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Order Received; No Samples (picture proof)

Like everyone else has been saying, I received my order without any samples, although they are clearly on my online order receipt. What’s even stranger is that the samples are NOT on my delivery receipt, meaning someone in the company deliberately took them off of the order receipt. If they thought we wouldn’t notice, then we have been underestimated.


So my recommendation (and next course of action) based on how much I see this has been happening is to stop going to Sephora. I think I’ve been VIB since 2013 or so, but I honestly have no problem switching to Ulta. It took 30 seconds to see that they carry all my brands. I will be returning my unopened items on principle to my nearest Sephora location for a full refund. I will also be getting a refund on FLASH since I ONLY signed up for it so I could order everything online and get samples (obviously). I will have to get the refund since I have printed proof that my order was altered by the company. 


I have to insist - righting this wrong will take no time at all and I encourage everyone in my position to do so. 





Re: Order Received; No Samples (picture proof)

This happened to me too.

I've placed 3 different orders over Decemeber 2017, adding up to $200+ and received NO samples in any of the 3 orders. I contacted them via e-mail and got a shady "we can't guarantee samples". I, since then, decided I'm switching to ULTA and have canceled my Play subscription. I encourage you to do so, as well.

Re: Order Received; No Samples (picture proof)


Sephora doesn't print samples in the packing slips anymore, and they haven't for 6 months or more, maybe even 9 now...there was some sort of change in their warehouse processing back in the spring and they dropped off at that time. They are still in your order history though; no one "altered" your order...the warehouses are just sample-incompetent. It happens to pretty much everyone.


If you'd like a response from Sephora, I'd recommend posting in the Customer Support group instead of Insiders; mods don't monitor every post outside of CS. Or else call if you can, as that will be quicker. You will likely be offered some points, but that's about it. Good luck.

Re: Order Received; No Samples (picture proof)

Thanks, good to know. I’m calling tomorrow when they’re open, but I’m not settling for the 25 points per sample I’ve been reading about. I’m pretty set on my return & switch to Ulta plan. But I’m glad to have the heads up about the packing slip so I don’t play that card too strongly. I’ll still mention it but that’s good info. 

Re: Order Received; No Samples (picture proof)


Switching is a good plan; Ulta gets 90% of my business. They do a great job of getting it right the first time, and on the rare occasion something goes wrong, they go above and beyond to fix it. And points + GWP + way more deals + coupons =  💕


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