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Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

Hi folks! I’m fairly minimal with makeup, but I would like to try a simple highlighter. Peach, pink, and bronze don’t work with my coloring. Can anyone recommends a cream or liquid highlighter in an soft ivory or silver with a subtle shimmer? I can’t really pull off anything heavy, and prefer a clean product, if such is available. 


Thanks for any and all responses!

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

@radleyas  The first 2 that came to mind are powders, which you don’t want. The first 2 creams/balms that come to mind might not be the shade you’re after. So I poked around Sephora’s highlighters section and found 4 I’ve never tried before. I’ll list the 2 “clean” ones first: 


ILIA - Illuminator in shade Polka Dots & Moonbeams

KORA ORGANICS - Crystal Luminizer - Clear Quartz (Miranda Kerr, Kora’s founder, was on BIC today for a live chat session; wish I’d suggested this highlighter to you sooner so you could’ve maybe asked her directly about it in the chat thread.) 

CIATé LONDON - Dewy Stix - Luminous Highlighting Balm in shade Glow

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY - Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator


The 2 non-powders I originally thought of might be too champagne toned for what you’re looking for, but I’ll list them anyway: 


RMS BEAUTY - Beauty Luminizer comes in 4 shades, 3 of which definitely aren’t what you want—but one might work. 

PAT MCGRATH LABS - Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo - Nude might be too warm toned for you. I have this highlighter duo in Golden and love it: layering the balm and highlighter ends creates a beautiful glow that’s not so chunky glittery. If you have a local Sephora that stocks PMG, try playing with a tester of the Nude shade. 

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

@radleyas  I forgot one! 

URBAN DECAY - Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid - the shade Skywalk might work for you. I’ve played a bit with the Luminous shade before: it has a gold shift but it creates a very subtle highlight. 

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

@WinglessOne @radleyas I have Skywalk and it’s beautiful! It is a little intimidating in the tube because it looks baby blue, but on the face it’s a gorgeous silvery color. I’d be happy to swatch it for you if you’re interested! The formula is nice too, I normally prefer powder highlighters but I use this for work because it’s super wearable, long lasting and easy to take with you (I’ve shattered one too many powders on my morning commmute to risk doing it again)

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

I would love to see a swatch. It sounds lovely. I like cool or neutral colors, so silver is ideal. Thanks!

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

I like that! 


For clarity - this is for the high points of the face, right? So, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and I think even a bit on the tip of the chin. I’m sure I can find some tutorials, but I think those are the major spots. 

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

@radleyas  Yep, those are the typical placements for highlighter. Some folks also use it on their foreheads and/or their cupid’s bow. Another popular placement is the brow bone, directly under the brow. Highlighter can widen, narrow, shorten, or elongate a face, depending on where it’s placed. I bet Sephora’s YouTube channel has some good highlighter tutorials. 


You can put it wherever you want, though. It’s fun to play with it and see what effect it has on different parts of your face, especially if you can check it in daylight. It never occurred to me to try highlighter in my tear troughs until late last year, when I accidentally placed some under my left eye and liked the effect. 


If my entire undereye is super dark from lack of sleep, I sometimes pat highlighter all over that area and then apply concealer over it. I like doing this with NARS Radiant Creamy concealer and NARS Highlighting Powder because they compliment each other without looking super obviously highlightery, if that makes sense. The combo just makes my zombie eyes look more naturally radiant. Smiley Happy 

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

I use a silver eyeliner in my tear troughs. I used to do that trick some folks do with white pencil, but I realized that silver looks a bit more fun, and less weird that plain white. Makes my eyes pop. I ought to at least try to cobble together a look to post here. I don’t have the best hand for doing makeup, but occasionally I get a good look together. I have some older pictures that I could show.


This is a neat site. I’ve been buying from Sephora about 15 years. Had no idea this existed until a week ago. 

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

@radleyas  I sometimes use bright eyeliner in my waterline (inside my lower lash line), and I like to pop a fun eyeliner color just in the inner corners of my eyes. I haven’t taken eyeliner so down below my eye into my tear trough since my 80s goth punk days. Smiley Happy 


And yeah, BIC is a great forum! I didn’t know it existed until last year. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might like the What Are You Wearing Today thread. It’s a good place to post looks, see how other folks use various makeup items, and get some makeup inspiration. Looks run from very natural to very artistic. Folks in that thread are positive and welcoming, so feel free to jump right in!



Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

Awesome! Thanks for the link. I appreciate your kindness. Sometimes online forums can be so mean, you know? This seems so much more pleasant.

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

Ohh .. the Kora Crystal Luminizer in Amethyst is gorgeous! That’s the one I’m buying first! 

Re: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

Wonderful! What a thoughtful post. I appreciate this greatly! I shall dive in and take a look at these. I’ll report back with any successes. And again, thank you! 😊

RE: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

Ofra has some real pretty ones and a big Selection there a little pricey but there my fav

Re: RE: Ivory/Silver clean highlighter?

I’ll give them a peek. Thank you so much!! Smiley Happy 

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