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Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

Hey everyone!

I’m thinking of trying a tinted lip balm. Before I grab one, I wanted to know if I would need to use a primer or liner to keep it from bleeding out along my lip lines or if it just sits nicely on top? If it depends on the brand, please let me know what brands to check out. My lips tend to be dry. And I’m perfectly fine with drugstore brands. TIA!


Edit to add specifics: Semi- to full-opacity, nude-ish/MLBB shades, prefer a bullet/stick I can keep near by and easily reapply when needed.

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

Just purchased the Dior lip glow lip balm. It's beautiful.   Sheer as you're looking for, to the point that I purchased it in Cherry just to get the amount of tint I was looking for. 

Looks super juicy and not sticky. Lasted a while on, so reapplying is less often. Which for price point is good.  

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

Thank you for the suggestion @BiancABomBSheLL. I’ll check it out! 😊

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

Hey @JoSometimes ! How pigmented a balm do you want: a very sheer barely-there wash of color, a demi-sheer (like 2-3 coats of a jelly nail polish), or full opacity? 

As with any type of lipstick, whether or not I need a liner depends on not just the brand but the specific lipstick I’m using. One of my chronic bleeders is an Urban Decay satin bullet, but it’s the only UD bullet in my hoard that needs liner &/or primer to make it behave. I can’t think of a tinted balm I own that bleeds or feathers. 

Oh, and are you looking for bullet balms, or are you okay with liquids? You might like  tinted lip oil. I’m still not much into lip oils (to me, they’re still an unnecessary hybrid of balm and gloss), but Ami Cole is slowly warming me up to them. 

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

@WinglessOne I appreciate you using nail polish to give me a point of reference! 😁


I have something I like for a barely-there wash if colour. I’m leaning more to a demi-sheer but also not opposed to full opacity. Shade-wise, I’m after something that’s nude-ish/MLBB.


I’ve actually never tried a lip oil. It’s been recommended a few times but I haven’t looked into it. I was thinking more of a bullet type that I can stash in my pocket/bag/car and reapply while I’m on the go. Something to use while in guy mode too. 

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

@JoSometimes   So, as I looked through my lipstick hoard for a good recommendation, I realized most of my tinted balms are near opaque and/or above $35 USD. 🤦‍♀️ My favorites are PAT McGRATH LABS Lip Fetish Sheer Colour Balm and PAT McGRATH LABS Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shinewhich Sephora US no longer has in stock. Though they’re called “sheer,” most shades are quite pigmented on my lips, and one is an exact match to my bottom lip color. And I don’t need to wear Aquaphor Ointment under them, though I sometimes do out of habit. The Divinyls are moderately shiny and come in 2 finishes: regular and “Astral.” The astrals are truly sheer with sparkly bits and, for me, not as comfy to wear without an Aquaphor base. 

I wish the brand Lipstick Queen was still around. Most of their lipsticks felt like super comfy balms and weren’t very pricey. Sigh… Lemme think more on this and see if I can find more options that aren’t in the Pat McGrath/Gucci/Guerlain price range. I’m also trying to keep Canadian shipping in mind. And you know what, I don’t have any MAC balms… how’d that happen? 😂 I’m not sure how pigmented MAC Cosmetics Glow Play Lip Balm really is, but now I’m curious enough to pick one up and see for myself. Might also browse NYX for balms, though their lip products are hit or miss. 

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

@WinglessOne Looks like we both have some shopping ahead of us. 😅


(Sorry if you were trying to avoid buying anything… 🥹)

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

@JoSometimes  Heh, no worries. If there’s just one beauty-related thing to know about me, it’s that I’m a longtime lipstick addict/hoarder who’s often in Try All of the Things mode. I mean, how can I know if a lipstick formula’s worth recommending if I don’t try it myself first? 🙃 Next time I’m at one of my local Ultas, I’ll grab a MAC balm—unless I find one at TJMaxx or Marshalls first. For science! 

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

@WinglessOne That totally makes sense! I’m definitely down to try things for the purpose of science! I’m already plotting out a haul around mid-September. If you do pick up a tinted lip balm before then, I’d love to hear about it!

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

For a reasonable price you may want to consider #SEPHORA COLLECTION Vegan Hydrating Lip Balm 2 Rose @JoSometimes. I have been wearing lip oils lately. 

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

Thanks for the suggestion @Loretta55! I’d love to check the shades before buying but they’re OOS here… The price is great though!

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

I bought NYX Fat Oil Drip Vegan Lip Oil @JoSometimes @and to be honest I prefer it to my Dior Lip Oils. I purchased the shade Supermodel. Clarins also offers a nice selection of lip oils.

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

@JoSometimes @I never use primer for my tinted lip balms.  I only use a lipliner if I want it to appear like a lipgloss. 

Re: Tinted Lip Balm Recommendations

Thanks @SportyGirly125. Do you have any recommendations for ones to check out? I’m open to suggestions. 

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