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Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Hi All! 


We are long overdue for an updated Subscription Sharing thread!  Whether it's BoxyCharm, Ipsy, or PopSugar we want to hear (and see) all about what you are subscribed to.





Interested in trading with other users?  Here are some things you need to know from @SydBristow and her trade threads:



IMPORTANT NOTE: To comply with Sephora's terms of use, items cannot be listed "for sale" or even for trade for Sephora or other gift cards. Please do not list "prices" either (which implies selling), but you can list approximate trade value.

Because a number of fake items have been sent in trades, it is strongly advised you provide photos of your higher-end items, including the labeling (you may be asked for it anyway) and list WHERE you purchased the item from. Fakes are readily available from less reputable sellers and can contain toxins! It is important to everyone to know where their cosmetics come from.

Please also be aware that some makeup products cannot be sanitized - please use caution in your trades. When in doubt, ask the community, it's a great resource! Used items you may wish to avoid are mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, and cream products.

Acquiring Items
Please use discretion with whom you enter into trades with. There is a summarized list of trusted traders here: Protect yourself in your trades, ask questions (such as where an item was purchased), ask for additional photos (to show level of usage and/or labeling to prove authenticity).
If you don’t feel 100% comfortable doing a trade because someone is new, you can request they send their items first.

Please use the private message system on Beauty Talk and/or tag the user you are trying to get in touch with. Communication is key! You can tell a lot about a trade by how the communication goes. If you will be unavailable for any periods of time, please be up front, and if there are any issues with shipping please be up front about that as well.

Having tracking and insurance on shipments goes a long way to figuring out where an item might be. The USPS puts anticipated delivery dates and tracking numbers right on the receipt. If there is any issue with an item you have sent out, please follow up with the carrier.

Consider providing your feedback on successful trades on this thread here:


**the previous thread can be found here: Subscription box photo sharing

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Has anyone subscribed to Skylar's Scent Club box?  What are you thoughts on it?

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I have and I love it you can choose the frequency of your scents . You also get a discount off of everything on the website for every purchase. Shipping is cheaper for members as well. Last but not least they have unique new scents each month however you can pick from existing sets as well  

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Stopping by to share how excited I am for this season’s Fabfitfun box.  I may not be sold on it yet but I already know I’ll be choosing the Fenty gloss bundle (it’ll have Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer + Plumper Hot Cherry and the brand new Lemon Lava shade) and the Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer which is my holy grail winter moisturizer. 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My January pick for ScentBird rolled in through the mail today. I ended up selecting the Lalique Soleil perfume. I will post of official notes below, but it was a recommendation from ScentBird based on my preferences and I was extremely drawn to the stunning bottle. Therefore, I really wanted to try this one out. So far, I'm loving it! Very rosy, but in a different type of way (I own so many rose perfumes). Very fresh, bright, cheery. Gives me a more mature version of the Rose Jam scent from LUSH, type-of-vibe. I will see if I like it as much when I finish my sample and then I will decide if I want to buy it or not 🙂




Description of Notes:

Soleil was launched in 2019. Soleil was created by Alexandra Monet, Benoist Lapouza and Barbara Zoebelein. Top notes are Mandarin Orange, Bitter Almond and Cardamom; middle notes are Pear, Milk, Candied Almond, Caramel, Coffee and Jasmine; base notes are Praline, White Musk and Sandalwood.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I want to know the best subscriptions that won't break my pocket,suggestions please

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

In my opinion for perfume Skylar or scent box are the best two reasonable prices and you can choose your frequency . Makeup fabfitfun or Ipsy . All of these boxes offer a discount for the first month 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Blezzedbeauty @What are you hoping to get ? A lot of us have enjoyed facetory. That is sheet masks and there is a 4 mask option that’s not too expensive. I think the regular size ipsy bag is less than $15 a month so that could also be a good choice 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Blezzedbeauty Hello there, thank you for your question. There are so many subscription boxes out there: make-up, skincare, perfumes, clothing, coffee/tea, books, wine, amongst many others (even socks! lol) and even a mix of a little of everything. Is there a specific category you are looking for a subscription box for? It would be easier for myself and the BIC to give solid suggestions based on a specific product category you'd like to try more of. 🙂

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Today my first re-subscription to ScentBird (in yearssss) finally arrived. I have been eyeing the SKYLAR Capri Summer Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL for a while and have been on the hunt for "the perfect summer perfume" for an even longer while. The name of the scent and the clean at Sephora sticker kept pulling me in but the price tag for the rollerball was a bit much for be for a blind buy (I mean, I can usually score some full-size authentic finds for $30-40 on fragrance dot com). On a whim I wanted to check other avenues for trying this scent and was shocked to see it on the ScentBird site, plus they were offering me a great deal to re-sub... so, of course, I caved. 😂



I'm with most people that gone are the days of rampant subscriptions, I'll probably end up canceling this one too because I find their site annoying to navigate and quite frankly, intentionally confusing/glitchy in order to get you to buy more/get more charged on your card. It's the reason I canceled them in the first place way back when. But, I think I paid ~$8 for this sample so I really cannot complain here. Way better than the $29 for a rollerball.


Also, totally missed this thread when I was looking for subscription based threads but I also made a ScentBird specific one on here: Fragrance Fanatics: The ScentBird Thread if anyone is interested in participating with their subscription. But of course, I will continue posting all other subscriptions (including ScentBird) on here as well 🙂

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

The LitJoy Magical Creatures Box. I love it!!


LJMB 21 1.jpgLJMB 21 2.jpgLJMB 21 3.jpgLJMB 21 4.jpg

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Summer FabFitFun box862A5BBA-DC71-4A68-8D58-FABDBC66BF9A.jpeg


Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@faeriegirl What a great box! I bought a scalp massager and always forget to use it. I love the Hum Hair vitamins. I buy the Hum glow ones also! Enjoy your sub box!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My latest LitJoy Harry Potter crate. This one was a let down for me. But it happens. I'm excited for the next one, magical classes.

Lit Joy April Box.jpgLit Joy April 1.jpgLit Joy April 2.jpgLit Joy April 3.jpgLit Joy April 4.jpgAdd OnsAdd Ons

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Sorry this was a bit of let down, @Samtian!! I am glad the next one is a better theme for you!! 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My April BoxyCharm base and premium boxes. Overall I’m happy with both boxes. I can’t wait to try the primer from the base box 😬😬😬



Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Nice boxes, @AznAngelLiz!! Double ND palettes!! I think we have the same choice for Premium, so I am curious if I'll be getting a similar box, which I would be pretty happy with (although mine hasn't even shipped yet).

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Dang. I forgot to cancel my boxycharm subscription after shopping their last pop up. 


I’ll try the banana cream, viseart, and lip mask, but I already have the lime crime palette and never use it and have no interest in the maven thing. I’m now up to 5 unopened eyeshadow palettes I need to rehome. Yikes!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Oh no @itscarin ! I keep going back and forth whether or not I should re-sub to Boxy, but you just reminded me about the accumulation of products I won't have interest in. Ugh. At least you got some things you're looking forward to trying!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Oh no, @itscarin!! I'm sorry!! At least there's a few items in the box for you to try!! If you don't want to sell or trade the palettes, and don't have anyone to easily take them, project Beauty Share might be able to.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I am waaaaaay behind on posting subs, but I also cut down from ~ 20 subs to just 2 in the last 6 months:  Boxycharm and Fab Fit Fun.  I was just overloaded on products and didn't really like what I received in most boxes - I'm considering cancelling Boxy, too, because I've just been underwhelmed.


I just uploaded my latest Fab Fit Fun to Youtube if you'd like to check it out:


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