally, but heard great things. It's much more affordable too.

PTR Night Fusion is what I switched to for the same reaso...

PTR Night Fusion is what I switched to for the same reason. It doesn't have the oil aspect in it, just retinol.
Anonymous Insider

Re: Break the bank beauty $$

Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Luminous Base. 


I've bought it twice now. I went through two deluxe samples and probably six foils before I admitted to myself that I was willing to spend the money on it. I'm so glad I have. I love the product and the packaging. 

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