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oil-free sheet masks for oily skin

is there such thing? sometimes I'm in the mood for a hydrating treatment, but most sheet masks seem to contain castor oil or some other kind of oil, even ones that claim to be oil-free. doesn't castor oil count as an oil? I read that castor can be beneficial with the oil-cleansing methodโ€”fighting oil with oilโ€”but I tried it & didn't really like it.


my only option at Sephora seems to be the Karuna brand, besides a Boscia charcoal mask. I ran "sheet mask" through the oil-free filter at Ulta & all it showed was Biore pore strips!

RE: oil-free sheet masks for oily skin

I donโ€™t know about sheet masks being oil-free, but you can try this routine. Use an oil cleanser to reduce the excess oil and other contaminants, then use a normal sheet mask. Clay masks like Bonivivant are good for oily skin and they donโ€™t strip off the moisture... at least they shouldnโ€™t! Personally I found Boscia charcoal are meant for pulling out pores. Find a wash-off mask.

Re: oil-free sheet masks for oily skin

Can I ask why you need the mask to be completely oil free? Do you have negative reactions to oil? I'm just thinking options on truly oil-free sheet masks will be somewhat limited since the oils help with the moisturizing qualities of the masks. 

Re: oil-free sheet masks for oily skin

yes, I have seborrhea, which is basically dandruff that feeds on oil. if a sheet mask has to be oily to hydrate, I guess I could just do without. ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

Re: oil-free sheet masks for oily skin

I'm sorry to hear about your skin condition, @berlingot! I did some digging and while a lot of my favorites do have some sort of oil in them, I did come across a couple (Leader's, specifically the blueberry coconut gel mask, and My Beauty Diary, Squalene Restorative Mask) that didn't appear to have direct oil in them. So it may be worth it to look over the ingredients for some of the masks from those brands in particular. 

Re: oil-free sheet masks for oily skin

that's great, thanks!

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