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Hello everyone so today I am talking about the best foundations for girls or guys with a lot of freckles! I have a decent bit around my nose and cheeks and the rest of my face is clear of them so the problem I have run into my whole life is that a lot of foundations don't tend to cover up my freckles 100%. For the longest time I hates my freckles because no foundation could truly cover them- it would just make them look almost grey, and would most of the time just make it more apparent that I had a lot of makeup on my face! The reason for the grey look that can sometimes come when we wear foundation over our freckles is because it almost like being super tan and then putting on a foundation that is way to light for you- it will appear almost grayish and give a sort of white cast to the skin! Well that is what the foundation does for us girls with freckles! the foundation is the color of your skin and your freckles are a decent bit darker than that! I have found what I consider to be the best foundation that will NOT give you a full coverage but just make you have a even skin tone that your freckles can shine through and give your face a natural look! For the longest time I thought of my freckles as a curse, but have slowly realized they are a blessing. Your freckles can give the illusion that you have no makeup on/ very minimum makeup on (if done right)! If you don’t mind the look over very natural “I just woke up like this” kind of makeup them I recommend this foundation to you! It is the Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation! It is a very natural and dewy foundation that gives you the slightest bit of coverage! The main point of this product isn't to give full coverage but just make your skin the same color & same tone! Okay now thats all I have to share because I want to hear form you guys down below!! Leave a comment or question below about makeup & freckles or even if you down have freckles let us know your favorite foundation or thoughts on the MUF foundation!!



Thanks for the verification. I was leaning towards that foundation for a very nature look on my face that wouldn't cover my freckles just even my complexion 

Anonymous Insider


thanks for such a great post!

it will be helpful for a lot of people


Hi @Annaduv,


I love freckles! I have a few under my right eye and not many people know that I have them because I am always wearing make up and it covers it up! 


This is a great post and I think this will help a lot of people to embrace their freckles  🙂


Best Wishes,





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