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All things K-Beauty!!

For those who don't know what this is, it stands for Korean Beauty!


Honestly, I'm surprised I don't see even more stuff posted about K-Beauty as it seems to be taking over right now.  I hear nothing but good things about their skincare, makeup, etc!


I recently got the Amorepacific cream as a 100 point perk and am really liking it for daytime moisture (although I think it may be better in the summer as I still feel a tad dry), and I hear good things about the Chosungah22 products which Sephora carries!


I also recently made a giant order through a Korean retailer called Jolse, can't wait to get my stuff!


Do you guys love K-Beauty? Do you have any reviews of stuff you've tried? I'm hoping to get this moving and that people will post in here regularly about skincare and cosmetics from Korea!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

OH EM GEEEE!!!!  Heart this is so stinkin' cute!  Etude House new releases...

etude.PNGetude1.PNGetude 2.PNGetude 3.PNGPiglet Wine GIF - Piglet Wine Pooh GIFs


RE: Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Etude House strikes again!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

FYI, both Peach & Lily and Soko Glam are 30% off for Black Friday, in case anyone needs to stock up on K-beauty brands that Sephora doesn't carry. As far as I've noticed, this is the biggest site-wide discount either store gives throughout the year.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I ordered the Too Cool For School: Pumpkin Sleeping Pack over the weekend to help with my dry/combination skin, especially since my forehead tends to dry up any product placed on it in less than 5 minutes smh. The reviews are good and I hope it works out. I'm supposed to get it today.

Image result for too cool for school pumpkin sleeping pack


If it does wonders for my skin, I might get the 24k Gold sheet mask.

Image result for too cool for school pumpkin sleeping pack gold mask

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I recently started using the TCFS pumpkin sleeping mask and really like it. It took a few days for me to really notice a difference, so hang in there. Definitely one of my favorites for my dry winter skin.

All things K-Beauty!!

I am sooooo grossed out right now! I was separating out the last bit of soap from my used su:m miracle Rose cleansing stick, and the base was full of moulds!!! UGH I've been rubbing this on my face for months

ekkkk!! @infinitebrevity, how were you storing it while i...

ekkkk!! @infinitebrevity, how were you storing it while in use? How did it work out for you.......... before the ickiness? I have a brand new one that is about to be put into rotation... hoping to not grow weird nasties while I'm using it

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Glow Recipe has a new product...Screenshot_20181107-024423_Instagram.jpg

 Avacado Melt Sleeping Mask launching early December at Sephora...can't wait!!!!!



RE: Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Please make a post ASAP when you try it may have to sample it if I make it up to the store!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@GG84 so excited for this! I'm such a fan of their Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Oil-Free Moisturizer 2 oz/ 60 mLnd Glow Recipe Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask 2.7 oz/ 80 mL! Can't wait to try this one 🙂



Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@HelenBT The new Avacado one sounds dreamy! 

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

this looks really interesting! I hope they do a mini version - Looks like it would be great for winter hydration!

@GG84, definitely will try it. Love my watermelon mask 💗

@GG84, definitely will try it. Love my watermelon mask 💗

RE: @GG84, definitely will try it. Love my watermelon mask 💗

Have you tried the watermelon daily moisturizer in my reviews!?

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

This is the site where we purchased the adorable lil' fridge below Smiley Wink




  A sampling of some of the items on sale:


The little PeriPera fridge is the cutest little thing Heart  of course, I have to arm wrestle Lil Z every time I want to keep it in my room instead of her playhouse!  Smiley LOL 


Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I LOVE that peripera lip tint, its so pretty! @ZombieMetroAnt

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I saw the thumbnail and told myself not to click. I knew better, @ZombieMetroAnt. Now I have to go hunt this down. It’s like the Shopkins fridge with better stuff inside☺️

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@ZombieMetroAnt 😍😍😍😁 I cant believe I’m only seeing this now! This is so cute!! I love it and I want it. Haha thanks so much for sharing!! How are you liking yours? 

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I'm loving this @CakesCakes Heart  the make-up is actually pretty pigmented and a little goes a loooong way.  I learned that the hard way on day 1 Smiley LOL  The group that did the unboxing of the little fridge also did one on the little suitcase (**ack!  trying to resist**)



Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@ZombieMetroAnt  Happy to hear that you love it!! The suitcase looks cute as well!  I just looked up the mini fridge on yesstyle and its on sale. The colors look nice too! Now I want to buy it...just have to add a few more things to my cart to get free shipping 🙂 


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