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Ever try Cosrx before?

I just got their acne pimple master patches and they actually work. I used them on a big pimple on the side of my forehead and it just sucked the gunk out of it. Seriously, they really work. And I think Sephora should start selling them

Re: Ever try Cosrx before?

I've tried pretty much their whole line over the years. pimple patch is by far their best product. I love their mela white serum which is a niacinamite that's super effective. the BHA is gentle and really nice for nose blackheads. snail serum feels nice but doesn't do much. Not much else are great for me. 

Re: Ever try Cosrx before?

I LOVE CosRX.  At the same time, I must say not every thing works for me.  I am currently using their Two in One Poreless Power Liquid; it does help decrease the amount of blackheads I get (I have acne prone, yet dry skin).  I'm also using their Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream, Low pH BHA Overnight Mask and their Aloe Soothing Sun Cream.  Love them all so far.  Ceramide cream is very thick, and leaves my skin dewy all day.  BHA mask is light exfoliant, which I was aiming for because I'm trying to transition away from physical exfoliants, which may be too abrasive for my skin.  The sunscreen is nice for summer time.  It's lightweight and does not leave a white-cast, but I don't think it'll be moisturizing enough for the winter.

Re: Ever try Cosrx before?

The patches have saved my skin so many times! I also love the snail mucin essence, the galactomyces essence, and the AC (aftercare) line from them, the clearing serum or a name like that. All of them have become holy grail products for me and I've heard the low ph morning cleanser is really good too

Ever try Cosrx before?

Yes, I have their black case cushion in the darkest shade(about fenty310) for when I did a fake tan. As someone with acne prone dry skin its great. Both hydrating and anti acne. Probably will buy lightest shade(about fenty 105) for current self.

Re: Ever try Cosrx before?

Hi @prettygeek18.  I love the Cosrx pimple patches. I also have used the Nexcare ones and like Cosrx better. Havenโ€™t used continually so havenโ€™t experienced the dry skin.

Re: Ever try Cosrx before?

@prettygeek18 Iโ€™ve used them. They really can dry out the skin if you continually use them, just a word to the wise ๐Ÿ˜

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