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Lip Allergies!

Hey everyone!


I have always been sensitive to certain skin/face products, however it has never been this bad. 


I would say about 75% of lip products that I use cause me to break out in a rash around my lips and cause them to blister. So far the known products that cause a rash are MAC lipsticks, Kylie lip kits, and certain lip balms (like the EOS ones). 


The ones that I know I am NOT allergic to are Kat von D, and BITE beauty. 


I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or knows what I can be allergic to here. Thanks! 

Re: Lip Allergies!



I had a similar very serious reaction on my lips. I, too, used to be able to wear bite beauty (before they changed the formula)… you know why? Dermatitis caused by vitamin E (tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, etc.). A LOT of lip products have different forms of vitamin E in them and some people are sensitive to this.


try looking for products that don’t have these ingredients in them.


I can usually use products on other parts of my body, topically, without much issue but the lips… no.


Good luck out there!

RE: Lip Allergies!

My mother is that way to. Bite Beauty, Sephora Collection, and the Tarte Rainforest is the Sea line are the only things she can use.

RE: Lip Allergies!

Watch our for things you cant tolerate in your diet too. Avocado. Wheat. Soy. They kick my butt. And chemical sunscreen.

Re: Lip Allergies!

I am having the same problem! It started with BITE agave lip mask, which I discovered contains lanolin, a common allergen. A Laura Mercier lipgloss that I loved also had lanolin, and I can't wear that anymore. either.


The problem now is that I'm reacting to lip products WITHOUT lanolin, too!


So far, Chanel, Tarte, and even this natural brand (I'm forgetting the name) are on my "no" list. 


I'm going to give Kat Von D a try. Good luck, and thanks for starting this post. Good to know I"m not alone!

Re: Lip Allergies!

Agree with lylysa - there are so many ingredients in lip products, it could be one or a combination of ingredients that are making your lips (and sounds like the skin around your mouth) sensitive. So checking with an allergist may help you narrow it down. 


There are some ingredients known to cause sensitivities, A lot of lip products have plant oils and extracts and while these are touted as "natural", they can actually cause irritation for some of us.  For example, I can't use anything on my lips with peppermint (or any other mint often used as a flavoring or to make lips plumper), cinnamon, citrus, and chamomile.  While chamomile is supposed to be calming, for those who have ragweed or fall "hay fever" allergies it can cause a reaction depending on how much is in the product.  Also check for bismuth oxychloride.  I can't get near this stuff in any product and it took me 20 years to figure it out. As the other poster said, each lip color can have different ingredients, so you have to actually check the exact container and even tried/true products get reformulated. Good luck on you quest - as also one who is sensitive to so many things, I know how frustrating and painful it can be!

Re: Lip Allergies!

Thank you for the thorough reply! I will definitely make an appointment with my GP to get an allergy test. I did not know that the natural ingredients like chamomile could cause issues!! I appreciate your advice! 

Re: Lip Allergies!

I have the exact same problem as you, and it has gotten worse recently. I can't even use Bite products. I'm down to very few brands that are okay. It makes me wonder if cosmetics companies are using some new preservative or something? It stinks though!

RE: Re: Lip Allergies!

Oh and read up on all the -cones. Dimethicone etc. they make stuff “go on smooth” but its a barrier trapping your moisture. Sounds good but can make skin off balance and encourage bacteria under it.

RE: Re: Lip Allergies!

Yes!!! Soy lethicin is showing up in nearly everything from food to makeup. Wheat too. Soy farmers are subsidized. If manufactures use soy they can say plant based ingredients not animals. Which really sounds good but may not be good for us w allergies.

Re: Lip Allergies!

It's awful! Do you have any go to lip products for lip stains? The only two that work for me right now are KVD and bite 😞 

Re: Lip Allergies!

Hi, Christine488!


I would recommend visiting an allergist to really narrow know and learn what components you are reactive to and what may be safe for use. Unfortunately with the world of beauty products being so vast and the fact that a brand can vary its lip formula even from shade to shade may make it a bit too broad to immediately narrow down any definite ingredients of what you may be allergic to or not. 


Allergies can also be ever changing, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for you to suddenly develop an allergy to a product you may have previously had no issues with while being able to then use an item you had negative reactions to in the past. I would still highly urge you to visit an allergist to play it safe as I'd hate for you to waste more time, effort, energy, and funds towards the risky game of chancing what items may or may not work for you.

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