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I don't think we have one of these yet... But, if I'm wrong, please do correct me.


I've been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but as it usually is... Life got and gets in the way. But, better late than never, huh?


I've been enjoying many natural skincare products for the last 15 years or so, on and off ( mainly facial oils and balms, but masks, treatments, and body oils and balms, as well. ) I even used to make my own for years ( years ago ) as good natural skincare products were not a very easy thing to obtain. You'd have to try and hunt down quality ingredients and make stuff yourself most of the time. And, that was quite a task! It makes me happy to see that there is so many wonderful products widely and easily available lately. It makes things so much easier! Smiley Happy


Natural skincare performs better for me personally. I love and enjoy using it. My skin adores it. I love the idea of it and behind it. So, I wanted to make a place for us natural skincare lovers to talk about anything natural skincare as I see there are many others out there that are interested, or already in love with it, as well. So why not have our own little place on here? Smiley Happy So we can share our experiences ( good and/or bad ), loves, favorite products, favorite brands and their news/new launches, discus things, share our daily routines, talk DIYs if anyone is into that, why not? Anything really.


By "natural" skincare here I'm talking about skincare made mostly or completely of ingredients available in nature, like plant-derived ingredients, minerals... You know, the whole nine. Smiley Wink


Anyway - feel free to join in! You don't have to be a natural skincare lover exclusively. Everybody's welcomed!


A word of caution... For those who are new to natural skincare, proceed with caution. Inform and educate yourself really well on everything you are interested in trying and putting on your skin. Natural does not mean it won't hurt you! And, it certainly doesn't mean it's safe. Some natural ingredients can be irritating for some people. Go with what's good for you, don't force anything on your skin just because someone said it is good. Do patch tests. Be smart. People prone to allergies should pay careful attention to what they use on their skin.


 P.S. I am not completely and 100% natural, nor I imagine I ever will be as I do love me some other stuff, as well. But mostly, yes.








The sample set includes:
The UNVEIL cleanser melt concentrate
The PETAL hydrating mask
The BEAN antioxidant mask
The MAHALO balm to moisturize
The RARE INDIGO beauty balm
The VITALITY ELIXIR multi-correctional facial serum
Samples are offered in varied sizes, depending on the product, in 5ml to 7ml.


I can't recall who I had recommended it to ( @fairlywell or @Magycmyste possibly?) about H is For Love's Bara Balm and they were concerned about the shea butter - just wanted to let you know they've reformulated and now it doesn't contain any 😊


I can't remember who's a big fan of Uma oils? Now that summer is winding down (sob*) I'm secretly excited to start using more of my face oils that were a touch too heavy for the summer. And of course adding in new oils! I was looking at Uma and maybe SkinOwl, two brands I've heard of, but only tangentially. I've got combo to dry skin in the winter, chiefly concerned about anti-aging and dark spots. Thank you!




I use both UMA oils as well as Skin owl.  I own all the UMA oils (some in smaller sizes and other in full size).  For dry combo skin with texture issues (as you have described yours), I would recommend Clarifying oil and Anti aging oil.


Clarifying is great for keeping texture/breakout at bay.  It is preventative, but not a spot treatment.  Consistent use, epsecpailly whne hormonal or having a bad turn is great.


The anti aging oil is my favourite (in theory), but I don't use it.  It is super lush.  Best suited for dry skin that is also seeing some age related loss in elasticity etc.  It would be good for night use especially in winter.  I have a small size of this that I use sporadically.


For my skin - oily/combo, I like the Clarifying, Brighteneing, and Total Rejuvenation.  One doesn't need more than one can indulge as much as your heart desires though.


Skinowl was my OG oil.  I have a soft spot.  The entire line was created to treat problem skin and heal it.   My very favourite was the Mangosteen which just got discontinued last month - not before I bought 2 backups.  It was an all purpose night oil.  Their Lavender oil is great for problem skin, if you are not allergic to lavender oil.  They have replaced Mangosteen with Maqui oil...just launched.  I haven't bought it yet, but I will most likely at the end of the year.


Thank you @greenchilli. A friend had told me about SkinOwl and the mangosteen oil, I'm sad that I won't be able to see what the magic was all about. Luckily, my skin is relatively problem free these days (though where was this board a couple of years ago when I really needed it?!?) and my concerns these days are the elevens popping up between my eyebrows and dark spots/hyperpigmentation. It looks like Uma does have a few smaller samples of their oils, I think i'll try both the clarifying and brightening before getting the larger version. Thank you again!


Aww, thanks @MissPuff ! I have combo/oily skin but as my primary concern is pigmentation as well, I will throw it out there. I try a lot of different oils but the one I consistently repurchase is Odacite Summer in Hossegor. It is pricy but targets dark spots and fine lines and has been the only thing I've tried that has helped noticeably with my hyperpigmentation.


@Mochapj I've been eyeing Summer in Hossegor for awhile, I got a sample in a gift bag and loved it, but it's so pricey for such a teeny tiny bottle. I've been making due with a few of the other Odacite serums, but Summer has just moved up my list!


@MissPuff i agree, I do find Odacite products in general to be pricy.


to mitigate that some, I always buy them on sale (odacite direct runs decent sales pretty frequently in the US but I generally go through Detox Market because they have a points to cash program in Canada)


i only use 2-3 drops a day, so a bottle tends to last me 4-5 months - they are concentrates so you don't need a whole lot.


For reference the Uma ones I tried were Clarifying, Ultimate Brightening and Anti Aging. I do agree with the other ladies that Clarifying does work to address breakouts and other skin congestion. I don't really have much in the way of texture issues so I can't  speak to how well it works for that. 


The other 2 I received in a GWP (along with some hair and body oils I didn't bother to try) and I was not impressed enough to bother purchasing either in FS. To be clear, I wasn't expecting to see results from a GWP size product, it just wasn't special enough to me to make me want more.


most places that sell Uma here charge $175+ for a bottle and I don't feel that is justified by the quality of the product/ingredients/non light safe packaging. Perhaps in the US (without the poor exchange rate) it is more worth it.


Hey there @MissPuff, yes @greenchilli & I love Uma. I have dry/combo skin as well, but I'm prone to texture. I own Clarifying, beauty boosting, ultimate brightening and Anti Aging. Clarifying is great when my skin needs help. Within days, texture is gone, and pimples forming stop in size, and it's hydrating. I use Ultinate Brightening in the AM and it's helped with discoloration and evenness. I have only used Anti Aging for a short time but so far I do like it. 


Probably bad bad timing but if you do order, I'd do it from Saks (9% ebates today) or Beauty Heroes. I am having a bad time with their customer service right now and I won't order direct from them. 


@mrsbaine Thank you! The clarifying sounds right up my alley, I'm prone to a bit of texture too, but I've managed to keep it under control with DDG peel pads. I'm thinking of ordering through cult beauty actually, the exchange rate still works in my favor despite the weakening dollar, and there's the goody bag!


@MissPuff that would be @greenchilli and @mrsbaine mostly.


I've tried a few and they worked fine but are not on my to repurchase list.


Thanks @Mochapj. What WOULD be on your repurchase list? Your skin is always great in your lip photos Smiley Happy


I myself recently went all natural. I have the worst acne prone skin, thanks genetics! So I've also found that completely natural skin care remedies work best for me. A couple weeks ago I even started making my own face cleanser/wash and let me tell you, I've seen a huge difference! As well as I've started to do the whole 'oil cleansing' thing, washing your face with non-comedogenic oils and a hot towel. Feels like I'm at the spa sometimes. ^_^

However, I still have some small breakouts and horrid pigmentation scarring from previous breakouts that need to be covered up on occasion. I'm somewhat new to the whole makeup thing, if I'll be honest. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as a full-coverage foundation/concealer from sephora that is non-comedogenic?



I've had some of the same problems with acne and tweezer scars (I don't consider my face very acne prone, but I've had more problems than usual this year, usually around stress at work.)


Not at Sephora, unfortunately, but I've had the best results with 100% Pure's 2nd Skin concealer (which I need to replace, but they're currently out of stock in my shade Smiley Sad ). I do also use Alima Pure's concealers, both pressed cream and powder, which have worked well for me, but I find the application from 100% Pure's concealer easier.


YES viva la oil cleansing!! Helped clear my eczema and acne scars!! Minimized pores too


I make all of my own skin care products and they have 100% changed my skin. Oil cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. Bar soap, body wash, shampoo bars, mud masks, face scrubs... you get the picture.

But as far as makeup goes, i have no experience or expertise in producing it. I would love to go chemical free in makeup but I haven't had the opportunity to experiment enough with it yet and frankly there aren't that many options out there. My coverage routine for scars or full fledged breakouts is 1. Laura mercer oil free tinted moisturizer followed by 2. NARS radiant concealer for spot treatment. I tap it with my fingertip to blend into the tinted moisturizer base. Let set for a minute or 2 then finish with 3. Bare minerals matte foundation (powder, using the full coverage brush). If I'm still feeling 'exposed' I'll dust on some of 4. Laura Mercers finishing powder with a big pouffy light brush (I think I have the two faced 'mr. right'). Brushes do make a difference for coverage in my experience. And keeping them clean, well that goes without saying, so important for acne prone skin.

I will say since transitioning to truly all natural skin care regime I've only had 2-3 really bad breakouts in the last year, always hormonal and/or seasonal change.

Hope that's helpful!!! 


Beauty Heroes September is Skinowl

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.11.17 AM.png


I ran across an article that featured a teen with Asperger's Syndrome who started his own skin care company!  The products are not tested on animals, are vegan (at least some are,) and use fair trade ingredients, local ingredients when possible.  His company is called Expedition Soap Company.  I thought I'd mention this in case anyone wanted to try it.



Yay, I'm so glad I found this thread! I love natural products. I'm an esthetican (about to start my journey to becoming a holistic esthetician) and green beauty blogger. I fully switched over my routine to clean, natural products about a year ago, and my skin is better than it ever has been! I'm very strict when it comes to ingredients (I'm not a complete purist, but pretty close) and I prefer to only buy companies that work hard to be green and ethical in other aspects: recyclable packaging, manufactured in US/Canada, fair treatment of their workers, low environmental impact, ethically sourced ingredients, etc. And of course, always cruelty free. I'm really happy to see that Sephora is starting to add more truly green brands to their store. Up til very recently, their "natural" beauty section was almost completely green washed. 

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