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Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

I’m seeing a lot of questions and confusion about Free Custom Makeovers for Rouge members with the new program. I wanted to bring attention to the thread and the FAQ included by Sephora on this topic. This certainly implies that there will no longer be free custom makeovers for Rouge in 2019 even though it doesn’t explicitly state there won’t be (that’s marketing for you, always a spin and polish) This is something that current VIBs trying to hit Rouge for this perk, as well as current Rouge and Rerougers should be aware of.


Too many mods saying ‘to clarify this benefit is still available’ which is incomplete and misleading.


Additional Program Questions:
Do Rouge members still receive free Custom Makeovers?
Rouge members still receive free custom makeovers with no minimum purchase for the remainder of 2018. Don’t forget, all Beauty Insider members receive free 45-minute custom makeovers when you spend $50 or more.  An appointment is required for all custom makeovers, visit to make an appointment.  


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Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019


 You go weekly for custom make overs? That's 52 a year. Have you considered taking a class instead if they are offered at your location? 

I personally have no issue if they take CM out of the perk and replace it with something else. I'm not a fan of having used make up applied to my face. 

Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

I agree,  that to me an an utter abuse of the perk and exactly why Sephora has stopped offering them.  Wow, talk about spoiling it for everyone.

Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

@Vesprlynd Hm, so far Sephora spent more on your weekly makeovers than you've spent on products. 

Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

Not true at all.  For her weekly makeovers, she's using an extremely small portion of makeup each time.  Which is definitely covered in their tier pricing for rouge members as well as what they charge for products and their overhead.  So her makeovers, cost what, approximately $.50-$1.00 if even, each time. 


I feel them doing away with this will negatively affect their rouges.  Yes, people will still shop, but for buyers like me who exclusively shop at Sephora so I an maintain it (because the CM's make it worth it), they will be losing sales.  

Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019


It's not so much the cost of the products used during the makeover (brands actually supply the testers; those come out of their budgets, not Sephora's...though Sephora does foot the bill for the brushes, alcohol, etc, plus pays for the makeups stations, the employees, etc), but the opportunity cost in other sales Sephora is missing out on. Any non-Rouge getting a makeover is required to spend $50; times 52, that's $2600 in lost sales. Considering the poster of the specific example in question hasn't even spent $1000 this year, much less $2600, yes, Sephora is losing more than it is gaining here. Sephora seems to feel that cutting out the free Rouge makeover will actually increase sales over time, as now all makeovers will generate income instead of only some of them.


Sure, Sephora may lose a few Rouges that are highly addicted to the free makeovers, and use them disproportionately compared to what they spend...but if you are spending $1000+ anyways, I don't see the big deal about making some of those purchases in store so you can still get a makeover, if that's an important perk to you.

Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

@RGbrown This!!! And don't forget about wages, benefits, cost of training, etc.

Even at $15/hour, an hour long makeover, 52 times a year, will cost Sephora $780 in wages alone. 

I'm not sure what the rev share split is in retail, but Sephora clearly makes quite a bit less than $1000 on your $1000 spend. 

Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

Actually wages and benefits are going to typically cost the employer double what they actually pay the employee, so it's more like $30 an hour.


Frankly I'm really happy that they have done away with the free makeovers.  It benefited only the Rouge who lived near a store and had the time to spend an hour getting makeup done.  


Unless someone is really abusing the perk, there's no reason they won't need $50 worth of product each time they get a makeover done.


This is yet another case of where they should have a "Super Rouge" program for those who spend $X ($2000? $2500?  $3000?) per year where they could offer a limited number of free makeovers to their top tier.  I'm guessing that the majority of people having hissy fits over the removal of the free makeovers from the program aren't the ones spending $2500 annually--after the returns they make--and I've seen a correlation between the high returns and the makeover abusers.  Hmmm...



Re: Free Custom Makeovers Benefit for Rouge - 2019

We wouldn't need a Super Rouge level if Sephora would create a large/sharper distinction between Rogue and VIB. There is no reason for the two tiers to have similar benefits.

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