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Mens products

Why aren't there more mens items available? For instance there is nothing I can get for myself with my free birthday gift because there are only womens products available as options. Seems a bit unfair in my opinion.

Re: Mens products

I dunno about ALL the bday gifts being gender neutral. The Nars being โ€œmakeupโ€, albeit bronzer and lip balm probably isnโ€™t something that most males use. I also donโ€™t know enough about the Replica scents to know if theyโ€™re geared towards females, males or unisex. Again, argument can be made that all scents can be unisex.


However the Laneige and Morrocanoil as skincare and hair products very much in my opinion are not gendered. But @Ewarhol , most Sephora products (makeup!) are more traditionally used by females. You might want to redeem Laneige or Morrocanoil as your 2021 gift - both contain awesome products! 

Re: Mens products

That's a fair point (about the birthday gift), they should offer a unisex or more inclusive gift for men who shop at Sephora. It's also a fair statement that the author below stated, none of the products are technically gendered. I love the brand Jack Black, they have a great moisturizer that's accessible and affordable at almost all times. Jack Black is technically a company that's supposed to be geared towards men, but I still use their products because they perform. I would love to see Sephora include products like this as one of the options in order to appeal to a broader consumer base and give others the opportunity to try out the brand. I would totally pick a Jack Black birthday gift over most of those they offer.

Re: Mens products

I donโ€™t see any of the products gendered. Human is human. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Re: Mens products

I agree, I donโ€™t see the products as having gender. Maybe in the marketing but I just use whatever I want. In fact I donโ€™t wear menโ€™s fragrance because they all smell the same to me(citrus, leather, or woodsy)! I like sweeter and floral scents so I wear โ€œwomenโ€™sโ€ fragrances. 

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