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Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

Hi Everyone,


Looking for some recommendations on fermented essences.  I'm currently looking at one of the following

  • CosRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence
  • Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence
  • Missha Time Revolution First Essence
  • Son Reve Tri-Bio Treatment Essence <-- also wondering if anyone has found a Canadian Retailer for this. I've only seen it on SokoGlam

Mostly looking for feedback on the following

  • Texture
  • Scent
  • Effectiveness



Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

@meou  I started testing the Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence last week. 


  • Texture: watery. 
  • Scent: none. Well, almost none... my winetaster nose picks up a very faint scent of natural doughy sweetness that disappears within seconds. 
  • Performance (not one of your bullets, but it's one of my personal rating criteria)easy to shake out of the glass bottle and apply with hands; penetrates skin quickly; leaves no stickiness or weird film behind. 
  • Effectiveness: makes my mostly-dry combo skin feel very soft and smooth, and well hydrated; delivers on Neogen's suppleness claim; anything I apply afterward goes on and sinks in like a dream. 

I chose this essence solely for its ingredients list; didn't even care what Neogen's marketing claims said. The list includes lots of amino acids in addition to ferments and some skin soothers. My skin's in love with this stuff so far. It does nothing for my surface redness but I didn't really expect it to, based on its ingredients. (I rely on products like COSRX Pure Fit Cica Serum for that.) And my routine already includes big doses of skin brighteners, so I can't definitively say this essence amped up brightness on its own. But I'm impressed enough with it—after just 6 days—to give it a permanent spot on my skincare carousel. 


I have samples of Missha Time Revolution First Essence (as well as a sheet mask) but haven't used them. Time Revolution contains a ceramide and sodium PCA, but it also contains vinegar. Real Ferment Micro Essence's ingredients are more impressive, at least for my particular skin's needs. 

Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

Good call on including performance! I pay attention to how it works out of the container once I've purchased it but never think to ask people about it haha. 


Thanks so much for your description of the Neogen though - its definitely been the one I've been most intrigued about. Unfortunately its also the most expensive for me right now - fingers crossed for a sale!  

Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

@meou  If you buy it from Sokoglam you can either 1. Sign up as a first time buyer to get 15% off (free shipping at $35) 2. If someone you know has Sokoglam account, they can send you a referral link and you both will get $10.00 off (but the min purchase is $50). Hope that helps. 

Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

Oh thats good to know! I'm sure someone in the community would want to share their referral codes. 


I'm waiting to use up some products and but really wanted to try out good (skin) days and Then I Met You cleansers.


Great Tip! 

Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

@meou  RoseRoseShop has it marked down to USD $29.56 right now. But if you've never ordered from RRS: they tend to have very low prices, but they don't offer free shipping—and their shipping rates vary based on package weight and which shipping method you pick. You don't get to see those options until you start the checkout flow. I've yet to have a major problem with my RRS orders, but I always feel obligated to warn folks about the high shipping prices. 


Otherwise, hopefully another retailer will have a Neogen sale soon! 

Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

I think after exchange and shipping I can just get it from a Canadian retailer lol is about $50 CAD (+tax). 


That exchange rate doesn't do us many favors haha. 

Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

Maybe you already made your choice, but in my experience, CosRx products have been generally disappointing. I've tried the Galactomyces and a couple of other products, and they all seemed watered down to me. Like, yay, you're gentle, but you don't really work.... Honestly the best fermented essence product I've ever tried was a random $3 bottle of 100% Galactomyces from Arra Top Face that I got in a big RoseRoseShop haul and then never saw for sale anywhere again. I only ever tried the original Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence in samples, and it was good, but then they changed the formula and everyone hated everything. I will say that MisshaUS is having their semiannual 40% off sale, so this is a good time to try Missha if they will ship to Canada. The Rx version they're calling fourth generation looks pretty straightforward. I've never tried anything from Neogen though I've heard good things, and the other option I've never heard of. Sometimes it seems like the cheaper product is the best. If you're willing to go Japanese bulk size, Kikumasamune High Moist is a veritable sake bomb of light fermented goodness sold by the half-liter. But the truth is that you're probably going to end up trying all of the four products you mentioned at some point out of curiosity rather than just loving the first one and being satisfied with it. Your face has time to try them all, there's nothing wrong with comparing, so just look at getting the lowest price and as many sample sizes as possible.

Re: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

Unfortunately living in a condo I generally avoid bulk anything haha - there's just no storage space.


I opted to try for the Cosrx to start because it was the cheapest of the three and I was reading how fermented ingredients in general may cause irritation so figured that was a good bet just to kick off irritation testing. If I'm lucky I'll get some samples of other fermented essences as well.


You make a great point that eventually I'll probably try everything - its so true! 

Honestly, I usually go cheapest first, too!

Honestly, I usually go cheapest first, too!

RE: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

I have tried Missha Time Revolution First Essence and it has done nothing for me, due to the reformulation it’s basically like putting water on your face. I heard the secret key essence rose edition is really good and has brightening effects, I am trying that right now

Re: RE: Fermented Essence - Recommendations Request

I also read a bit about Secret Key but I don't love the smell of roses so I was avoiding it 😂

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