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Satisfying September Hauls 2021

I cannot believe it’s already September.  Where did the time go?

This is the month we have been waiting for. Sephoria takes place virtually on Saturday September 18th from 10 am to 1 pm pst. I cannot wait to experience this with everyone who signed up for it. 

Happy Birthday month to all the September babies, including my daughter who will be turning 2 this month!  


Please share your hauls this month for everyone to enjoy. 









Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

Happy birthday month to your daughter, @SportyGirly125! I can't wait for Sephoria!! 

Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

@curlychiquita Thank you!

Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

Happy Birthday to your daughter @SportyGirly125!🎉🎉🎉

Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

@faeriegirl Thank you!

Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

@SportyGirly125 , thank you so much for making this thread!! And happy, happy birthday to your daughter!! September is the best month to be born, trust me. 😉

Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

Happy Birthday to you, @FullCoverageBB! 🎂🎈


Re: Satisfying September Hauls 2021

@FullCoverageBB Your welcome and thank you. Happy Birthday month to you!

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  • Shades Air, Alt, and Ice- outdoor light.  They are very, very light; not intensely pigmented.  Not a criticism because I prefer that sometimes.  They applied smoothly, but Air seems to emphasize the pores on my hand.  Not sure if that will matter on my eyelid.  Ice does emphasize eye wrinkles.
  • Ash, Yet- these are incorrectly labeled on the Hourglass site.  Ash was the shade I had the most trouble applying; it's not very smooth.  Yet, a navy, is beautiful and applies very well.
  • Quick look- no primer.  Air all over, Alt on lid to crease, Ash in crease and outer corner, Yet on outermost corner. Ice on middle of lid over all.
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