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Please Respond

I have a "spider vein" or "blood clot" on my lip that pokes out my skin a tad bit. I've tried pigmented matte lip sticks and glosses to cover it, and its still noticeable. any suggestions on other products to use?

Re: Please Respond

Is this something that just recently popped up or have you had it for a long time?

Re: Please Respond

Its been here for about 5 years Smiley Sad

Re: Please Respond

Hmm I really wish I had some suggestions for this but I don't think I do Smiley SadSorry girl, wish I could help!

Re: Please Respond

Thanks anyway for trying Smiley Happy

Re: Please Respond

You could start with ice packs for 15 minutes at a time several times daily, then maybe consult a plastic surgeon who might be able to do a steroid injection to shrink it.  Be careful!

Re: Please Respond

I've tried that years ago when I first noticed it. And I've been to the dermatologist and had laser surgery but there was no real change. 

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